A comfortable proper sleep is a part of the day that we all look forward to. Of course, we are prepared for hot nights with fans and A/Cs. But what about cold nights? Along with winter, it is important that we warm ourselves enough to fall into a peaceful sleep and this is where heaters come in. We are here to help you out with discovering not only the best heaters available but also the best energy efficient heaters. So, search no more.

How to Pick the Best Heaters

When considering the vast possibilities of heaters offered, it is important that we understand different types of portable heaters that exist.

Fan Heaters

If you are curious about how this kind of heaters work. Here it is. This is one of the types of best heaters for bedroom. It inhales the cold air within the room and work its way around the fan, finally exhaling the now heated up air out of the heater.

This heater has an advantage over heater types such as the column oil heaters. These fans will push out any possible amount of heat straight out its system, which in turn will give rise to a warm air that will gradually fill the whole house with its warmth. Your comfort levels will soar within a few minutes.

Oil-Filled Column Heaters

In this type of heater, the oil works out in a way that manufactures and recollects the heat in a rather effective way. Due to this it is a bit time-consuming than some other heaters. However, since this heater is ideal in its consistency, you will not be disappointed with the steady radiation of heat it emits after a while. This is why this could just be one of the best heaters for bedroom on a cold rainy or snowy night.

You should not that this is not similar to how the gas heaters work, since gas heaters use the gas as a source of fuel.

Convection and Panel Heaters

What exactly happens in a convection heater? Basically, a sort of coil will be heating up from within the unit of the heater, after which it will get released out through the unit and spread throughout the space. Due to it being unable to spread into vast spaces it is one of the best heaters for bedroom

Radiator heaters are an example for convection heaters as they use water instead of oil. Also, the oil column heater too comes within this category.

So how does the Panel Heater relate to all of this? All in all, a panel heater may be added to a convection in order to increase its resourcefulness. Now isn’t that a good match for best heaters?

Radiant Heaters

Unlike all the other types of heaters we have discussed about, the heat transmitted by this kind of heater does not emit such warmth into the room in general. In fact, having such a heater in a spacious area is not so much a good decision since this heater transfers heat straight forward to other people.

If you are person who has a quick phlegm risk by dust, this may just be one of the best energy efficient heaters for you. The radiant heater, unlike most others does not rotate moving air within it. So, the sneezing that you constantly get after a while of using such heaters will no longer be an issue.

An example for this type of heaters would be the patio heater, which is a commendable heater that could be added to your “to buy list” of best heaters. The reason is its energy efficiency when working as an outdoor heater which actively generates thermal radiation.

Best Heaters- Our Top Picks

Dyson Fan Heater

best heaters

Main Features

  • Sleep & easy tilt
  • Harmless
  • Inclusive of a remote control
  • Oscillation control

This is a fan heater that is one of the best heaters to use during the nighttime, which is why an ideal location for it would be right in your bedroom.

If you have an eloquent taste in equipment, then you will surely adore its sleek and modern design which will fit right into your furniture.

A unique feature of this heater is its absence of blades which proves to be a rather less burden specially since you do not have to worry about dust particles collecting on the blades. The pillar-like structure of the fan itself facilitates portability and you can carry it around even on a trip with such ease.

Another benefit to the Dyson AMO9, one of the best heaters for bedroom, is its flexibility in switching between hot and cold air. Yes, it serves multi-purpose. Hot day? You got yourself an air cooler. Warm day? You got yourself an air warmer. Although it is specified for “year-round use”, you will notice yourself that it works best in compact areas.

Not only is it one of the best heaters Australia offers, it also fulfils its flexible role at its best and will not disappoint you.

Ideal for nighttime useConsumes a high amount of energy
Both heater & air coolerSlightly noisy
Customer service is commendableNot fit for spacious areas
Airflow is great 

4.5 out of 5.0 stars

De’Longhi Dragon 4

Best Heaters for 2021

Main Features

  • The power is 2,400 Watts
  • Timer of 24 hrs. long
  • 3 options of heat settings
  • 7-year warranty

If you are looking for an electric heater with well suited efficacy, I believe you have found your choice in one of the best heaters, the De’Longhi Dragon 4.

Affordability due to its cost-effectiveness is simply one of the plus points of this device. Its quality can be highlighted by low power consumption even in small or even adequately big rooms. It is a rather humble compliment to its efficiency.

The reliability of this product can be shown through its ECO mode. As we know the eco mode regulates climate control, seat heating and power output by decreasing the amount of power required by the engine. In this manner it supports the fuel efficiency of this heater. So simply put this is undeniably one of the ideal energy efficient heaters that you want in your home given its 7-year warranty as well.

You may however notice a certain odor of plastic when you first use it. Not to worry. That will soon subside after a few hours of use. The only minor downside to all this perfection is the inability to easily carry this around. But if you are looking for a fixed, affordable, efficient heater, we highly recommend this for you.

Low electricity consumptionHeavy and not portable
Offers an anti-frost optionRisk of noisiness
Extremely efficient for small spacesThe timer may reset itself after expiry
Availability of a thermal cut off fuse to avoid danger.A peculiar odor at first-time use.

4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Delonghi Slim Style Digital Convection Panel Heater

best heaters for bedroom

Main Features

  • The power is 1500 watts
  • Pertains to Hi-Fi Technology
  • Availability of 3 heat options
  • Ideal for families

This Slim style Digital heater contains not one but two fanned technology which allows hot air to pass through it. Although the fan blades are a bit weaker than expected, its efficiency is not stunted overtime, as it only gets better. This is one of the best heaters for bedrooms of parents and children.

The brand has surely earned its title twice as the best heaters. Therefore, despite is being maybe a little over budget, it sure is worth the effort of getting it as it maintains to lower its power consumption wattage to a minimum about 1500w.

Let’s say you wanted 2 heaters to be able to use it for 2 rooms. This heater would be perfect for you since it is extremely easy to be lifted and carried. Apart from its portability, it is also quite small in its size, so you could take it with you on small road trips as well.

This heater despite being slow is impressive at large since over time it can most effectively manage to maintain the warmth even in large rooms. Don’t the best things in life require patience after all?

To add to all this glory, the three different modes of heat options available make it more flexible in use, particularly if you have varying needs of warmth.

Silent & very low power consumptionSlow in its effectiveness
Automatic thermal shut-off fuse for safety purposes.The dual-fan technology is weak
Maintains a wall mount 
Can maintain warmth in large rooms over time. 

4.5 out of 5.0 stars

Warmlite Ceramic Fan Heater

Best Heaters for 2021

Main Features

  • The Weight is 1.68kg
  • Heating mode is convection
  • Item dimensions are 14.7 x 20.5 x 30 cm
  • Heat settings range is 750 – 1500
  • Colour Availability is Black

This black-coated portable heater contains a ceramic heating component helps it stand out as one of the best energy efficient heaters. Needless to say, as mentioned above in its features its range of heat settings confirm on its adjustable thermostat. So, if you are a person who constantly needs to change the levels of heat to fit your personal body comfort from time to time this may yet be one of the few best heaters you could buy. You may flip through the temperatures until it feels just right.

What good is a heater exactly during the summer time? Well, by purchasing the Warmlite ceramic fan heater you can get through the tiresome hot summer days by switching to the Fan-only option just by the click of a button.

You also need not to worry about the machine getting over-heated thanks to the thoughtful overheat protection and safety tip switch availability. Yes, you can use it all day long with no fret.

Don’t you often feel uncomfortable when sometimes, different parts of your body get the warm air lesser than some. Well that will no longer be a concern with this item, as it contains a wide-angle oscillation for even air distribution throughout the room. Doesn’t that sound fair? This just may be one of the very best heaters for bedroom, so go ahead.

It must be noted for caution that this product should not be used along with an extension lead.

Adjustable ThermostatUsing with extension could be dangerous
Protection from overheatThe need to manually on and off the thermostat
Fan-only option 

3.5 out of 5.0 stars

Bitzong Electric Ceramic Heater 240V SAA

best heaters for bedroom

Main Features

  • Weight is 1.1kg
  • Heating mode is convection
  • Available colour is white
  • Requires corded electric power source

If you are impatient and need the heater to react faster, then this would be the ideal heater for you. Apart from being one of the best heaters speed-wise, this device has a hot and cold air option, showing off its flexible quality.

At the risk of this heater falling off balance to the side, it has been crafted with an automatic power shut down switch as a safety measure you will be glad to have. The LED power indicator that it possesses too will come in handy for you to simply look at it and identify its power.

What better than a fast heater that actively looks into reaching all corners of the room equally? Well, if that is what you are looking for in your list of best heaters for bedroom, you will be pleased to know that this product has a wide-angle automatic swing.

Efficiency & undeniable speedA tad expensive but worth it
Intricate safety measuresA little noisy when setup in large rooms
LED power indicator 

4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Final Wording on the Best Heaters for 2021.

Most briefly put, if speed and efficiency is what you’re looking for we recommend the Bitzong 240VSAA heater. And If it is slow and steady that you are after we recommend the Delonghi slim style panel heater. Whichever it is you pick after going through our detailed discussion, you will surely not be disappointed. Here’s to keeping our homes warm the right way. If you liked this article you might also like our feature on the best oil diffusers in the market, be sure to give it a read.