Buy apartment

Everyone knows the number of people living in apartments is on the rise. Whether one owns it or rents it, we have a great number of the Australian people who live in apartments. Although there are some differences between purchasing an apartment on a standalone and unit acquiring an apartment that is joined with other people, for example, a unit. If you want to buy an apartment there are things that you should consider.


By any chance if you want to purchase an apartment, you should first buy a strata scheme, and before you get it first be aware of what it entails. Other than paying the levies price and attending the yearly meetings, there are some laws which are bound to be in place. This kind of laws kind is short term such as the keeping of pets. It is good to know the laws ahead since there are some apartments which are very strict and may not suit the kind of life that you want to lead. It is good to have a look on the records before you buy, buy having a look on this you might find that there are some people complaining about the apartment so it will be good if you get a report from the strata inspection. This will enable you to know what kind of an apartment that you are buying.

The neighbors

If you decide to buy an apartment, you will have no option budget neighbors who you might be sharing walls with, you might also be sharing some areas which are common and most importantly you will not avoid meeting each other on the way. So it is good to know the kind of neighbors that you will be interacting with and if you are a new parent with children you will want to have a peaceful area so you will not want to be neighbors with college students since they might distract you through parties. To determine this it is not easy but it is good to get some information before buying any kind of an apartment. Also, it is your responsibility to check the buyer’s ratio to the owners in that building. The owners who have a high ratio are the owners who can sell to you a good apartment.

Unit positioning

You should think about the kind of apartment that you will be purchasing, this is because you will not avoid the fact that you will have neighbors. If you do not sleep a lot getting an apartment which is on a low level will not be a good idea for you, this is because the neighbors on the higher side may tend to have heavy foot they might distract you. If you are the kind of buyer that would like to invest, a ground apartment might be a good idea for you, for example, it may be a good ideal for those that will not be able to get on the levels which are high. When looking for an apartment makes sure that you pay attention to where the apartment is positioned.

Shared facilities and maintenance

You should consider the types of facilities that are shared in that apartment. such as laundry sharing facilities, you should also consider if the machines there are enough or you will have to make a line when doing your washing, you should also consider the condition the facilities are being shared is on a very good condition. You should also pay more attention to the facilities such as the visitors parking are enough and the places where you will be hanging your clothes are well maintained. You should also see if there is a caretaker in that apartment and if there is no caretaker check that does the maintaining of the common areas here.


Size matters a lot when one wants to purchase an apartment. You should consider if the size you find will make you comfortable because you will not only need it now but also it will be of benefit to you in the future, especially if you want to sell the house.

Build quality

Make sure that you get a report from the building inspection which is complete before you make a signature on the dotted line. Ensure that the size you want to build on is adequate and of good quality and the overall complete.

Does it need renovations work

If you want to buy an apartment which is older so as to take other renovations so that you can take it up to a scratch level makes sure that you are very careful before undertaking this. Again this is a place that you are required to check the rules and the bylaws, you must be able to know what the rules do apply regarding the renovations. Here there may be some rules which restrict you to change anything on the wall of the building or changing the initial structure of the apartment. So it is best for one to review before making any kind of renovations.

Beware apartment oversupply

You should carefully make a research on the kind of market that you want to purchase. While we find that some markets have never been affected by oversupply which may be done in the apartment. Before buying an apartment it is important to do a market search which is good to avoid inconveniences.