There are so many mattresses out there on the market. The best mattress for you would depend on your needs.


Best Mattresses Australia


Best Value for Money Mattress

The Lite

Even though this mattress is cheaper than its competitors, it consists of more layers, better quality materials and free shipping. It is a hybrid mattress with natural latex which is antibacterial and hypoallergenic, cooling memory foam, and supportive pocket springs. The materials used are OEKO-TEC and REACH certified. With the great price and premium quality material, no wonder it receives excellent reviews everywhere.

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Best Mattress for Side Sleeper Australia


Macoda Mattress

Macoda Mattress - MACODA MATTRESS
Best Mattress for Side Sleeper Australia

As a side sleeper, the best mattress for you would be the one that has a soft-top which contours your body to relieve pressure, but also at the same time has to be strong enough to support your body.

This Macoda mattress, which was awarded as the “Most Comfortable Mattress” by Bedbuyer, has it all. It alleviates pressure points and keeps your spine aligned. It has 5 zones support, balancing between comfort and support. And the unique point about Macoda mattress, is that you can change the firmness of the mattress easily in less than 10 minutes. So if one day you want it firm, the next day you want it plush, it will be easily done without buying or changing the mattress.

86% of the purchasers gave a 5 star rating on, makes it an average rating of 4.7 out of 5.0 at the time of writing this article.

Best Mattress for Back-sleeper Australia

The Luxe

The Luxe Mattress

If you are a back sleeper, you want a mattress that is not too soft but is also not too hard to avoid back pain. The Luxe mattress is designed to provide five-star luxury hotel sleep experience with 5 ergonomic zones of pocket spring support to keep your spine properly aligned. Its premium, cooling gel memory foam provides deep pressure relief, contouring and cushioning your body, and keeps you feeling cool all night.


Best Mattress for Stomach-sleeper Australia


Noa Mattress

Best mattress for stomach-sleeper

This medium-firm mattress is covered by hypoallergenic material, with antibacterial and anti-dust mite properties. So no need to worry if you sleep with bare skin. It may also reduce the risk of getting asthma. It has a 100% natural latex layer and cooling gel, which disperses heat away. It is a hybrid of pocket spring and memory foam mattresses, giving the benefits of both materials and providing great body support. You can try to sleep on it for 100 days. If you don’t like it, simply call them, and they will give you a full refund.



Best Mattress for Heavy Person Australia

Healthy Life Mattress Precision Firm

Best Mattress for Heavy People

This mattress is designed in consultation with Physiotherapists and Chiropractors and recommended by over 3000 health professionals. It is a firm mattress with Hygroflex, a unique type of foam offering comfort feel and pressure relief by wrapping around your shape whilst allowing body heat to dissipate through the mattress. It also helps to regulate the microclimate of the mattress, so the mattress will remain cool while you sleeping. It has more spirals to the coil, providing a superior level of support that you will not find in any other mattress.

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Best Mattress for Seniors Australia


Exquisite Mattress

Exquisite Classic Mattress
Best Mattress for Seniors

This mattress comes with full height rigid edge support which would make it easier to get into and out of bed. The firmness is just right for seniors. Not too firm, but not too soft. This mattress can also be used on adjustable beds.


Best Mattress for Bad Backs Australia

Healthy Life Mattress

I don’t think there is another mattress in Australia that is recommended by over 3000 health professionals than this mattress. This mattress is also registered as a Class One Medical Device. It has three times more springs than other mattresses, providing great support for your backs.

Best Mattress for Hip Pain Australia

Spinal Care Mattress

This 9 zone mattress provides excellent support to your lumbar region and great body contour to achieve optimum spinal alignment while providing relief to pressure points. It is designed in consultation with Physiotherapists and Chiropractors.

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Best Mattress for Shoulder Pain Australia

Exquisite Plush Mattress

Exquisite Plush Mattress

If you have shoulder pain, it would be best for you to sleep on a mattress with a pillow top. This mattress has layers of Flexible Active Comfort foams combine with Hyper Soft Quilting foams to make the plush pillowtop. It also consists of 9 zone spring system, designed in consultation with leading Physiotherapists and Chiropractors.

Best Pocket Spring Mattress Australia

The Luxe

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Best Pocket Spring Mattress

If you want to sleep in a mattress like the one used in a five-star hotel, this would be the one.

This hybrid mattress uses luxurious materials in all 8 layers. The top layer is Tencel pillow-top, which is exceptionally soft and provides antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties. The second layer is cooling gel memory foam, which provides deep pressure relief, contouring your body, as well as keeping you cool all night. The third layer is bamboo charcoal latex, to absorb excess moisture and repel odors to keep you feeling fresh all night.

It also consists of transition foam to isolate movement, makes zero partner disturbance. So doesn’t matter if your partner keeps changing position.

There are 5 ergonomic zones of pocket spring support. These pocket springs are made of thick-gauge steel to offer excellent bounce.

Best Memory Foam Mattress Australia

Hugo Mattress

This Australian made mattress is the best value for money memory foam.

Although the price is cheaper than many other memory foam mattresses, it actually offers more.

The top layer of the mattress is natural latex, which is breathable, hypoallergenic, and antimicrobial. Both of the latex and the memory foam disperse heat and make you stay cool at night. The base of the mattress is high-density foam, providing great support and longevity.

The mattress is designed to keep movement isolated, so doesn’t matter if your partner keeps moving while sleeping.

At the time of writing, Hugo mattress actually receives better customer ratings on than the mattress that received the Most Satisfied Customers Mattress award. It has an average rating of 4.7 out of 5. 80% of the customers were very satisfied with the mattress and gave a 5-star. This memory foam mattress is just under-marketed and deserved to voted as the best memory foam mattress in Australia.

Best Firm Mattress Australia

Wellness Luxury Firm Mattress

Best Firm Mattress Australia

Wellness Luxury Firm pillow-top mattress introduces a further level of luxury with the addition of a pillow-top, nested 9 zone pocket springs and Joyce’s Liquid Gel Memory foam.

It has a third more springs than a normal mattress to provide more support support from advantageous surfaced weight distribution – all the while adjusting to your body, supporting your lumbar region and minimising partner disturbance.

The Liquid Gel creates cooling properties that complement the slow recovery memory foam.

This mattress benefits from the addition of a foam box surround, maximising the usable surface area and providing full height rigid edge support for effortless ‘getting into and out of’ bed.

Best Plush Mattress Australia

Spinal Plush Mattress

Best Plush Mattress Australia

This is a plush pillow-top mattress with individually encased coils of supportive pocket spring. Expertly designed zones within help contour your body to achieve optimum spinal alignment, giving support to your lumbar region while providing relief to pressure points.



Tips On Choosing a Mattress

There are many things that make it difficult for some people to get quality sleep. Apart from stress and disease factors, quality sleep can also be influenced by the mattress that we use.

That is why you should be careful in choosing a mattress. There are some important things that must be considered before choosing a mattress. Here are tips on choosing the best mattress for you:

 1. Make sure the mattress feels comfortable

When talking about mattresses, of course, the main thing to note is comfort. Make sure the mattress you use can support your body to the fullest. Therefore you need to try to sleep on the mattress (sleep on it in your home..not just lay down in the store). Guidance on deciding on the firmness of the mattress.

 2. Adjust the size of the mattress with your room

Before buying a mattress, you should first measure the area of ​​the room. Better not force yourself to buy a king-size mattress if you have a limited area. It can make the room feel cramped. Make sure you still have enough free space to place other important furniture and space to prepare in the morning. Choosing mattress size guide

 3. Choose the type of mattress as needed

There are many choices of mattresses that you can find, such as memory foam mattresses, pocket spring mattress, and hybrid. Each type of mattress certainly has advantages and disadvantages of each so you need to choose according to your body’s needs. Click here for guidance on selecting mattress type.

Firm or Soft Mattress, or something in the middle?

It all depends on your preference, sleeping positions, you and your partner’s weight, age, and whether or not you or your partner has backpain.

Sleeping Positions

Side Sleeper: Soft to medium mattress would suit you best. This mattress can contour to the hips and shoulder, so you will sleep more comfortably than on a firm mattress. Best mattress for side sleeper

Back Sleeper: Medium-firm to firm mattress. This kind of mattress can support your back better and evenly distribute your weight. Best mattress for back sleeper

Stomach-sleeper: Medium-firm to firm mattress. This mattress would support the hips as well, creating a good balance. Best mattress for stomach-sleeper


Body Weight

If you or your partner has a heavyweight, do not choose soft to medium mattress. Your pressure points (shoulders, hips, and knees) can sink compared to the rest of the bodies. As a result, you may get body pain or an increase in body heat. You would sleep more comfortably on a medium-firm to firm mattress.

Best mattress for heavy people



If you are a senior, a mattress that is too soft would not be suitable for you as it would be more difficult to get out of the bed.

Best mattress for senior

Back pain

Researchers recommend people with back pain to sleep on a medium-firm mattress. If it is too firm, your pressure points could be pushed and may cause misalignment. But if it is too soft, your body can sink into the mattress and result in pain. Read more details below

Best mattress for back pain

Pocket Spring Mattress vs Memory Foam Mattress

For those of you who don’t know, there are at least three types of mattresses on the market: pocket spring mattress and memory foam mattress, and hybrid.

Pocket spring mattress is made of several main materials, namely spiral springs made of sturdy steel and covered with thick foam as a cushion so that it can support your spine better. Pocket spring mattresses are the most common type of mattress used by many people. Many believe that the more the number of springs there are in a mattress, the better the quality of the mattress.

What about memory foam mattresses? This type of mattress is made from a contoured material that can follow the shape of the body. Some believe that this kind of mattress can improve your posture. But the drawback is, the type of memory mattress is hotter than other mattresses, causing the mattress to smell quickly.

Memory foam mattresses are arguably the most sophisticated among the others because they are specially made by NASA. It is normally cheaper than other types of mattresses.

However, even though it was specifically designed by NASA, the disadvantage of this mattress is its soft hardness is influenced by the surrounding temperature.

Hot temperatures in the dry season and tend to be cold and humid in the rainy season can make us uncomfortable while sleeping. That is why, do not choose a mattress that absorbs moisture or water, because it will give problems to the skin. Well, mattresses made from a layer of foam generally have a high enough moisture absorption.


What mattress size should I get?

In Australia, mattress sizes are normally:

Single size mattress: 92 cm x 188 cm

King Single Size Mattress 107cm x 203 cm

Double Size Mattress: 138cm x 188 cm

Queen Size Mattress: 153cm x 203 cm

King Size Mattress: 183cm x 203 cm

Super King Size Mattress 203cm x 203cm

In addition to the size of the room, you also need to pay attention to your height and weight. Ideally, you should choose a mattress that is 10-15 cm longer than your height so that sleep becomes more comfortable and quality.

Single Mattress

As the name implies, a single mattress is used only for one person. A single mattress would be the most suitable for a room with limited space. It would also suit for your kids.

The advantage of a single mattress is that it can be used on various types of bed frames, including bunk beds. However, because of its very minimalist size, this mattress is less comfortable to use if you have excess body weight or have overactive sleeping habits.

King Single Mattress

If you are sleeping solo but prefers a bigger size mattress than a single size mattress, a king single size mattress would be suitable for you. King single is 15 cm wider and longer than a single size mattress.

However, bed frame and sheets that fit king single size mattress are harder to find than other sizes.

Double mattress

If you feel a single mattress is too small, then a double mattress can be the solution. Although named double, this mattress would suit one adult comfortably. It would be a bit squeezy for two adults.

Double size mattresses are commonly used in accommodation.

For those of you who live alone and have less spacious rooms but want to sleep more freely, then the size of a double mattress is highly recommended.

This size of mattress would also suitable for guest bedroom. The size is not too small or not too big for one person will make sleeping activities feel more comfortable.

Queen size mattress

If single and double mattresses are for one person, queen beds can be used for two adults. Just like a double bed, queen size mattress is also commonly used in hotels. With a bed size of 153 cm x 203 cm the queen mattress is highly recommended for couples who is willing to spend less budget than what a king-size mattress would require.

It would also suitable for a couple who has limited space in the bedroom or wants to make the bedroom looks bigger.

For these reasons queen beds are among the most widely used at homes.

However, if you or your partner likes to change position while sleeping, queen size mattress might not be suitable for you. You would enjoy a king-size mattress better.

King size mattress

If the size of the queen mattress still does not meet your needs, then a king size mattress can be your next choice. This mattress size is often used by hotels for exclusive room types with more expensive rates than other rooms. Meanwhile, if used at home, a regular king size mattress is placed in the main bedroom. The standard size of a King bed in Indonesia is 180 cm x 200 cm, wide enough for you and your partner to sleep more freely.

King bed is also big enough for you who want to sleep with your baby but still want to feel comfortable. No wonder the king bed is well-liked by those who are married. But keep in mind, because the size of a king bed is quite large, of course you need a room that is quite spacious. Therefore, before buying a mattress of this size, you better first measure the area of ​​the room.

Super king size mattress

This size of mattress is rarely found in Australia, unfortunately. With the size of 203 cm x 203 cm you can sleep freely, regardless of your sleeping position.

It can be occupied by up to three adults. Hence the super king mattress would be perfect for those of you who want to sleep with your partner and children or want to relax together on a quiet Sunday.

Super king mattresses are usually used in the main room which is quite spacious or in a villa and hotel with the type of family suite or presidential suite. Because the size of a very large mattress, of course you need to have adequate room area so that the room does not seem crowded. Make sure you have measured the area of ​​the room before buying a super king bed. In addition you also need to pay attention to the bed frame used. Choose a strong bed frame that can support a large super king mattress.

What is your budget?

Keep in mind that expensive mattresses may not necessarily be the best mattresses. In essence, before buying a new mattress, make sure it does not interfere with your expenses for the next month. Because, it’s useless if you already have a dream bed, but it turns out it actually makes you stressful thinking about your financial condition in the following month.




How to choose a mattress to avoid back, shoulder and hip pain

Manufacturers of mattresses or mattresses do offer a range of choices that are so diverse that they become confusing. There are conventional foam and spring mattresses, combinations, and even water beds. There is a soft, medium, and hard mattress. So how do you choose the right mattress for you? Especially for those of you who experience back pain, of course choosing a mattress is not easy or trivial. Orthopedists often face questions about mattress choices for back pain.

Now, to determine which mattress is best for dealing with back pain, see the complete guide below.

Smart tips on choosing a mattress for back pain

1. Your spine should be level

You may not realize it, but besides various restrictions and ways to deal with back pain, good posture is very important. The muscles and ligaments (tissue that holds the joints) on your back need to relax so that they can recover fully when you wake up.

Therefore, your spine should be aligned. If your mattress is too stiff or too soft, your spine will not be supported properly while you sleep. Especially in the neck and lower back most affected.

The study found that when the study participants slept on a mattress that made the curvature of the spine and body load distribution quite ideal, the level of sleep wellness would increase. They also don’t need too long to rest and wake up refreshed.

Because everyone’s body weight is different, you should try the mattress yourself before buying it. You don’t need to buy a mattress for the hardest and stiffest back pain. Even with a softer mattress, your spine stays straight and doesn’t bend, you can choose the mattress.

2. Choose the medium-firm if you are confused

In one study involving more than 300 people with chronic low back pain, study participants were asked to use a medium-firm (firm) mattress for 90 days.

As a result, more people use hard mattresses complaining of discomfort. Conversely, only a few people who use a mattress that is not too hard to report certain complaints.

Another study from experts at Oklahoma State University tested 59 people with mattresses that were five years old. The old mattress is then replaced by a new medium-hard mattress (medium-firm). After nearly a month of sleeping on the new mattress, the study participants reported being able to sleep more comfortably and experiencing less back pain.

In conclusion, a mattress for back pain should be hard enough, but it doesn’t need to be so hard that you feel you can’t sleep. Choose only moderate, but enough to support your body’s load evenly.

3. Also pay attention to the sleeping position and type of pillow

Even if you already have a mattress for proper back pain, it does not mean you are one hundred percent safe from the complaint. It’s not just the type of mattress that determines whether back pain will recur again.

Sleeping position also affects your condition. Likewise with the type of pillow you use and how you use it. Consult with your doctor which position is best for your health.

4. Don’t rush when trying

Remember, a good mattress when you try it first won’t necessarily feel comfortable after you sleep all night or years after. Therefore, do not rush to buy a mattress just because the first time you try, you feel comfortable.

You can ask and consult with store employees before directly buying a mattress for back pain. Usually store employees already know what kind of mattress people need with certain health conditions.

If possible, choose a mattress with a money back guarantee. Today more and more companies or furniture stores provide a 30 to 100 day guarantee. In addition, there are other ways you can apply. If you sleep well and wake up without pain after staying in a hotel or in a friend’s room, note the brand and type (serial number) of the mattress.

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When should you buy a new mattress?

Did you know that sleep quality is also determined by the ‘age’ of the pillows and mattresses you use? In order to get more quality sleep, you need to change your mattress and pillows regularly.

Why should I?

According to experts, there are several reasons why we should not sleep on old mattresses and pillows. An old mattress can be a nest of allergens such as mites and may cause asthma or other allergic reactions.

Pillows and mattresses that are too long can also cause neck and back pain, so you will not be comfortable sleeping at night. If you find it difficult to sleep, it might also be caused by an old mattress or pillow.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, don’t use a mattress for more than eight years. But if you are over 40 years, you should replace the mattress more often because the body will need more support when sleeping.

As for pillows, the National Sleep Foundation recommends replacing every two years.

Sleeping on a pillow that has been used for a long time will increase stress, disrupt sleep and pain in some parts of the body.If your mattress and pillows have not been used for too long but you already feel pain in some parts of the body, maybe it’s time to buy a new one.

When you feel stiff when you wake up in the morning, maybe you need to replace your mattress and pillow.On mattresses that have been used for a long time, you will usually find some areas that are a bit ‘down’. It was a sign that you have to buy a new mattress.

When you sleep with other people and always feel moved when your bedmate moves, maybe what is needed is a new mattress to feel comfortable again.

Disclosure: We researched selected mattresses only, which we may receive commission.

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