Tips for Choosing the Right Refrigerator

When you want to buy a refrigerator, maybe you feel confused because of the many choices of models of refrigerator types today. Starting from a one-door refrigerator, two-door refrigerator, to a five-door refrigerator that has additional features. The features of the refrigerator must also match what is needed for home use. For that, follow the tips on choosing the right refrigerator according to your needs at home so that you are not mistaken about buying a refrigerator!

Tips for Choosing a Refrigerator for your Home

1. Pay attention to Size

the size of refrigerators you will buy and the size of your kitchen should be considered before buying a refrigerator. Even if you have a large room, as much as possible still have to measure the area of ​​the room and its height to ensure the refrigerator is right.

2. Determine the Number of Doors

Determine the number of refrigerator doors you need before you will buy a refrigerator. Because the number of refrigerator doors now varies, you have to buy according to your needs at home. Starting from the type of top freezer, bottom freezer and refrigerator models that have adjoining doors, each has a different function. Think about your food storage habits. If you often buy more frozen food than fresh food, you will need more freezer space. If you prefer to buy lots of fresh food, you will want easy access and storage space in the refrigerator for larger fresh foods.

3. Up to date features

The current refrigerator model has many additional features and it is these additional features that you need to think about, whether you need it or not. Additional built-in refrigerator features include a water and ice dispenser, dual evaporators and a manual temperature change feature.

4. Other Additional Features

Here are some other features that should be considered before buying a refrigerator: Refrigerator Finish

Stainless steel is the most popular refrigerator finish. Refrigerators made of stainless steel are very strong and will last a long time. In addition, there is an ordinary finish, glossy black and white, but the results will not look as luxurious as a stainless steel finish. Bright solid colors are also available for today’s retro refrigerators.

Additional Compartments

If you like separating your items in small compartments, the model of the fridge you need is one that has lots of insulation and extra compartments. Additional refrigerator compartments such as folding shelves or higher shelves for storing tall bottles.

Smart fridge

Just like a smartphone, the refrigerator now offers a type of smart fridge. This refrigerator can be connected with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, plus a built-in touch screen tablet with a camera and an application that allows you to make a shopping list to control internal temperature.

Energy saving

Refrigerators are household electronics that are connected to electricity and consume energy 24 hours a day. Therefore many people have chosen to buy an electric-saving refrigerator, not only for lower costs but also environmentally friendly or eco-friendly. To find out if your electricity saves electricity and energy, you can check the Energy Star or EnergySaver label.


One of the most common complaints about refrigerators or refrigerators is that they make too much noise. If your kitchen is located near the bedroom, or if you are very sensitive to loud noise, then a refrigerator that does not make a sound can be made as a choice.

Official warranty

As with any other electronics, an official guarantee is a top priority for the buyer when buying a refrigerator. The warranty is very important if your refrigerator is damaged which usually occurs in the engine. Usually the warranty lasts from 1 to 10 years depending on the refrigerator brand.

The right design

Of course the design is one of the determinants when you are going to buy a refrigerator. Choose a refrigerator with a design according to your taste and interior of your home. Do not choose a refrigerator that is different from the design you want just because the price is cheap. Because the aesthetics of the room in the house is one of the important things in maintaining the comfort of you and your family.

How long will the fridge last?

The normal life span of a refrigerator is around 10 to 15 years, so a refrigerator is a long-term investment. By having a good quality refrigerator, you can save and not have to buy a refrigerator for a long time.