Emilia Gas & Cooker Review

Emilia gas & cooker review never mentions its drawbacks. It is understandable, because so far, Emilia remains as the most standout brand, particularly for its gas & cooker products. Homeowners never doubt its durability, as well as its highly functional features. This brand boasts for its massive ranges of free standing cookers, that most users find them ease of use. Not to mention its outstanding feature in performance, along with its reasonable price.

Most buyers even decide to buy Emilia gas & cooker, even without reading its reviews through the internet. Most of them have heard testimonials from relatives or friends about the main advantages of buying products from Emilia. All of Emilia products ensure high quality and functionality because all kinds of cooker boast cast iron trivets with the cavity cooling fans, as well as digital clocks for the right cook timing. Some series even own auto electronic ignition with safety devices for flame failure.

Emilia 60cm Gas Oven EMF61MVI

Regardless of its single-oven feature, it has lots of cooking features that small families need. Other common, yet useful functions include baking, classic bake, and electric grill static. It also has a triple-glass insulated door with the inner door that is full of glass. Its easy cleaning feature wins, thanks to its removable inner glass. It also has a manual timer for a better cooking experience.

Emilia 60cm Electric Oven EF64MEI

Many buyers claim their satisfaction over this product, thanks to its massive room inside the oven. Regardless of its 69 liters volume, it can help homeowners a lot with various kinds of cooking. This single, electric oven is the best option for moms who might be too confused with too many buttons on other products of its kind. The price is good, and the overall performance supports the kitchen’s performance. Its standard features are helpful enough for small family units.

Emilia 53cm Gas Upright Cooker EM534MVI4

It is the kind of gas cooker, which is equipped with a fan-assisted gas oven. Its 3-way perimeter heat distribution allows perfect heat distribution, regardless of its fast heat up. Its central oven burner is located under the oven floor.

The best thing about this product is its ability to continue its operational function, even during a blackout. Its stainless steel construction provides a heatless surface, which is very safe for kids. Containing four-burner gas cooktops, it accommodates up to 67 liters of oven capacity. Cleaning is easy, thanks to its titanium finishing on its overall body.

Emilia 80cm Gas Upright Cooker DI865MVI4

This upright cooker is classified as the most expensive one, though it is definitely worth buying. All burners are equipped with flame failure system devices. It delivers easy lighting, thanks to its automatic electric ignition. The hard-wearing trivets are made of cast iron, while its legs are stainless-steel covered that enhances its sturdy look and performance as well. It is also equipped with storage for baking trays. 

Emilia 90cm Gas Upright Cooker DI965MVI4

Its specifications are very similar to the aforementioned ones. But, the main difference lies in its greater cooking volume. Easy lighting is considered as the main reason for most homeowners, particularly housewives, to choose this product. Its easy cleaning feature is also perfect for busy people.

Emilia 70cm Bi-Energy Upright Cooker DI765GGESIB4

This is an electric powered oven and a gas-powered cooktop with 5 burners. It has 4 oven functions: Light, Fan Forced Electric, Electric Grill, and Fan Assisted Gas.

Emilia 60cm Gas Upright Cooker DI664MVIB4

The oven is powered by natural gas, and the same thing applies to the cooktop. There are five different cooking functions that its owners can use at ease. The price is kind of average, mostly for Australian homeowners. 

Emilia 53cm Dual Fuel Upright Cooker EM534EI4

It is definitely flawless for housewives who don’t have much time. Yet, they are in great need of having such a functional upright cooker with lots of easy touch buttons. It only accommodates 67 liters of capacity for the oven, so it is still very suitable for highly-devoted cake makers. Still, it looks totally elegant with the titanium finishing. 

Emilia 60cm Dual Fuel Upright Cooker DI664EI4

This dual fuel cooker has its main plus, in which all its four-burner cooktop have various capacities. It has great a stir-fry application, while there is also an option for cooking up to very low temperature simmering. As an electric multifunction oven, this product is highly recommended.

Emilia 80cm Dual Fuel Upright Cooker DI865EI4

This is a one-in-a-million upright cooker that lots of homeowners really adore! The price is also considered somewhat expensive. For sure, it is worth spending, thanks to its massive arrays of functions that come along with its elegantly designed body. Its automatic cooling fan is also high in its capacity.

Emilia 90cm Dual Fuel Upright Cooker DI965EI4

Its overall specifications are somewhat similar to the previously mentioned product. Yet, it has a bigger oven volume for the more various kinds of cooking or baking. Cleaning made easy with the titanium enamel interior.   

The features may be similar to other Emilia upright cookers, but, its multifunction electric oven adds its main advantage. As the price is somewhat higher, buyers deserve its highly sophisticated function.

Emilia 80cm Black Dual Fuel Upright Cooker DI865EN4

Some homeowners are still very comfortable by using LP Gas for its oven. That is why this product has lots of admirers. Still, it has five burners that can be used for some pots and pans, at the same time. The 800mm width, along with the 920mm height escalates the look of the kitchen. However, some buyers choose this product, because they can move dishes, from the stovetop to oven without any difficulties. Without doubt, Emilia has everything that all homeowners desire, regardless of its overall budget and needs.