Noa Mattress Reviews Australia

Are you looking for Noa Mattress reviews? Here I sum up all you need to know before you buy Noa mattress.

What Distinguish Noa Mattress with Other Mattresses

Noa mattresses’ dimensions are just as standard sizes:

Single: 92 x 188 cm

King Single: 107 x 203 cm

Double: 138 x 188 cm

Queen – 153 x 203 cm

King – 183 x 203 cm

What distinguish Noa mattress with other mattresses is the thickness. Noa mattress is 28 cm thick, as it has 5 layers:

  • TENCEL cover (antibacterial and anti-dust mite)
  • Natural latex foam (hypoallergenic and breathable, which keeps you cool and gives the right bounce. OEKE Tex certified)
  • Cooling gel memory foam (unique cooling foam technology, which gives excellent pressure relieve )
  • Responsive pocket spring for great body support, and also enhancing airflow and lasting durability)
  • Base support foam

You can have 100 days trial and get a full refund if you are not satisfied with the mattress.

Noa Mattress vs Koala

In Australia, Koala mattress is more well-known than Noa mattress since Koala mattress is made in Australia. Therefore, the mattress can be delivered much quicker than Noa mattress. However, with the discount here, the price of the Noa mattress is a lot cheaper than Koala. Koala’s mattress is covered with 30% TENCEL and 70% polyester, whereas Noa mattress is covered with 100% TENCEL (which is hypoallergenic, anti-dust mite and anti-bacterial). In terms of the thickness, Noa Mattress is thicker (27 cm thick as it comes with 5 layers) than Koala mattress (23 cm thick as it only has 3 layers). Noa mattress comes with pocket spring, whereas Koala does not (foams only).

Noa Mattress vs Sleeping Duck

You can choose to have a medium, firm, or half medium half firm mattress at Sleeping Duck, whereas you can only get medium-firm Noa mattress. But the price of Sleeping Duck mattress is double the price of Noa mattress with this offer. Sleeping Duck mattress is thicker (31 cm) than Noa mattress (28 cm), although Sleeping Duck mattress consists of 4 layers only whereas Noa Mattress has 5 layers. Noa mattress is covered by TENCEL (anti-dust mite and anti-bacterial, whereas Sleeping Duck mattress is covered by bamboo). Noa mattress comes with hypoallergenic natural latex foam, whereas Sleeping Duck mattress does not.

In short, Noa mattress offers better value for money mattress than those 2 brands.

Questions You May Have

Is there any showroom so I can try the mattress before I buy it?

No. But you can have 100 day trial and get a full refund if you don’t like it. The best way to know whether you love a mattress is to sleep on it in your home, instead of trying it for 15 minutes in a store.

I live in a rural area. Do they deliver Australian wide?

Yes they do, except in Northern Territory (at this point of time when the article is written).

Is Noa Mattress Australian made?

No. It is designed in Canada, and produced in China.

Any quality assurance?

The Tencel cover and natural latex layers are OEKO TEX® certified. The foam layers are REACH certified (EU equivalent to the US Certi-Pur certification). These materials are low in Volatile Organic Compound (VOCs) emissions for indoor air quality (less than 0.5 parts per million). They are also made wihout ozone depleting chemicals. All foam layers are bound by water based adhesives which reduce heat retention to keep you cool.

Would this mattress suit my kids?

Although this mattress is not designed for kids specifically, this mattress consists of hypoallergenic latex and is topped with Tencel, which features anti-dust mite and anti-bacterial properties. Hence this mattress might be good to avoid allergies and asthma.

My partner moves a lot during his sleep. I am looking for a mattress which I will not be disturbed

This mattress would suit you. This mattress has a layer of gel infused memory foam provides outstanding motion isolation while individual pocket springs localize your partner’s movements to keep you from waking up.

I like plush mattresses. Will this mattress suit me?

Unfortunately there is only one option in Noa Mattress: medium firm. If you are looking for a plush mattress, I would recommend this mattress instead.

I have back pain. Will this mattress suit?

Although this mattress is not specifically designed for people with back pain, many of the purchasers who have back pain sleep comfortably. A medium-firm mattress would suit people with bad back best. If you have a mattress that is too firm, it can give too much pressure on the body which can trigger pain. While if the mattress is too soft, it may give insufficient support for your bones and joints.

Is Noa mattress antibacterial and anti-dust mite?

Yes. The first layer of the mattress is Tencel, which consists anti-dust mite and anti-bacterial properties.

Any fee for the delivery?

No delivery fee for anywhere in Australia, even to rural areas (except NT).

Is Noa mattress better than other mattress brands?

Everyone has different preferences. It would be better for you to try it yourself. If you do not like the mattress, you can return it and get full refund as long it is still within 100 days after you made the purchase.

Noa Mattress Reviews

At this time of writing, there are 136 5-star reviews, and only 7 1-star reviews, give an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5.0 on

Most buyers only take a few days to get used to with the mattress.


  • Thicker than other foam mattresses. It is 27cm thick with 5 layers, whereas other foam mattresses normally are only 25 cm thick with 3 layers
  • Contains hybrid foam and pocket spring construction, whereas others only foam construction
  • You can buy now and get it delivered later if you wish. They can hold the mattress for you for up to 3 months.
  • Value for money
  • Excellent customer service
  • They really refund in full if you are not happy within the trial period (100 days)
  • No back pain and partner disturbance
  • Deliver even to the rural location quickly


  • Only comes in 1 option of firmness: medium firm
  • Heavier than other foam mattresses
  • Some people still feel the heat after they lay on the bed for sometime
  • Is not always in stock. May need sometime to arrive

Things You Should Know Before Buying Noa Mattress


They say on their website that they will ship the mattress in 3-4 business days. But it does not mean that you will receive the mattress within that time frame. It depends on the stock availability and courier availability.

Typically delivery times:

Metro areas (Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, and Brisbane): 1-4 days

VIC: 2-4 days

NSW: 3-5 days

SA: 3-5 days

QLD: 4-8 days

ACT: 3-5 days

WA: 5-10 days

TAS: 5-10 days

You can choose the delivery date and time slot (4-hour delivery window), but it has to be between Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 6 pm. Unfortunately they cannot accommodate requests to deliver outside those times, for any reason.

The third-party courier will contact you within 1-2 business days of your purchase (excluding weekends and public holidays) by phone and/or email to discuss the delivery time.

If you want to make any change to the delivery time, you must notify the courier at least 2 business days before the scheduled time. Otherwise you will need to pay a rescheduling fee.

You are responsible to ensure safe space for the delivery team. The courier/transporter has the right to cancel the delivery at any time if they deem it to be unsafe, or if they think that they are unable to complete the delivery.

The delivery team will not unpack, inspect nor assemble any products, nor remove, or dispose of any debris or packaging materials. They also will not remove their safety boots. Purchasers are responsible for protecting their household (eg. floors, walls, fixtures, etc) prior to and during the delivery.


15 years limited warranty. See here for details.