Disclaimer: This information is general in nature and has not taken into account your personal financial position or objectives. Before proceeding please refer to a licensed adviser or tax agent and relevant PDS for product details before proceeding.

Choosing a lender – Introduction

Anyone can acquire a house or a home in Australia. It has a lot of regulations especially for foreigners but if the right steps are followed it becomes a bit easier. Usually, mortgage involving using a lender and thus there will be an interest rate attracted at the end. You will be able to acquire a home in Australia by following certain procedures. You will need to have information about various mortgages available in the country and the available lenders or brokers you can go through. Foreigners can also be able to acquire homes in Australia but they need to get approval by a board. They will charge a fee in order to approve but the property will have to contribute to some growth in the economy of the country. Therefore, it is possible to get a mortgage in Australia by using various lenders and when doing this you need to know how to choose a lender.

Choosing a lender – How

Preparation for the search for mortgage

This is a very important step in finding the best lender. This preparation requires you to follow some steps as follows:

  • Collect all information about all your financial capabilities-If you are able to give all the relevant information regarding your finances, it will make it possible and easier to apply for a mortgage. You need to have your information right about all your assets and liabilities. You should ensure you have all the information about your credit and all about your credit score. Therefore, you should ensure that you pay your debts in order to have a better score. You need to have all information regarding your debts.
  • You need to know most of the terminologies used in loans-This will help you to understand better whenever you are conversing with your lender. Your lender will also need to explain some of these terms so that to enhance communication. Once you understand these terms it will be possible to understand your lender and be able to choose.
  • Make a decision on what you exactly want-The only way to choose the best lender is to know what you need in the mortgage. You should have planned in mind on the time period you want to pay your mortgage. In this, it is important to understand that you will pay less interest when you pay in a short period.
  • Prepare with questions-You should always prepare with what you want to know about the mortgage. You need to have prepared questions regarding the period of payment. You should also ask the lender about why some fee is paid. You should ask any question you might think of and this will assist in choosing the best lender. You should ask a number of lenders the same question so that you can be able to compare all of them in order to get the best. You should also have set questions regarding special plans or loans.

Finding the lenders and acquiring quotes

This is the next part of finding the best lender and you will need to follow the following steps

  • Find the recommended lenders by various people and experts-You should always find the best lenders by using any means to get referrals to the best lender. You can also get this information from the internet or even friends. You can also get more information from various experts
  • Find out what rates the lenders operate with for the kind of mortgage you want-You should inquire from the lender the annual percentage rate and also whether your lender offers fixed or adjustable rates.
  •  Collection of all interest rates offered by various lenders-Getting these all rates is important in that you will be able to compare various rates offered by various lenders which will make it possible to decide on the best lender. This will ensure that you get the best service that you want. It will also help you to make a decision on the duration you want to repay your loan. You can have a lender who offers the best rate in a 15-year mortgage and worse in the 30 years one and vice versa. Therefore, you will choose the lender depending on the duration you want to repay your loan.
  • Ensure you get the written form indicating reasons for various charges and costs-You should ask the lender for this and you will be able to understand it better.


  •  Ensuring the lender is licensed-To get to your final decision, you need to ensure that the lender you settle for is licensed by the authorities. While doing this process you need to ensure that you use elimination method to choose the best one.
  • Thinking about each lender you approached-It is very important to think about every lender you approached and assess all the information you got from each one of them. This will help to make a decision on the best lender. You should check on such areas as how professional they remained and how they responded to your queries.
  • Check for reviews online-It is very important to check online on various reviews that the lenders have so that you can decide on which lender you will choose.
  • Ensure you check closely the written documents from various lenders-It is very important to make a comparison of various documents in order to check both the rates and various expenses in order to make the best decision.
  • Contacting the lender of choice
  • Go through the mortgage contract closely before signing.