A smoothie is a staple for anyone that wants to start their day off fresh and healthy. A perfect breakfast that is both scrumptious and good for the body. A good smoothie can break you away from the stress on a monday morning. Unless you are thinking of buying your smoothie from a cafe, you would need your own smoothie blender. The best smoothies require a lot of effort to make. The job becomes a whole lot easier when you have the best blender to do the task.

After this read you will know which best blender suits you. How to pick your own blender and a list of our favourite picks from 2020. Whether it is to find the best blender for smoothies or the best one to mince some veggies, you are sure to find your pick right here.

How to pick the best blender?

To pick out the best blender you should be able to know what you are working with. We decided to open up with the most important features you should be looking for.

These features are in most cases the defining point when picking a blender. So if you want to know which best blender suits you, then you need to know the features that come with it. Let us go a bit deeper into the topic and get everything cleared.

●      Capacity

Every blender made comes with a certain capacity. The capacity decides what you can and can not do. Maybe you need to find the best blender for smoothies to serve your whole family, maybe it is just for you. Either way, the capacity of your blender decides the limits. Think hard about this as it is not something you can adjust later on. We have added different models to cover this category in the best way possible on our lists.

●      Power

The power of the blender is what decides what you can and cannot blend. It also decides how you blend it. A high-powered blender can easily crush and mince dry foods. But a low powered blender might run into some problems. Therefore a liquid might have to be added in order to smoothen out the procedure.

If you try and force a dry blend on a low-powered blend it can significantly damage the blades.

●      Life-span

A blender is not a household item that you replace regularly. Ideally we would want it to last us a few years. This is where the durability of the product comes into play. We only take the most trusted brands for our rankings. Therefore no matter which best blender you decide to go with, they are sure to last you a long time.

●      Price

A deciding factor for many as not everyone has cash to throw away. We have added a few budget models to help you with this. A blender’s price goes up with its versatility and functions. But that does not mean you have to pay more than what is necessary.

●      Noise factor

No one wants a lawnmower in their kitchen. It would not be satisfactory if your whole block knows you are making a smoothie when you fire up your blender. While a bit of noise is inevitable, it is best to pick a model that does not sound too loud. When picking the best blender for smoothies it has to be something that does not break your ears on a monday morning.

●      Container material

Although many buyers do not consider the material of the container to be a deciding factor it certainly is. The most common material used is plastic. Plastic jugs tend to be cheaper, lighter and easier to replace. But it does have its downsides. Plastic jugs tend to scratch easier than others. They also have the issue of catching the smell of the food blended in it. Oftentimes, even a good washing does not remove the odour.

The alternatives to plastic are glass and stainless steel. But they tend to be more expensive and heavier. Not to mention glass jugs can shatter when dropped, so if you got butter fingers, better to stick to plastic.

●      Cleaning

The best blender for smoothies has to be a model that can get the job done in a few minutes. It is not practical if the smoothie takes a minute to make and the blender takes 30 minutes to clean. The best blender has to be something which is easy to clean.

Certain models allow the users to remove the blades, others do not. Having pieces of food stuck on the blades can become a major headache not to mention potentially disgusting.

●      Ease of control

The controls of the blender all depends on the variety of functions that are available. However, no matter how complex the blender is, the controls should be easy to navigate through. After all, it is a blender not a passenger airplane with a million knobs.

The blenders we have included in our listings are simple to use yet effective.

The best blenders of 2020

Every kitchen appliance has several different one’s to choose from, it is the same for blenders. It might get confusing when you have several different types to choose from. We have taken the time to find the best blenders out there in the markets right now. With the product variety we went with, everyone will be able to find something they like.

●      The Mod Blend Pro

5 Pre-set features

3.5 HP Commercial grade motor

Stainless steel blades

Touch slide speed controls

2 Litre capacity

best blender

This is the most stylish blender in our list. If you want something that looks good on your instagram while blending up the most delicious smoothie then the Mod Blend Pro is the one for you.

The presets that come installed make your life a whole lot easier. Do you want to make a soup or a smoothie? Maybe you want to ground some ingredients together to add to your kitchen spices. It can all be done with the touch of a button. We really liked its ability to make ice-cream; as it is a task that is deemed difficult by many.

3.5 HP commercial grade motor allows you to get consistent results every time you blend. Thanks to its high power previously difficult tasks such as crushing ice are now a thing of the past.

2.2mm Japanese carbon steel blades remain sharp for longer periods when compared to standard stainless steel blades.

Not only is the Mod Blend Pro the best looking blender in the market it is backed by its high-tech hardware. This is the choice for all you minimalist lovers.

●      Kambrook Blitz Power Blender

Personal blender

Comes with your own Blitz2Go Bottle

800 watt motor

Stainless steel base

700ml cup

best blender for smoothies

This is our choice when picking the best blender for smoothies. It is more suitable for personal use.

The Blitz2Go bottle allows you to easily make your smoothie and take it with you. No need to look for a separate shaker. Going to the gym and need a refreshment? The Blitz2Go bottle will do just fine to carry that delicious smoothie.

The 800 watt motor will allow you to grind anything. It will allow you to get the consistent results you need. From ice, berries, fruits, vegetables to stalks, the blender will make quick work of whatever which is put in. Perfect to make a puree, smoothie or a soup.

The blender also has a free recipe book available for download. If you are ever stuck on what to make this is sure to come in handy.

The capacity of the jug used is 700ml.

●      Optimum 9200A (2nd generation)

best blender

Powerful Industrial motor

Heat Resistant BPA free Jug

2 Litre capacity

Stainless steel 6-blade

Three quick presets

This is one of the most popular blenders in the market and for a very good reason. It is the best blender which optimum has to offer. The blender was rated the best commercial blender in Australia through reviews and customer satisfaction.

The Blender has a powerful industrial motor. It is one of the most powerful blenders in this list. The 2611 Watt motor is nothing to joke about, it will crush anything and everything to a pulp in mere seconds. When you couple it with the 6 blade stainless steel blade, the result is a blender with virtually no limit.

Thanks to its heat resistant BPA free jug, you can easily blend hot substances without any issue. There will be no problems of odour or any negative effects to the taste of the food. If you are a user that regularly blends hot liquids then this is a valuable feature.

The three presets allow you to easily switch between the speeds required for each task. Any ordinary task that involves blending is a piece of cake with this. Ice, nuts and any other hard food items can be blended in mere seconds.

●      Nutri ninja Auto-IQ One Touch Blender

Auto-IQ technology

1000W motor

Vitamin and Nutrient extraction

best blender for smoothies

If you are looking for a blender for juicing then this is probably the best one out of the list. The Nutri ninja Auto-IQ allows you to make those delicious juices with the touch of a finger. You do not need to fiddle around with dials and speeds, the blender does everything for you. It will combine different patterns of blending, pausing and rotations to make sure everything is blended down smoothly. One touch and you are good to go.

The 1000W powerful motor will make quick work out of anything. Ice, fruits and nuts are all a touch away from getting pulped.

The blender comes with three different cup sizes for you to go with depending on the situation. Large, Regular and Small all fitted with sip and seal lids.

Make the juice, seal the cup and pop it in your bag. It is that easy.

●      Kenwood Kmix Blender

Thermo-resistant glass goblet

Removable multizone TM blades

Dishwasher safe components

Better crushing power


1.6L capacity

best blender

We picked this exclusively for the people that regularly blend heated liquids. The thermo-resistant glass will nullify any issues you have with blending hot liquids. Upto 1.2L of hot liquid can be blended with ease. If you are wondering which is the best blender for heated liquids, this is it.

The multizone blades make cleanup a breeze. Just pop them out and wash ’em through.

Its crushing power will make sure all those pesky ice cubes are crumbled up well before you pour it out. Combine it with 12 speeds of rotation, and you have a blender that can do some serious work.

It is available in Red, white, Cream and Black. You can get a colour that matches your kitchen without having to compromise.

So what is the best blender for me?

Which best blender suits you from the above list? We recommend you to read through the reviews we provided and check the product on its respective page. It will help you to get a better idea on the product.

When picking your blender it is advised to pick a model that matches your needs. Do you need the best blender for smoothies? Go with the Nutri ninja. Do you want the best blender overall? Go with the optimum 9200A. All these models are trusted brands that have thousands of positive customer ratings backing them up. As long as you make your pick correctly you are sure not to be disappointed.