Cashrewards Australia claims to have paid $75,000,000 more to its members. You may be wondering whether you can really get cash from this site. Hence you are searching for Cashrewards review.



Cashrewards is legit. It really pays its members who met its terms & conditions. No wonder it has a rating of 4.8 out of 5.0 on Trustpilot. However it takes a while to receive the cash.

$1,000 cash for real?

Before I answer that question, let me explain it first.

How Cashrewards works

Cashrewards rewards you with cash when you make a purchase at their partner’s stores. Those stores pay commission to Cashrewards for inducing customers to make a purchase through Cashrewards’ website. In other words, Cashrewards only gets the commission when you go to the partner’s store by clicking through Cashrewards, and make a purchase.

And they share the commission with you. That is where the cash is from.

How to get $1000 from Cashrewards

Does it mean that I have to make a purchase first in order to get the cash?

For most of the time, yes you need to make a purchase first in order to get cash from Cashrewards.

For example, if you made the first order at Uber Eats, you will get $15.

8.4% cashback at Guess, up to 5.6% at Swarovski, or 3% at Myer. Or discount for Woolworths gift card.

But you can also get up to $130 for changing your electricity and gas provider through Cashrewards’ partners (valid at this article is written). You may switch the provider more than once, to get that $130 twice or even more. But you have to stay with the provider for a minimum term in order to get the cash. The minimum term varies among providers. Read the terms & conditions carefully.

Up to $55 will be rewarded to you for signing up Telstra mobile plan by clicking through Cashrewards.

Bupa offers 12% cashback for joining their health insurance through Cashrewards. Youi gives $50.40 cashback if you sign up for their car or home insurance.


You can also receive $5 for every person you refer to Cashrewards. That person will also get $5. He/she has to click your referral link, sign up, and make a purchase at any Cashreward’s partner store, for an order amount of $20 or more.

The above offers are valid at the time of writing this article. It might have changed when you are reading this.

The first main thing you need to do is signing up. No joining fee or membership fee.

So to get $1000, you will need to switch your electricity and gas provider 8 times, or refer 200 people to join Cashrewards.

What’s the catch?

As explained earlier, Cashrewards Australia shares its commission from the retailers to its members. That is where the cash is from. So if they do not receive any commission from the retailer, neither do you.

In order to get the cashback, you must complete these steps:

  1. Sign up by completing the form
  2. Verify your email
  3. Visit Cashrewards website or app and log in, when you want to make any purchase or transaction
  4. Find the store you want to transact with, at Cashrewards website or app.
  5. Read Cash Back Tips as well as the Special Terms to ensure you are qualified for the cashback. Then click on Shop Now.
Example of the screen of the store on Cashrewards website

6. Click on Shop Now

7. Complete the transaction at the retailer store. It is strongly recommended that you complete the transaction straight away. If you need time to think before you purchase something from the site, you can. But you will need to repeat step 3. If it takes more than 3 hours from the time you click Shop Now at Cashrewards, you will not qualify for the cashback

Cashrewards Australia provides Cash Back Guarantee. However, if you do not complete the above steps and/or following the Cash Back Tips and meeting the Terms stated on the store page on Cashrewards, you will not be eligible for the cashback.

These are the examples why you may not qualify for the cash back:

  • You go to the retailer store directly, not through Cashrewards
  • You complete the transaction more than 3 hours after you click Shop Now from Cashrewards site or app
  • You use other cashback site
  • You use coupon from other site
  • You are not meeting the terms stated (such as making the purchase less than the minimum amount).

You also need to note that Cashrewards will only transfer the cash to your bank account or Paypal account if the available balance is more than $10.01.

It can take up to 180 days for the retailer approve the cash back. And it will take more time for Cashrewards to transfer the cash to you.


Don’t treat Cashrewards as a source of income, but rather as a discount/cashback.

Summary Cashrewards review Australia

  • You can save money for the purchase you make, or from switching power and gas provider, insurance or signing up for mobile phone plan
  • Get $5 for referring your friend, and your friend is also getting $5
  • You can track the status of the cashback easily from the website and mobile app.


  • Takes time to get the cash out
  • Should read the terms and conditions carefully. Not all purchase is eligible for the cashback


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