Where can I buy cheap furniture online in Australia?


Whether you are moving into a new place or you are just bored with your furniture, purchasing new furniture is an interesting prospect which will definitely give your house new looks.


There are various sites where you can buy cheap furniture online. Sometimes the price might not as cheap as at the physical stores, but many of them give free delivery, and a further discount for those who sign up for their newsletter. Physical stores may charge around $80-100 just for the delivery. You would need to include this number when comparing the prices. Plus the time and fuel spent to visit the physical store.

Cheap Furniture Online Australia stores


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Some of the cheap furniture at Zanui

Google Customer Rating: 4.6 out of 5 (Excellent)

Delivery Timeframe: is not specified

Free delivery for 3000+ items

Discount when you join their newsletter: $25 for minimum order $199

“No Question” return: 30 days

They also work with Afterpay, where purchasers can buy now and pay later in 4 installments with interest-free with instant approval online.

More Zanui Review

Living Styles

cheap furniture online Australia
5 pc dining set from Living Styles – $289 -click to check the details
Coffee table from Living Styles – $55 – click to check the details

Customer rating at Productreview.com.au (no Google Review, unfortunately): 4.1 out of 5 (Great)

Delivery time frame: 1-2 weeks

Their products have great prices, but their delivery is not free.

Discount when you join their newsletter: $15 for a minimum order of $150.

“No question” return: 14 days


There are various furniture suppliers at Amazon.


Price Comparison on Mattress

Here what I found when I searched for the cheapest mattress. Delivery fees and warranty might vary for other products and locations.  As a comparison, IKEA’s cheapest mattress is $99, with $40+ picking up fee (for you who prefers someone to pick up the good from the racks and bring yourself to the cashier. Sounds easy, but it actually involves heavy lifting and bulky items), plus $59-$89 delivery fee for non- Melbourne inner city suburbs. So Zanui and Luxo Living would still be cheaper than IKEA when we include the delivery fee and collection fee.



(Click to check Zanui website

Luxo Living

(click to check Luxo Living website)

Living Styles

(click to check Living Styles website)

Cheapest mattress $107.96 $69.95 $109
Delivery fee (to Melbourne) 16.7 free for mattresses $125. There is an option to pick up at Sydney warehouse
Delivery time 2-7 days 2-7 days 1-2 weeks
Discount when you join their newsletter $10 for minimum order $99 $15 for first $100+ order $15 for minimum order $150
Warranty 1 year 1 year 1 year
No question return 30 days for some products 30 days, even for mattresses 14 days for some products (not applicable for mattresses)
Total fees for a cheapest available mattress with delivery and discount $114.66 $144.95 $234
Other Features With afterpay (buy now, pay later, interest free)
  • With ZipPay (buy now, pay later, interest free).
  • Lowest price Guarantee (find a lower price and they will match it).
  • Free transit insurance
With member specials

As you can see above, if you are looking for the cheapest mattress, Zanui and Luxo Living would be the best cheap furniture online store. You can also shop at Amazon

Bear in mind that Luxo Living offers lowest price guarantee. They will match lower competitors’ prices. Both of those stores also have the option for buying now pay later with free interest .  And Luxo Living also gives free transit insurance for a secure mind.

Why shop for cheap furniture online

They offer a wide range of furniture

You are able to have a lot of options to pick from because they are wide in an online store.

Hassle free shopping

Forget about the process of line queuing or meeting with an annoying salesperson, you can now shop in your comforts zone. You don’t need to get stuck in traffics anymore. All your family members can be part of picking the best products while in your comfort zones.


When purchasing furniture in the local shops, taxes are included. But when purchasing from an online store no taxes are required as the manufacturer directly delivers the furniture to you. When you want to buy new furniture, you need to move from one shop to the other thus wasting a lot of money and time. When shopping online you are able to save your energy and the cost of petrol

Various available offers and discounts

While shopping for furniture online, you likely deal with a lot of companies that have no physical stores, and since they don’t have the physical stores they hence don’t need rooms for renting. Therefore having a lower cost of operations these results to them offering good discounts.

Less stressful

Online furniture provides both modern and classic furniture. The furniture for the designer usually looks elegant. Therefore whichever furniture you need you can get them without any kind of stress. In addition, you can shop for any hour that you want, be it day or night. Shopping your furniture from online is least stressful.

Customer service

Customer representatives are always available there to ensure the needs of their customers are fulfilled.

New online furniture trends

The online furniture shops frequently decorate their furniture by themselves which are so unique. It has all its furniture available in a new look. They also blend both furniture styles of modern and vintage and come up with exclusive furniture pieces.

Here are some few guidelines that will help you when you want to purchase cheap furniture online:

Measure your space

You should begin by measuring your room and the furniture size that you want. The exact measurement is necessary so as to avoid buying something too large or very small. With actual measurements, you will be able to purchase something that will work best for you.

Determining the style you are searching for

Your style is your taste, be it modern or traditional. Also, if you are shopping outside it is so easy to be convinced by a salesperson to buy something that you had not planned for. Therefore, the first thing is to sort out the items you would like on the online website and then make a move to buy them.

Keep color in mind

While searching for the furniture online, it is advisable to put in mind your preferred furniture color. When you go to the market for purchasing it take a look at that furniture that will last for long and requires less maintenance. Pick a neutral tone for most of your furniture. This will enable you to even love your furniture more.

Consider your lifestyle

Maybe you might have always wanted a velvet coach, but this will not work in cases where you have a lot of pets and fewer kids. Make sure you purchase furniture of high quality that will be used most times and lower qualities on those items that are not frequently used.

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