Are you looking for a second fridge, or a fridge to be put in your bedroom, or under the work desk, but at the same time will not cost much?

We have done the research for you and these are our 5 top picks of bar fridge in Australia, based on feature, price, and customer reviews.

1. Hisense 170l Bar Fridge HR6BF170B

Hisense 170l Bar Fridge

We rate this bar fridge as the best in Australia because of its storage capacity, price, design, and customer reviews.

Although it has a slim design just like other bar fridges (519mm width x 513mm depth x 1282mm height), its capacity is almost the same as a normal fridge. At the time of this article is written, there is no other bar fridge offering storage capacity as much as this one (170 litres).

Inside of Hisense 170L Bar Fridge

Not only drinks, you can also store fruit and vegetables in the dedicated humidity-controlled crisper drawer. It even includes bottle rack and egg tray. It would fit wine too.

The shelves are adjustable.

It comes with a 3 year manufacturer warranty.

There is only 1 of 1-star rating purchaser review found. The others rated 4 or 5 stars.

This bar fridge is also good value for money. There are other smaller bar fridges that are more expensive than this bar fridge.

That is why we rated this bar fridge as the best.

2. Hisense 157l Bar Fridge HR6BF157R

If you are looking for a cheaper bar fridge, this 157l bar fridge would be recommended.

Even though the width is the same as the 170l one, this bar fridge is actually deeper.

Many buyers find this product as an extra fridge, that they can place on their bedroom or other convenient rooms, so they can pick snacks or beverages.

The design is sleek with a gorgeous red look or elegant black.

This bar fridge comes with dedicated humidity-controlled crisp drawer for your fruits and vegetables. It also fits bottles of wine or soft drink.

In terms of energy rating, it has the best energy rating for a bar fridge: 3 star.

It comes with 3 year manufacturer warranty.

Majority purchasers were satisfied with this bar fridge purchase and gave 4 or 5-star ratings. Only very few were dissatisfied.

3. ChiQ 92l Bar Fridge CSR092W

This is the best value for money bar fridge. It might be even the cheapest brand new bar fridge in Australia.

With the height of only 831mm, width of 474mm, and depth of 447mm, you can put this bar fridge under your work desk.

There is only one color option for this series: white.

Yet, it is easy to clean, due to the removable door seal

Do not judge its quality from the price. Even though it comes with a low price tag, most of the purchasers were happy with the purchase. You will also receive 2-year manufacturer warranty.

4. Hisense 120l Bar Fridge HR6BF121 / HR6BF121S / HR6BF121B 

This bar fridge is one of the bestseller bar fridges in Australia. It might because the price is quite affordable and has more storage capacity than most other bar fridges. Majority purchasers were also happy with their purchase. Very few purchasers rated 1 star or 2 star.

It comes in 3 color options: white, silver, and black. The white one is the least expensive one.

It has spillproof shelves that are adjustable, as well as a dedicated humidity-controlled crisp drawer for your vegetable and fruits.

It comes with 3 year manufacturer warranty.

5. Westinghouse 138l Bar Fridge WRM1400WD

If you are looking for a bar fridge with a more reputable brand name, then you might prefer this bar fridge.

Although in terms of the price, this bar fridge is more pricey than four of the bar fridges mentioned above. No surprise, as Westinghouse is more well known and is a US brand.

It has 2.5 star energy rating, and comes with 2 year manufacturer warranty.

It is with R600a refrigerant, which is more environmentally friendly. You will get an egg tray included when you purchase this bar fridge.