From boiling some water for a cup of tea to making yourself a quick snack of instant noodles, everyone uses the kettle many times a day. For the amount of times it is actually being used you’d think people would actually own a decent kettle that would get the job done efficiently. However, that is not the case. A lot of people use poorly cheap kettles that are years old. They use a lot of power while taking a lot of time. In this article we will look at the best kettle australia. Where we tell you why and why you should not buy a certain model out there. Keep reading to find out what your preference is when it comes to a small electric kettle or a stove top kettle. Keep in mind that our personal opinions on the different models of Electric kettle small is through a few weeks of testing.

How to pick the best kettle australia?

There are a lot of small electric kettle models and stove top models to pick from. In this section we will tell you exactly what you need to look for in brief.


It sounds quite obvious but surprisingly not many check it prior to purchase. Most models have about 1 lire of holding capacity, but is it enough? If you are looking for a small electric kettle then yes. But let us say you have a large family, an Electric kettle small will not cover up the requirements. Therefore here you need to go with a larger model on our list.


There are three common types of small electric kettle on the market. They are stainless steel, plastic and glass electric kettles.

Ideally you’d want to go with a stainless kettle, but if you want a lower priced model there are plastic versions that may fit your price range. However, plastic Electric kettle small does have its disadvantages. Plastic kettles accumulate a lot of gunk that is difficult to clean. Similarly glass kettles catch a lot of  mineral deposits on its walls and at the bottom.


Boiling water should be something you could do whilst being half asleep. You do not want to be that guy that has to fiddle with a kettle for a good 10 mins at 1 a.m to heat themselves some water. Generally, a kettle should be easy to handle and manage no matter how many extra features it comes with.

From cordless kettles to small electric kettles that automatically switch off when the water comes to a preset temperature, there are many features that positively impact usage. Ease of use is a decisive factor when it comes to an appliance that you use multiple times every day.



A quiet kettle is similar to a pot of gold at 1 a.m. You do not want a kettle that wakes up the entire floor with its boiling and whistle. Unlike most other factors in appliances noise is an absolute negative. The quieter the better.

A big factor of noise is the type of heating element used in the kettle. In general concealed heating elements will give out less noise when going about its job.

Heating efficiency

How efficient is the kettle when it is heating water? The more efficient it is, the faster it completes the task. You do not want to spend a good portion of your leisure time boiling water when you could be enjoying a cup of tea instead.

Approximately the average time to heat a jug of water is around 3 minutes maximum. If your kettle takes more than that then it is most likely that it is very much behind on this decisive factor.


Limescale Filter

Daily use of the kettle will cause residue form on the bottom of the jug. This residue is mostly made up of calcium and carbon. The continuous buildup of it can cause damage to your kettle. A limescale filter is detachable and it allows you to wash away the residue that forms. This is a feature that is not found on cheaper models.

Our choices for the best kettle Australia

Cuisinart programmable kettle

Electric kettle small

We had to pick this for our beloved tea lovers. Who does not love a good cup of tea. But tea is very dependent on the temperature of the water it is brewed in. To get the best flavour out of a cup of tea, the temperature of the water has to be optimal. This is why the Cuisinart Programmable kettle is our choice for tea lovers. It allows you to control the temperature of the water being boiled.

The kettle has 6 different presets for its users. Five presets for different types of teas and one for coffee. You could say this is for the perfectionists. The kettle has a few intelligent features that comes with the word “ programmable “ in its name. The Cuisinart programmable kettle has a memory feature that remembers where you stopped your brew in case you remove the kettle off its base. The kettle has a 30 minute “Keep Warm” feature. This allows you to hold your liquid at your preferred temperature for up to 30 minutes. Therefore you do not need to reheat water if you need a follow up cup.

The kettle also comes with a few nifty little ease of use features that rub off on you after a bit of use. Like its backlight on the water window. It allows you to clearly see the liquid level in any light condition( no need to flash any torches from your phone). It even has a 360 swivel base. To top it off the kettle is fully steel inside. Therefore there will be no weird plastic after tastes.

We give this best kettle australia a 4 out of 5. We really wish it had a limescale filter which came as a disappointment considering its price and build quality. Its 3 year warranty is an added benefit of purchase.

4.0 out of 5.0 stars


Smeg 50’s Retro Style Aesthetic Electric Kettle

Electric kettle small

Are you a fan of the 50s? Or are you really into old school looking appliances that give a look of class and elegance when compared to the more robotic looking models of the 21st century. If that is so then the Smeg 50s Retro Style Aesthetic Electric Kettle is the best kettle australia for you. It looks like what you would see in a 50s film but does the task better than most modern looking kettles.

The kettle comes with the Smeg logo 3D embossed onto it. Its rounded looking edges, the level which has a ball at the end when combined with its choice in colour just screams vintage magic. In the case you want a whole collection of it all you got to do is check their store. They have everything from vintage coffee makers to fridges.

It contains a push to open lid(soft touch), a limescale filter(removeable) and a customary water level indicator. The small electric kettle even has a 360 swivel base and a safety switch to automatically cut power when the water temperature reaches 100C. The model we picked even has an option to select your preferred temperature and a keep warm button.

For the Smeg 50’s Retro Style Aesthetic kettle, we had to give it a 5 out 5. There really aren’t a lot of options for vintage lovers, and the smeg 50 is very valuable in that sense.

5.0 out of 5.0 stars

DeLonghi Brillante

Best Kettle Australia

Just like its name this kettle is one of the most glamorous looking ones we have on the list. It looks similar to the expensive china that people store in their cabinets for visitors to see. The Delonghi Brilliante is an absolute masterpiece.

The crystal-like finish of this glamorous kettle is inspired by the works of Varisco. Varisco was an artist specialising in crystal artworks. We chose the black kettle instead of the white because it looked really aesthetic and it also went well with the rest of our kitchen appliances. Instead of a metal finish Delonghi has decided to go plastic. This is not necessarily bad as the plastic used was of really good quality.

The electric kettle small has a capacity of 1.7 litres. We really liked how silent the small electric kettle is when compared to many others models in the market. It has a concealed rapid-boil element. The speciality of it is that it is very fast and silent. The kettle has a limescale filter which allows you to periodically remove the gunk that forms with use.

Along with this, it has a few more standard features that you would expect any good kettle to have. This includes protection systems which prevent the kettle from getting damaged. To be specific it has three protection systems, a boiling-cut off, a overheat-cut off and an automatic power cut-off when the kettle body is lifted off from the base. However, it is not cordless but it has a good cord storage unit in it to prevent any tangling of the cables.

While this best kettle australia does not have any specialties or crazy technological aspects, we believe not everything has to be so. The De’Longhi Brillante is a regular kettle that does its job extremely well while having the most glamorous finish on this list. We give this kettle a 5 out 5

5.0 out of 5.0 stars


 Le Creuset Zen Kettle

Best Kettle Australia

This is our choice for the stove top models when it comes to the best kettle australia. The Le Creuset Zen Kettle is a kettle from Thailand. It is easily one of the best looking kettles we have ever seen. It is compact, elegant and can be used with all heat sources that includes induction cooktops.

Unlike most stovetops the Le Creuset Zen kettle has a capacity of 1.5 litres. But why is that good? Well, it lessens the boiling time considerably. While there is a reduction in capacity 1.5 litres is more than enough(unless you have a regular family in which case you should opt towards a high capacity kettle instead).

The handle of the Le Creuset Zen kettle is made out of a special polymer that prevents it from getting too hot. Therefore all those worries about burning your hands on the handle is washed right out. Tip the kettle and the water pours out( a steady stream) without any dripping or splashing.

The design of the kettle is absolutely wonderful. It looks so classy and not to mention its smooth porcelain-like finish. We did have a small issue with its lid being difficult to remove, but it is something you get used to easily. The whistle is pretty loud but not unpleasant.

The lid could get problematic for some even though it is not a major con under ease of use. Therefore we decided to give this kettle a 4 out 5.

4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Circulon Sunrise Whistling Teakettles

Best Kettle Australia

We picked this because we felt that there should be more beefier models for our readers to pick from. Not everyone needs a personal kettle or a model with smaller capacity. The Circulon Sunrise is a large stovetop kettle that is perfect for large households.

The kettle is very durably built to suit its large capacity. A common problem many users have when using larger kettles is its tendency to spill. But this issue is solved on the Circulon Sunrise thanks to its press and squeeze to pour handle.

The kettle is capable of holding upto 6 cups of water and is made out of metal alloy. The stovetop kettle works well with any heating surface that includes induction cooktops. The model has an enamel finish that makes cleaning a breeze. It does not catch any stains as they wash right off. The whistle of the kettle is pleasant but we felt it is not loud enough, which could be a con for some and a pro for others.

Overall we decided to give this stovetop kettle a 5 out of 5. We did not take the whistle into account as the experience of a loud whistle differs with users. Some may like loud kettles while others prefer the more quieter ones.

4.0 out of 5.0 stars

This wraps it up

This wraps up our list of the best kettle australia. We have added a model for everyone . For large households, for personal use and even a model for users that prefer that sweet vintage look. Read through our tips for picking the perfect kettle and make your choice accordingly.