There are so many washing machines in Australia. But which one should you buy?

We are compiling the list of the best washing machines based on its value for money, electricity and water consumption, customer reviews, and useful features.

Best front loader washing machine Australia: Electrolux 9kg Front Loader

Best top loader washing machine Australia: Fisher & Paykel 10kg Top Load Washer

Best cheap washing machine under $600: Haier 7.5kg Washing Machine

Best budget washing machine under $800: LG 7.5kg Washing Machine

Most energy and water-efficient washing machine: Bosch Front Load Washing Machine, Electrolux Front Load Washing Machine

Most quiet washing machine: Bosch Front Load Washing Machine and Fisher & Paykel Washing Machine with SmartDrive Technology



Best front loader washing machine Australia

Electrolux 9kg Front Loader

Electrolux 9kg Front Load Washer  EWF9043BDWA
Electrolux 9kg Front Loader

This is a tough decision to select which is the best front loader washing machine, between this washing machine, 10 kg one, LG 12 kg Front Load Washer, or Bosch 10 kg Front Load Washer. All of those have 5-star energy rating 4.5-star water rating, a top spin speed of 1400 rpm, excellent customer reviews, and many useful features. But we finally select this washing machine because of its value for money.

This front load washer is equipped with the latest technology. It has smart sensors that automatically detect the soil and detergent levels to adjust the washing time to save you money on electricity bills. It also keeps colour bright, white, or black as it was. The UltraMix system also maintains clothes soft even after wash many times. It also has Vapour Refresh program, which reduces wrinkles in your clothes and reduces 99% of allergens and germs. Or choose Wool Cycle to keep your woollens fresh and clean. It is Woolmark Blue Certified washer.

We often leave items like socks behind. With this washing machine, luckily you can add items even when you have started the wash. But it can only be used when the water level is below the door and on programs where the water temperature is less than 60 degrees Celcius.

Its EcoInverter motor reduces vibrations and noise, and able to cut your energy needs by up to 50%. Electrolux is confident with its motor durability, hence is offering 10 years parts and labour inverter motor warranty.

Best top loader washing machine Australia

Fisher & Paykel 10kg Top Load Washer

Fisher & Paykel 10kg top loader

This top loader washing machine has the best energy rating for a top loader: 4 stars, with a 4-star water rating. Its Eco-Active technology recirculates water and detergent through clothes, so you will need less hot water to remove stains, dirt, and bacteria. Which means saving on water.

The maximum spin speed is also the best amongst other top loaders, with 1100 rpm resulting quicker dry. But no need to worry about making noise. This washer is equipped with SmartDrive technology to deliver a quiet wash.

It offers 12 different washing program types: Allergy, Bulky, Handwash, Easy Iron, Heavy, Quick, Regular, Rinse and Spin, Sheets, Spin, Towels and Bowl Clean.

At the time of writing, this top load receives excellent customer rating of 4.3 out of 5.0 according to Google.

Best budget washing machine under $600

Haier 7.5kg Washing Machine

Haier 7.5 kg Washing Machine

This front loader washing machine is the best value for money washing machine. It offers everything you need in a washing machine, except ability of adding item when you have started the wash . It has an excellent water rating of 4.5 star and 4 star energy rating, which save you even more on bills. Its capacity wash of 7.5kg of dry laundry per load would be enough for 3 to 4 person household.

It offers 16 washing programs to suit your washing needs: Cotton, Synthetic, Mix, Wool, Underwear, Sport, Jeans, Hygienic, Fast, Express 15, Daily Wash, Baby Care, Delicate, Hand Wash, Duvet and Spin.

It also has a Child Lock, to avoid your children changing the wash cycle.  

With the maximum of 1200 rpm spin speed, your clothes will be dry quicker.

Do not judge the quality of washing machine from its price. It has a great customer rating of 4.5 (out of 5.0) on Google, at the time of writing this article.

Best cheap washing machine under $800

LG 7.5kg Washing Machine

LG 7.5kg Front Load Washer  WV5-1275W
LG 7.5 Kg Washing Machine

If your budget is up to $800, this washing machine would be a great option. With 4.5 star energy rating, 4 star water rating, it would save you money on bills.

The best thing about this washing machine is its technology. You can start and monitor the wash progress wherever you are using LG ThinQ app on your mobile phone. It is also equipped with AI Direct Drive technology which weighs the load and assess fabric softness to automatically choose the optimal wash motions.

Its inverter Direct Drive Motor is made to deliver a quiet mechanism with less moving parts. That’s why LG is confident in giving you a 10 Year Parts Warranty on its motor.

You can add item even when you have started the wash.

It also has the option of ‘Allergy Care’ cycle and Steam feature, perfect for those with sensitivities to allergens such as dust mites, bacteria and pollen.

How to Choose a Washing Machine

Washing machines are household appliances that are almost always in everyone’s home. This tool helps humans to facilitate the process of cleaning clothes or other fabrics. You must choose a washing machine with good quality if you want to have a long-lasting machine.

Some come in good quality at affordable prices and some are present at high prices in exceptional quality. You can choose which washing machine suits your needs through the following tips. Consider the following points if you want to choose a new washing machine according to your residence.

Prepare the Costs Needed

The first thing you should think about when buying a washing machine is the cost. Do you have enough costs to buy or not, you should think about from the beginning of planning a purchase. You must set aside the number of costs from your monthly income so as not to be confused with other expenses.

Buying a washing machine that suits your ability is very important for the stability of your expenses. With careful cost planning at the beginning of the purchase, you can better manage your finances. So you have to prepare costs following your purchase plan and try not to buy at prices higher than the plan.

Choose the Size that Appropriates

You have to know how big your room will be when buying a washing machine. Even if necessary, you can measure the size of your room to match the size of the washing machine you will buy. In general, washing machines have widths ranging from 24 to 33 inches. Leave the front of the washing machine up to 50 inches to facilitate your installation process.

If you have a small enough room, you can choose the washing-dryer combination machine. You will have a washing machine with multiple functions with only one machine. So you will not need to buy a special dryer to complete your washing machine. This will make you save more money.

In addition to adjusting the size of the room, you can pay attention to the capacity of the washing machine. The amount of this capacity depends on the size of the basket that is in the machine. Large capacity washing machines can help you work better by reducing the amount of load needed. Whereas smaller capacity washing machines are more economical because they save energy and water. You can choose washing machines with compact, medium, a large, and extra-large capacity that can be adjusted to the needs of your home.

Choose Front Load or Top Load Model

When buying a washing machine, the important point you should think about is choosing a model that suits your needs. There are two models of washing machines that you choose, namely front load and top load. The difference between these two models lies in the location of the door or the surface of the machine.

The top load washer with a central agitator provides a cheaper price option than the front load. Even though the price is much cheaper, you will still have to pay a lot for the use of lots of energy and water. But this washing machine is the best choice if you have back or knee problems because you don’t need to reach by bending over.

As for the front load model, this machine does not have an agitator at a more expensive price. Washing machines with models can spin faster so it makes your job easier. Most importantly, this machine is more energy efficient because it uses less water and can reduce drying time so it is more environmentally friendly. Even this machine can be used for your small room. You can put this washing machine in a stacked way that can save even more space.

Check the Features Offered

When buying a washing machine, you must know the main features offered by the washing machine. Washing machines with a delay-start feature will help you start the washing machine when the utility level is lower. If you like a sophisticated washing machine, you can choose a modern washing machine that has internet connectivity. This advanced feature can help you control the washing machine remotely.

Also, you can choose a washing machine with a heater to improve cleaning performance. The presence of polypropylene and stainless steel sink will make the machine not break easily or rust quickly. The fast rotation feature will also help you in the drying process so that you save even more. Make sure you choose the features that suit your needs.

Choose an Energy Saving Washing Machine

Choosing an energy-efficient washing machine is synonymous with using a washing machine with a high level of efficiency. If you use an energy-saving machine, then you are participating in earth conservation efforts which are currently being heavily campaigned. The more benefit that you get with this washing machine is that your clothes are more durable and not easily damaged by the machine.

You can choose a washing machine model that does not have an agitator to get an energy-efficient machine. Washing machines without agitators are called more energy efficient because they require less water and electricity.

Your more efficient washing activity makes you also save on monthly bills which are usually swollen because of the use of washing machines. Some people say their water and electricity bills have increased after buying a washing machine. To avoid this, you can choose a washing machine that is labeled energy efficient.

Check Quality Through Product Reviews

Whatever claims are offered by the company, customer reviews are arguably more reliable based on the experience felt by the customer. So it can be said that customer reviews you must see before you pay for the product.

Make sure the product you are going to buy has good reviews and minimal complaints. Products that have a lot of complaints you should certainly avoid. You should choose a product with a high rating to ensure the best quality of the product.

Choosing a good washing machine product does require some careful consideration. You can’t just buy a washing machine without paying attention to a few things in question. So, make sure to pay attention to these things to get the highest quality washing machine products.