The Dyson V10, also called Dyson Cyclone V10, is a cordless vacuum cleaner that offers high suction power with a large bin. What makes it different from others? Maybe you have seen the previous reviews of Dyson products, and if you are not sure, you can check at them. The difference depends on many factors, and the first one is a powerful V10 motor installed. The motion oscillates rapidly at a speed of about 125,000 rpm. This spinning motion allows you to achieve a suction power that is comparable to a full-size vacuum cleaner. Also, it comes with a larger bin where the dirt and dust entering. The Dyson V10 on sale boasts the new shoot and point feature where you can point at a vacuum cleaner and throw dust everywhere. This enables you to dispose of dust and dirt to make it hygienic.

Key areas to know the right Dyson V10 model

Performance on several surfaces

This is the primary season that makes many people go for them. As a start, it depends on the Dyson V10 animal model you buy. However, this vacuum cleaner does a fantastic task on the carpet, as many upright or barrel vacuums do. The test showed that it removes dirt from the carpet within 26 seconds. Without unique accessories, it allows the best cleaning of the hard surfaces. However, it does a great job with the accessories which Dyson Cyclone offers. If you have hard surfaces, consider the right Dyson V10.

Level of noise

You can compensate for louder noises by providing faster cleaning times. But when noise is a hindrance for you when vacuuming, you might want to give the V10 a try.


Another great thing about the Dyson V10 animal is the affordable price. As with many Dyson products and like the best vacuum cleaners, you end up paying for the excellent performance. If you like this vacuum cleaner, think it is a bit expensive, consider a cheaper model. However, if putting hundreds of dollars on a vacuum cleaner is not what you need to do, the Dyson V10 may not be what you want.

Battery life

Dyson recently made an important decision in all of their products, everywhere, which is the new direction. This is the direction away from sockets and cords that means the cordless products are going now to Dyson. The bold move as different people has a lot of room to clean and may not trust the battery-powered vacuums. Do you remember the last time your house was cleaned, and how long did that take? If the response is 60 minutes and less, the Dyson V10 is worth looking for. This is a premium battery for a cordless vacuum cleaner. When you are done, the vacuum has a convenient charging port too.

Suction power

Dyson is proud of the fact that a suction power provided can rival the barrel vacuum. They are known for having enough science to support their claims. The Dyson V10 digital motor is the real beast.

It can reach 125,000 revolutions per minute and is the most powerful motor, which Dyson has ever established. Besides, it weighs half the weight of previous motors and offers three times more suction power. Suppose we build an equally powerful motor in the Mini Cooper, and it can travel more than 250 km per hour. Therefore, it is safe to say that the Dyson V10 sale sucks in terms of suction power.

Bin capacity

Recognized as the V10’s main selling point, its bin capacity is greater than ever. The vacuum cleaners have limited storage capacity, low battery life, and low-quality motors. It seems that Dyson is overtaking three mythical beasts because it has a larger bin than the other. It contains approximately 0.5 liters of dust. Although it is still a long way from some of the larger vacuum models, it is still has a large capacity for the vacuum cleaner.

Easy to use

The vacuum cleaners are always a double-edged sword when you consider ease of use.

While the upright and barrel cleaners can be large and heavy, vacuum cleaners are generally lighter. However, the storage can be a problem, as vertical dimensions are sometimes awkward. Despite the addition of the more powerful motor, the Dyson V10 has not gained much weight, which is different from the other. The great advantage of the Dyson vacuum cleaner is that it comes with a beautiful wall mount, making it easy to store.


The Dyson V10 includes many other functions that make cleaning even easier. This include angled nozzles, brushes, motorized mini-heads, docking station, hose extensions, and the charger. If you choose Cyclone Absolute, you will also receive unique accessories for hard floors, such as linoleum or wood.

Best Dyson V10 Review

4. Dyson Cyclone V10 Animal Cord-Free Cleaner


  • 60-minute run-time
  • Instant-release trigger
  • Wall-mounted dock
  • Three power modes
  • Has the digital motor

This Dyson cyclone V10 animal cord-free cleaner is unique because it has a 40% bigger bin when compared to the Dyson V8 animal vacuum. It comes with a 60-minute run-time when using the non-motorized tool. The instant-release trigger is present, which means the battery power can be used only while cleaning it. You can quickly transform it into a handheld vacuum when you want to clean it all around the car and home.

The exciting thing is that it has a wall-mounted dock used to recharge and cleanly store the tools, making them ready to go. Due to three power modes, it makes it easy to choose the model that suits your task on any type of floor. It has a digital motor engineered to collect ground-in fine dust and dirt from the carpets and hard floors.

Lightweight and versatileIt is expensive
Easy to use 
Offer quick cleaning 
It is portability 

3. Dyson Cyclone V10 Vacuum + Absolute Cleaner


  • Powerful motor
  • Shoot and point mechanism
  • Three power modes
  • Fully-sealed filtration system

You can quickly transform this device to a handheld, to the handheld vacuum cleaner, and then back again with just one click. It comes with a powerful motor that helps to remove the hidden dirt and dust. With the shoot and point mechanism, you can hygienically eject debris and dust deep into the bin without touching the dirt.

What is unique is that the bin, cyclone, and the motor are aligned together so that air is drawn in the cyclones in a straight line. This creates 20 percent more suction power when compared to the Dyson V8 model. The three power modes offer different options to fit various tasks on any type of floor. Trapping particles, which are 0.3 microns smaller for about 99.97%, is comfortable with a fully-sealed filtration system.

Easy to useNon
It is versatile 
Excellent quality 
It is portable 

2. Dyson Cyclone V10 Cordless Motorhead Vacuum Cleaner


  • Powerful motor
  • Cyclone technology
  • Hygienic bin ejection
  • Cord-free versatility

Cleaning the floors and sofa crevices and also eliminating mites is easier with this Dyson V10 sale. What makes it unique is an extension hose that can clean the curved and narrow areas. It has the cyclone technology, which generates forces of 79,000G and more to fling microscopic particles, like bacteria and pollen into the bin. To reduce dampen sound and vibrations, it comes with a smart design.

Similarly, it has a hygienic bin ejection that makes the collection of dirt easy by pointing and shooting without touching. There is the cord-free versatility that makes deep cleaning easy and anywhere that needs it. Now you can remove dust and dirt by deep cleaning every time with a powerful digital motor.

Offer deep cleaningNon
Easy to use 
It is durable 

1. Dyson Cyclone Digital Motor V10 Absolute + Vacuum Cleaner


  • Three power modes
  • Fully-sealed filtration system
  • Stiff nylon bristles
  • Anti-static carbon fiber filaments

Now you can absorb the damp sound and vibrations with this device, which keeps the sound levels down. It has three power modes where you can choose from to fit any task according to the floor types. There is a fully-sealed filtration system that traps 99.97% of the particles, which are 0.3 microns smaller, while expelling cleaner air. Likewise, this Dyson vacuum cleaner has a shoot and point mechanism that hygienically ejects debris and dust deep into the bin.

The stiff nylon bristles also help remove soft anti-static carbon fiber filaments and ground-in dirt from carpets and fine dust from the hard floors. It has anti-static carbon fiber filaments and soft woven nylon to remove larger debris and fine dust from hard floors. Also, there is the motorized brush bar that handles the ground-in dirt and hair in tight spaces.

Easy to useNon
Excellent quality 
Much better suction 
Battery last for long 


Dyson is always great because of offering this quality Dyson V10 animal. May it be the Cyclone or Animal model, it is an excellent vacuum cleaner. You are sure of getting the vacuum cleaner with all the advantages of best features, just to mention that the motor can go beyond many barrels or upright vacuum cleaners. However, it doesn’t just provide superior suction but has a large bin to make you and your house clean before emptying it again. When looking for the next Dyson vacuum cleaner, consider Dyson 10 because it is a little expensive and does excellent work.