Best Cheap Mattress Australia 2020

There are so many mattresses sold out there. But which one is the best cheap mattress? We have conducted our research and summarise it for you here.

How We Derived This List

We researched brand new mattresses and selected the best value mattress based on:


We believe that the warranty shows how confident the manufacturer with its durability. That is why we try to not include the mattresses that are sold with 1 year warranty or less. Unless there is no other option such as the one under $100 category, or if the mattress is really good value.

Value for Money

We select mattress that is really value for money. Why should you pay $500, if there is another mattress with a price tag of $250 with the same material.

A mattress with a less layer should price less than a mattress with more layers. A mattress with high density foam has more value than ones with less density. We also believe that mattresses with springs are more durable and provide better support than foam mattresses. If the price is the same, we would choose a pocket spring mattress than innerspring (Bonnell spring) mattress, as a pocket spring mattress allows more body contour and pressure point relief.  



We have researched various sites that offer the same mattress, and we found that the cheapest ones are the one linked here. We have taken into account the delivery fee.  We do not include mattresses with hefty delivery fee. 

Customer Reviews

There is no mattress out there that will satisfy 100% of the purchasers. We know this because even with the most known brand, or the most expensive mattress, has some negative reviews. It’s all about individual preference. But we only include mattresses with four star rating or more (out of five star). 

Based on the above criteria, here are the nominations and the winners:



Best Mattresses under $100

Unfortunately there are not many brand new mattress priced less than $100. 

Amongst the one we found, this mattresses are the best:

WINNER: Zinus Innerspring Single Mattress

This mattress comes with a 10 year warranty. It shows that the manufacturer is confident with the durability. I doubt that you can find other mattress under $100 that comes with such warranty.

This mattress consists of innerspring system made from heavy gauge steel coils, to provide firm support. And topped with quilt with layers of fiber padding and foam, makes it a comfortable mattress.

Unfortunately it is only available in single size, with 15cm thickness.

Also suitable for kids rooms, guest beds, bunk bed, day bed, or trundle.

FREE Delivery

Clark Rubber Comfort Mattress - Single Size

This mattress would suit those who are looking for a cheapest brand new mattress on the market, or if you are looking for a mattress that is used occassionaly. The price is only $59.95 for a 90mm thick single size mattress. I doubt that you will find any other mattress cheaper than this.

Would also suit for kids, overnight guest, or for caravan.

Available in Single, King Single, Double and Queen.
You can also choose the thickness: 70, 90, 100 or 150mm.
The foam contains Ultra-Fresh for premium antimicrobial protection.

Stardust Sleepwell Soft Mattress - Single Size

If you are looking for a more decent mattress with under $100 price tag, this would suit you. At this time of writing, the mattress is on sale ($99 for a single size mattress). Normal price is $179 for a single size mattress.

It is 18cm thick with Bonnell spring system.

Available in Single, King Single, Double or Queen size.
The single size mattress can be used on single bed or bunk bed.
12 months warranty.

Best Mattresses $100 – $200

If you increase your budget to something between $100 and $200, you will have many more options.

These are the mattresses we recommend:

WINNER: Euro Top Mattress 34cm Thick - Single Size

We find that this mattress is the best value mattress for the price range of $100 - $200 (for a single size). No wonder it is a best-selling mattress under $200

You do not need to spend much to get a pocket spring mattress with comfortable high resilience foam. This mattress is composed of a 6cm thick pillow cushion topper, 8 cm high resilience foam added to the upper layer, and also a 20 cm thick pocket spring. Total is 34 cm thick.

But do not judge the firmness from its thickness. In terms of the firmness, this can be categorised as a plush mattress. With 14cm thick pillow cushion and foam, you will sleep comfortably and not feeling the pocket spring.

The pocket spring also helps making it less disturbance when you or your partner change sleep position.

It uses premium knitted fabric, which is a hypo-allergenic and breathable material.

Available in Single, King Single, Double, Queen and King size.

15 years limited warranty

FREE Delivery

(above image is just an illustration. It does not represent single size mattress)

Bonnell Pocket Spring Mattress 16 cm thick - Single Size

If you are looking for a thinner mattress, or a cheaper option than Euro Top Mattress, but also with 15 year warranty, this mattress would suit.

This 16 cm thick mattress is priced under $150. And you still get a mattress with pocket spring system, which minimises disturbance of partner's movement.

This mattress is also hypoallergenic and mite resistant.

It is available in Single, King Single, Double and Queen size.

(above image is just an illustration. May not represent single size mattress)

Support Comfort Spring Mattress - 20cm Thick - Double Size Mattress

This would suit you if you are looking for a medium thick mattress with Bonnel innerspring with a good price tag. You can still get a double size mattress for under $200.

It is using CertiPUR-US certified foam, to ensure long-lasting durability.

This mattress would suit kids rooms, guest beds, day bed, trundle, or bunk bed.

10 years limited warranty.

It is also available in Single, Queen and King size.

(above image is just an illustration. It does not represent double size mattress)

Best Mattresses $200-$300

WINNER: Pocket Spring Foam Euro Top - 36 cm thick - Single Size

This mattress has everything you need in a mattress:

Zero partner disturbance ✔

Pocket spring ✔ (7 zoned)

Anti dust-mite, antibacterial and hypoallergenic ✔

Cooling gel ✔

Warranty: 15 years

FREE Delivery ✔

Also available in Double, Queen and King size.

You can also flip the mattress and use another side.

This is a medium firm mattress.

Green Tea Queen Size Memory Foam Mattress

If you are looking for a queen size mattress under $300 with pressure-relieving memory foam, this mattress would be perfect for you.

It is using CertiPUR-US certified foam with green tea-infused, to ensure long-lasting durability and refresh your body. It is also antibacterial.

It comes with a 10 year limited warranty. It is also available in Single, Double, and King size.

You can choose the firmness: Firm, Medium Firm or Medium Plush

(above image is just an illustration. May not represent queen size mattress)

Essential Superb - King Single

This mattress will suit you who are a strong believer of Australian product. This mattress is made in Australia, with Australian made foam and steel.

This 19 cm thick mattress consists of 7 layers: breathable comfort layer, standard foam, flexible active foam, gussett, insulation layer, bonnell springs and another insulation layer at the bottom.

10 year warranty

(above image is just an illustration. It does not reflect the King Single size)

Best Mattresses $300 - $500

WINNER: iCoil Pocket Spring + Memory Foam 34 cm thick King Sized Mattress

With under $400 you can get this king-sized mattress. This mattress is really great value for money, and most of the purchasers were happy with their purchase (no one gave 1 star or 2 stars rating, when we made this article).

It comes with iCoil Pocket Spring, which provides consistent distribution of support throughout the mattress and reduce partner disturbance.
It also provides stable edge support.

It uses the high quality of foam which is CertiPUR - US certified for durability, performance and content.

It is also available in single, double and queen size.

Medium plush mattress.

10 year warranty

(above image is just an illustration. It does not reflect the King size)

Back Support Firm Mattress - Single

If you are looking for a firm mattress made in Australia, this mattress is for you.

This 23 cm thick mattress consists of: breathable comfort layer, quilting foam, flexible active comfort foam, flexible high density comfort foam, gussett, insulation layer, Bonnell springs, and another insulation layer at the bottom.

10 year warranty

Also available in King Single, Double, Queen and King size

(above image is just an illustration. It does not reflect the King Single size)

Athena Euro Top Pocket Spring Latex - Queen Size Mattress

This queen-size mattress is topped with 100% premium latex layer, with breathable Belgian knit fabric, which is hypoallergenic and hygienic. Latex mattress is expected to maintain its comfort for 10-12 years.

The firmness is just right, not too springy nor too firm.

This 24 cm thick mattress consists of 13 high-grade layers, including the extra thick Euro mattress top and 6-turn coils.

It has independent 5-zone pocket spring system, which reduces partner disturbance.

It has multiple safety standards approval:
- OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified for fabric
- ITTC tested for latex
- SGS tested for foam (REACH SVHC)

(above image is just an illustration. It may not reflect the Queen size)

We hope that our recommendation is useful for you. Don’t forget to bookmark this page so you can easily come back when you have decided to buy a mattress.