CHiQ Fridge Review

“What was that again..chick fridge?”

“No…CHiQ fridge”

“Never heard that before. Is it a Chinese brand?”

That might be the conversation you had with your family or friend when you asked their opinion about CHiQ fridge.

Good that you come to this page now. I am going to share the findings of extensive research that I did about the ChiQ fridge.

Yes, CHiQ is designed and manufactured in China. It is a brainchild of Sichuan Changhong Electric Co Ltd, a successful worldwide electronics company.

CHiQ is also the exclusive television supplier of the Formula 1 Rolex Australian Grand Prix.

They have a headquarter in Melbourne.

CHiQ makes television, fridges, freezers, and digital signage.

I know many people are worried about the quality of products made in China. Including me, to be honest.

Surprisingly I found that many purchasers of CHiQ fridge were happy with their purchase.

Well, you can’t expect the quality of Mercedes-Benz car when you buy a Kia. However, CHiQ fridge would be perfect for you if you are looking for a value-for-money fridge with a space-saving design.

If you are worried about the durability, CHiQ is offering 3 years in home service warranty and 10 years warranty on the compressor. But you have to register with them within 30 days of purchase. It would give you peace of mind.

I would not recommend CHiQ fridge if you:

  • are looking for a fridge with a freezer that can cool below 10 degrees Celsius
  • are looking for an ergonomic fridge, or a big fridge
  • are willing to spend more than $1,000 and looking for a fridge with some fancy features

Best CHiQ bar fridge: CHiQ 92L Bar Fridge (CSR092W)

CHiQ 92L Bar Fridge (CSR092W)


  • Great price (might be the cheapest brand new bar fridge on the market). Check price here
  • Can store a lot of things with 92 l capacity
  • Slim design so it would save space at your place.
  • No noise except at the start and when the compressor is on
  • Efficient – not consuming much electricity. Has 2-star energy rating
  • You can choose where to put the tempered glass shelve.
  • Reversible door (so you can set the door to be opened from the left or right)
  • With crisper glass cover – keeps produce chilled and prevents bacteria diffusion
  • 3 years in-home service warranty + 10 years warranty on compressor (offered by CHiQ)
CHiQ 92L Bar Fridge (CSR092W)


  • Takes some time for the freezer to cool
  • Limited cooling temperature capacity

Best Looking CHiQ Refridgerator: CHiQ 216l Top Mount Refrigerator (CRTM213B)

CHiQ 216 L Top Mount Refrigerator (CRTM213B)


  • Modern, elegant and slim design. Perfect if you do not have much space for a fridge
  • Run quietly
  • 3.5-star energy rating
  • Full frost-free system – maintains the right temperature for more effective food preservation
  • With Humidity Control Fresh Crisper – You can adjust the integrated humidity control slider to a low setting which allows the fruit to stay fresh for longer or you can adjust the setting to high which helps leafy vegetables to stay crisp for longer.
  • Multi Air Flow System ensures chilled air reaches each shelf quickly and ensures your food to stay fresh for longer. Also avoids the chilled air drying out your food
  • 3 years in-home service warranty + 10 years warranty on compressor (offered by CHiQ)


  • With only 1.53m tall, it might be a bit awkward to reach things on the first shelve or in the freezer.
  • Only 216 L capacity
  • Does not have some fancy features such as a beeping sound as a reminder to close the door
  • Cannot expect to have the temperature below 10 degrees Celsius

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