Looking for an antibacterial mattress?

Numerous people have allergies to dust, parasites, pets hair, molds, bugs or various kinds of nourishment. There are additional sorts of explicit allergies, unique to certain people, for specific materials and stuff.
In any case, the most widely recognized reasons for allergies are dust mites. These are tiny insects that breed in the house dust, which live in beds and mattresses.

They feed on dust fixings, material fiber, natural rubbish, for example, chips of shed human skin, as well as human and animal hair. The allergy itself is brought about by the residue parasites excrement.
Residue bugs discover perfect conditions for advancement and presence in bedding stitched texture, in within sleeping pads, in cushions, duvets, and sleeping pad toppers. It is because there is a plenitude of dampness and warmth they need there.

While you are sleeping, you might shed at about a large portion of a kilogram of dead skin every year and this is the perfect nourishment for dust mites. There are different parasites and mold in sleeping cushions, for example, Alternaria, Aspergillus, Cladosporium, and many others that can likewise trigger genuine allergy responses.

It is a slip-up to imagine that in your sleeping cushion, there are no microscopic organisms. Thus, you need an antibacterial mattress to accompany your sleep.

Unfortunately not many antibacterial mattresses on the market. Some of the recommended ones are:

Zinus Mattress

This inexpensive antibacterial mattress comes in Single, Double, Queen or King size. And interestingly, it is green-tea infused memory foam, which claims to be refreshing and pressure-relieving hence you can awake without aches and pains and feel fresh.

The foam is CERTIPUR US certified, and comes with 10 year limited warranty.

Noa Mattress

The brand name “Noa” is propelled by the Co-Founder’s child, Noah. Noah signifies “to comfort” which speaks to their image theory and their guarantee to their clients.

Noa Mattress is a great ‘mattress in a box’ alternative for those who value a firmer, progressively strong feel to their bedding. Accordingly, it is nothing unexpected that the Noa Mattress was granted Australia’s Best ‘Back Support’ Mattress in a Box in 2019.

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Noa Mattress uses Tencel material, which has antibacterial properties and is an anti-dust mite. The Tencel cover and natural latex layers are OEKO TEX® certified. Its foam layers are REACH certified (EU equivalent to the US Certi-Pur certification). These materials are low in Volatile Organic Compound (VOCs) emissions for indoor air quality (less than 0.5 parts per million). They are also made without ozone-depleting chemicals. All foam layers are bound by water-based adhesives which reduce heat retention to keep you cool.

It is one of just a few sleeping cushions in a box in Australia that has an internal spring framework, making it an awesome worth alternative for those who like the vibe of customary, spring-based bedding. Noa Mattress has a firm vibe, however, it has a decent degree of responsiveness.


It gives magnificent spinal help and assimilates bodyweight equally. Accomplice unsettling influence on Noa Mattress will not be a major issue and the form quality is excellent at the cost.

There is froth set on all sides of the bedding so you cannot feel the springs through the side. Other spring-based sleeping pads in a box have springs that you can feel through the side which we do see as a lack in fabricating quality.

It comes with 15 year warranty.

You can have a 100-night trial. If you do not enjoy the mattress, you can simply call them and ask them to arrange the pick up from your place, and get a 100% refund. It


Hugo Mattress

Similar to Noa Mattress, Hugo Mattress also offers great price mattress as it sells directly to the consumers without middlemen.

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Unlike many other mattresses, Hugo mattress is Australian made.

The top layer of the mattress is natural latex, which is naturally hypoallergenic and antimicrobial. It is comfortable and breathable so you can stay cool at night.

The mattress is also designed to keep movement localised. So whatever your partner moves, will not disturb you.

It comes with free delivery to Australia wide. And you can have 3 month trial. You can have 100% refund if you are not satisfied during the trial.