If there is a simpler way, why choose the hard one.

Here are 5 things under $40 that can help you to prepare the food quicker and safer:

  1. Vegetable Chopper
Vegetable Chopper – Click to See the Details on Amazon

With this tool, you can chop vegetables, fruits, and potatoes quicker, and also avoid getting cut yourself. You can make various shapes and thicknesses (0.2 mm to 8mm) such as slices, strips, julienne, and dices. It is also very easy to clean. It comes with a brush to help you to clean.

2. Garlic Press

Are you always teary when cutting the garlic? Why don’t you use this garlic press. It is easy to clean and use. No more tears.

3. Meat Marinade Injector

Now you won’t need hours to marinate the meat. Just simply inject the marinade to it.

You can also inject rum into strawberries, jelly / pudding into donuts, or other thing that you can think of.

You will get a Recipe E-book as well when you purchase this tool

4. Baking Mat

With this multi-purpose pastry mat, you can make your dough and make a perfectly round shape. This mat will keep still as you roll out the dough.

And it is very easy to clean.

You can use this as a baking paper, and put it into the oven. It is heat resistant to 260 degrees Celcius. And you can use it again thousands of times.

5. Multifunctional Scissors

This 1 tool can do all the jobs from scrape off fish scales, open bottle tops, cut chicken or meat, to crack shells of nuts or shellfish.


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