Dry air causes some of the most annoying effects one can experience. It can cause irritations in our sinuses, throat, nose and on the skin. If you have a baby in the household then dry air can be a major issue. Dry air can cause them discomfort and bring forth health issues all while being inside the home. The most effective way to combat dry air is by adding moisture to the air around us. You can maintain a good humidity level in your household by using a humidifier. If you want to find out what is the best humidifier in Australia and its features take a peek into this review. We have even included the best humidifier for baby rooms.

How we picked the best humidifier in Australia.

There are over 30 different humidifier models in Australia. So how did we pick the best humidifier Australia? The pick required certain criteria to be fulfilled. The factors that we considered when picking a certain humidifier will be explained in the section. Therefore, you too can know what matters and what does not.


This is the main feature of the humidifier. It works similar to an air conditioner. The user has to set a value for their desired humidity and the humidifier will bring it up to the level given. Once it is reached the process will be terminated till it goes below the specified value, bringing forth a cycle.

The humidifier will also allow you to get accurate readings of the levels of humidity. Thanks to the humidistat’s consistent monitoring it will prevent moisture from getting built up over time. Therefore, when purchasing a humidifier make sure to get a model that has this feature.

Water Tank capacity

The water tank capacity is what determines how long the setup can keep running. A humidifier with a large capacity usually needs to be refilled once a day. Larger the capacity the less attention you need to pay. This is great if you have a busy schedule.

The portable humidifiers in the market have the disadvantage of having smaller capacities. Even though it is easy to fill the frequency of refiling required might turn out to be troublesome.

Run time

This is the maximum duration the humidifier can function on a single fill. The most common duration are 6, 12 and 24. If you are looking for the best humidifier for baby room, then it is best to pick one that has a longer run time. Therefore, you do not have to wake up in the middle of the night to refill it.

Air filters

To be classed as the best humidifier in Australia, it has to have a lot of features. The air filter is one of them. It is great for users with allergies as it will trap pollen and dust. Although the filters in these are not the best, it is good enough for regular use.

UV filter

This is used to clean the water source. Water which is used to humidify the surroundings are filled with bacteria and germs. The UV filter will kill any bacteria that resides in the tank and its contents. A must have feature if you have a baby.

Our choices when looking for the best humidifier in Australia

Given below are the five best humidifiers in Australia. We hand picked these five from the dozens of models and brands available to ensure that everyone gets a pick. From mini humidifiers to heavy duty humidifiers to suit large households. Here are the contenders for best humidifier Australia for 2021.

Vicks mini cool mist humidifier

This is a personal humidifier. An option more suited for small households or for a single room. If you live in a regular urban flat then this is definitely the one to go with. We found its mint feature to be really great. Users can add vicks vapour pads to give a minty aroma.

The humidifier can run up to 20 hours without needing a container replacement. It also has an automatic shutdown. Therefore it is one of the lowest maintenance humidifiers out there on the market. It does not even need extra filters. Because of its tank having quite a big opening, cleaning it through is not a big issue at all.

The humidifier is extremely quiet during operation.

If you are someone that suffers from chest congestion and occasional coughs, this might be a valuable addition to your household. There is nothing a good dose of vicks can’t solve.

We think it is the best humidifier Australia for personal use and for small work spaces. Not to mention the humidifier comes with a two year warranty. Two years for a mini personal humidifier is really good considering most large home appliances get only a year.

Philips Air Humidifier

This is one of the most high-tech humidifiers in the market as of now. It uses its own special nano cloud technology. The specialty of this technology is its ability to create moisture without any artificial additives. A large portion of humidifiers use artificial additives to increase its efficiency. This is what makes the Philips Air Humidifier stand out.

If you are having a baby in the household. It is best to keep the air as clean as possible. Therefore the Philips Air Humidifier is the best humidifier for baby room. It has a very specific set of features that make it qualified for this job.

It is extremely hygienic. Thanks to its nano-technology there is no risk of contamination. White dust and wet spots are a thing of the past. Nano-technology will prevent the minerals in the water from forming mineral deposits on your furniture. This is common among households with hard water sources.

The humidifier is programmed to automatically shut down when its water sources are exhausted. Its minimalist design means that it is very easy to clean. Not to mention that the Philiphs Air Humidifier lacks a heating plate.

H20 Grey Mini Humidifier

Having a portable humidifier is a requirement for many users. Especially if they travel a lot. A mini humidifier will solve the problems mentioned in our introduction anywhere you go. For a traveler, it is the ultimate solution for all your dry air problems. The H20 Grey Mini Humidifier is the best humidifier Australia in terms of portability.

The Humidifier can be powered from a USB output. That is right, it does not even need a main line input.

The humidifier has a runtime of 20 hours. Its capacity is 350ml. The model also has an auto turn-off function. Thanks to its timer you can set it to work for a set period of time.

If you have problems with allergies or if you experience discomfort due to dry air when traveling then this will be your best purchase. You can even use it inside your vehicle when going for long road trips. It even has a really low price tag considering its limited range of effect. If you are looking for a plug and play humidifier(quite literally) this may suit your tastes.

TaoTronics cool mist humidifier

Taotronics has always been a brand that flies high above its competition. The Taotronics cool mist humidifier has once again made its way on to a list with best products in its category. We believe this is the best humidifier in Australia for the average user.

It can operate from anywhere between 12 hours to 30 hours on a single run. Because it does not need frequent re-fillings users can focus on their own work. Not to mention its automatic turn off feature gives its users even more space and peace of mind. No need to stress about the humidifier burning itself out when the water runs out.

It comes with a built-in humidistat which is great. There aren’t a lot of models which provide this feature. The whole setup is highly configurable. Therefore it allows you to adjust everything to suit your needs.

It even has a sleep mode. The sleep mode provides a miniature night light that is soothing on the eyes. It does not create a lot of noise when it operates making it good around babies and pets.

We did find that the top of the humidifier is not really stable. This means that with sufficient force, the whole thing can flip over. Something you got to keep in mind if you have young children or pets in the household. But you can always stabilize it with a external object to ensure that it stays in place in the event of a minor force.

Breville Smart mist Humidifier

A lot of users need versatility when they are purchasing a product. The Breville Smart Mist humidifier provides just that. It is the best humidifier in Australia in terms of versatility.

Do you want hot air output or cold air output ? Most humidifiers provide only one of these two options. But the Breville Smart Mist humidifier provides both hot and cold, allowing you to switch when necessary. Therefore it is great during those hot summer months and those long winter nights.

It even has aromatherapy. Users can add their own special soothing oils into the system. Unlike most of the humidifiers out here that limit additives, the Breville Smart mist Humidifier gives you a lot more freedom. But as always be mindful of what you add into the container as it may cause adverse effects on different individuals due to allergic reactions.

If you are looking for the best humidifier for baby room, then this might just do the trick. Of course it does not have any special technology like the Philips Air Humidifier but it has a water purifier cartridge. This means that any harmful impurities that are present in the water source are removed by this setup before release. The mist is 100% safer around your young ones. The best part is that it does not even need periodical replacement.

The SensAir sensor present in the humidifier automatically shifts the output of the setup to match its environment. This means that you will always feel comfortable without needing to adjust the settings every now and then.

What is our number one choice?

The choices we have provided are all great. But every single of one of them are better suited for a certain setting. Some are better around babies whereas others might be better for busy individuals. Therefore we picked an all rounder that works really well in any given scenario.

Our choice is the Philips Air Humidifier.

The NanoCloud technology makes the whole setup really safe around kids. Especially thanks to its bacteria free mist output. It has a great uptime before it needs refilling which makes it perfect for busy individuals that have their own personal work. It is good for individuals that live in areas with hard water sources. Again, thanks to its NanoCloud technology mineral formations on furniture are a thing of the past. It is very easy to clean and maintain.

We chose the Philips Air Humidifier because it has it all. From ease of cleaning, safety to efficiency. If you need something that is more specific read through our choices above. We have picked a model for each category from versatility to portability. By referring to our guide on picking the best humidifier and by going through our list of models, you would be able to easily make your choice.