When it comes to completing your home, curtains and blinds are something that a lot of people don’t necessarily get excited about, but can be a huge difference in your space and truly make your house a home. People tend to underestimate the power of adding curtain and blinds to their space and how it can dramatically change the atmosphere of your home.

On the flip side, adding curtain linens and blinds into your home also has a lot of functional aspects to it as well. Blinds and curtains are used from privacy measures as well so that people can’t see directly into your home when you don’t want them to. They also act to block out sunlight in the morning to let you sleep in a little bit more, allow nap time for small children, or keep some of the heat out which is definitely needed in Australia summers.

So with how important curtains are when it comes to your home for aesthetics and practical reasons, finding the right curtains and blinds for your home can be a little bit of a daughting experience. You want to make sure you find something that not only looks great, but is functional as well.

This is where Curtain Wonderland comes in.

Meet Curtain Wonderland

Curtain Wonderland is an Australian website that focuses specifically on high quality curtain linens and decor. Although curtains are their focus, they offer a variety of curtain and blinds accessories along with some bedding and decor options as well, allowing you to completely decorate your space from a house to a home on their on, online website.

The company itself began in 1971 with a brother and sister who opened their first fabric store in Brisbane. Over the years, the Curtain Wonderland group expanded and continues to expand to join the community of Australia’s largest window coverings company – Kresta Holdings Limited.

The company is not only committed to great quality products, but also committed to their customers.

In fact their website states:

  1. We commit to you the best possible service through our customer-focused, specialist staff. Your satisfaction is our reward.
  2. At Curtain Wonderland, we promise to provide products that represent quality and value. We are proud to stand behind the products we design, manufacture, and sell.
  3. We offer the best possible price on every item, every day.
  4. At Curtain Wonderland we understand that making the right choice for your decorator needs can sometimes be challenging. Should you not be happy with your choice of readymade product, we will gladly exchange or refund your purchase when returned in its original condition, with proof of purchase and within 10 days.

Things You Should Know Before Buying From Curtain Wonderland

Curtain Wonderland Review

Free Shipping and Fees

At Curtain Wonderland, they offer a standard $15 postage on all orders. This is great so if you’re worried about ordering a lot of bigger items, you won’t have to worry about shipping is over $15 for your order. However, if you spend $250 or more, you get free shipping on your order. A lot of times when it comes to curtains and blinds, you have to get them for a lot of windows in your home so they are definitely an investment so reaching the free shipping shouldn’t be too difficult to do depending on what you’re shopping for.

Shipping FAQs  

With home items or something so important as curtain and blinds, you definitely want to ensure that that your items are able to be shipped and handled with care. The Curtain Wonderland website lays out all the important information when it comes to shipping their products.

  • Your order is delivered via courier or Australia post depending on your location
  • You have the option to add special delivery instructions to all orders
  • Australia-Wide Delivery

There are some cons when it comes to shipping which we haven’t really seen a lot of other companies. One of these cons is that if your product is returned to Curtain Wonderland for any reason without being delivered, you would be required to cover the cost of delivery so it’s important to make sure your address is completely correct. It’s also important that you’re home or has a safe location for your delivery because if you’re not home and have agreed for your item to be left without the need of being signed, then your curtains and blinds will be delivered and left at your home regardless if you’re home or not.


If you’re looking to return your items, their return policy is quite similar to a lot of other companies. However, when it comes to home decor, you want to see your items in person to ensure that it’s the correct colour and sometimes that can be a little difficult to know just from looking at a picture online. If you’re not happy with the colour of your curtains and blinds, there are a couple of options you can do.

If you do receive the incorrect item you should contact the company within 48 hours of receiving your item and include important information regarding your order including your invoice number and a photo as well.

  1. Return due to a slight colour difference is considered a change of mind and the return postage is expected to be covered by you.
  2. Return due to significant colour difference is considered wrong item received and the return postage is covered by Curtain Wonderland.

Free Quote and Measure

Curtain Wonderland offers Made2Measure Curtain and Blinds. In fact, you can book a free measure and quote to ensure that you’re getting the perfect curtains and blinds for your space. So although Curtain Wonderland is an online website, it does give you that personalisation that you would look for when shopping at an in-person shopping experience.

Customer Service  

As we mentioned earlier, Curtain Wonderland is stated having the customer first and that is true when it comes to customer service. Or at least they try for it to be. If you have any questions or issues with your order you can contact the Curtain Wonderland team by calling them visiting their contact us page on their website 24/7.

Products Offered 

Curtain Wonderland is known for their high quality curtains and blinds. Along with their high quality curtain linens, they also have a variety of home decor such as bedding, cushions, decor and kids home decor as well. Expanding the curtain company into so much much more than just curtain linens.

We will go through each of the categories that Curtain Wonderland sells below. 


Curtain wonderland curtains

As you would expect, with a name like Curtain Wonderland, curtains are definitely a major focus for the company, as it is THE focus for the company. With being a curtain company, Curtain Wonderland wants to be your go-to curtain resource by offering a selection of high-quality curtains at affordable prices.

With being Australia’s go-to curtain company, you need to have a diverse selection of curtains that anyone and everyone is able to find something for them and Curtain Wonderland has definitely accomplished that.

Curtain Options

Curtain Wonderland has various categories so that you can truly find the curtain that you need. Their website is pretty easy to navigate with various curtain categories or you can just search through “All Curtains” as well.

  • All Curtains
  • Pinch Pleat Curtains
  • Eyelet Curtains
  • Pinch Pleat Sheers
  • Eyelet Sheers
  • Rod Pocket Sheers

Pole Sets & Tracks  

Curtain Wonderland Poles Sets and Tracks

Another area that Curtain Wonderland offers is pole sets and tracks with a selection of various different styles, shapes, and colours and for different windows of the home. When it comes to curtains, having the right pole is completely necessary to hang the curtain up. It’s great that they not only have everything readily available on their website but also have a variety of options as well since curtain poles can act as a statement piece and can definitely change the whole look of curtains.

Pole Sets & Tracks Options

Curtain Wonderland has various categories so that you can truly find the poles sets that you need. Need a black pole for the bedroom? Not a problem! Their website is pretty easy to navigate with various pole set and track categories or you can just search through “All Poles Sets” as well.

  • Pole Sets
  • Finials & Poles
  • Tracks
  • Accessories

There are so many different types of hang curtains so there is no doubt a lot of accessories that can be included when it comes to curtains and blinds. The accessory section along with the pole sets and tracks has everything you ever need to ensure that your curtains are perfectly hung.


Curtain Wonderland Blinds

Fans are not only a way to make the home a lot more comfortable with additional privacy but also great at keeping the heat out and allowing you to sleep in with keeping the sun out as well. Blinds are a necessity when it comes to homes, but just because they’re a necessity doesn’t mean they can’t match your style and find something that really adds a statement or blends into your other decor as well.

Blinds Options

Curtain Wonderland has various categories so that you can truly find the blinds that you need. Their website is pretty easy to navigate with various blind categories or you can just search through “All Blinds” as well.

  • Panel Fabrics/ Panel Tracks
  • Roller Blinds
  • Venetian Blinds


Curtain wonderland bedding

To complete your space after you have your curtains and blinds on your windows throughout your home, finding the perfect bedding is an essential part to complete your bedroom. A lot of times people like to make sure that their bedding and curtains complement each other, so opting to get your bedding at Curtain Wonderland isn’t a bad option at all.

Bedding Options

The Bedding page is extremely large, but thanks to the drop down menu you can truly find just what you’re looking for and fairly fast.

  • Bed Linen
  • Coverlets
  • Quilt Covers
  • Sheet Set
  • Throws & Blankets


Curtain wonderland cushions

Bedding and decor and some. of the most important aspects of your home. Cushions go hand and hand when it comes to bedding and luckily Curtain Wonderland has a great selection to choose from.

Cushions Options

The Cushions page is pretty large and has a selection of a variety of different pillows. Curtain Wonderland separates the cushions into different categories that make searching for your perfect cushions a little bit easier.

  • Rectangle Cushions
  • Cushions


Curtain wonderland decor

Decor and style are completely different and all up to personal preference. To ensure that Curtain Wonderland is reaching a wide variety of people, they have a pretty decent section of home decor that is all reasonably priced.

Decor Options

The Decor page is extremely large, but thanks to the drop down menu you can truly find just what you’re looking for and fairly fast.

  • Artificial Flowers & Plants
  • Candles & Fragrance
  • Decor & Gifts
  • Wall Art & Clocks
  • Vases & Pots
  • Christmas Decor
  • Baskets


curtain wonderland kids department

When it comes to home decor, kids’ bedrooms can be some of the most fun and exciting places to decorate in your home. To compliment your new window treatments Curtain Wonderland has a great selection of Kids’ decor as well. can require a lot of different settings and features.

Kids Options

The Kid’s Decor page is pretty large, but thanks to the drop-down menu you can truly find just what you’re looking for and fairly fast.

  • Kids Curtains
  • Kids Bedding
  • Kids Decor

All the kids categories are separate categories that are mentioned on the website like curtains, bedding and decor. However, we think it’s really nice that Curtain Wonderland separated kids items completely so if you’re looking for kids items only, you don’t have to search through the curtains tab and can go straight to the ‘kids curtains’ tab instead. Making your shopping expereince a lot more enjoyable and quicker.

Along with all those categories mentioned above, Curtain Wonderland also has a New page which shows all their new items in stock and a Clearance page which shows everything on sale at the moment as well.

What Customers Have to Say

We noticed that there were some positive but also some negative comments on Curtain Wonderland. Some notable customer reviews both good and bad include:

  • “Best Place to Buy Curtains”
  • “Long Delivery Time”
  • “Great Service In-Store”
  • “Nice Displays”
  • “Not the best customer service”

Our Thoughts

With doing our extensive review of Curtain Wonderland, there’s a lot of things to take into consideration and look into when doing our complete analysis. We do think that Curtain Wonderland offers a great online shopping experience with a great selection of curtains, decor, accessories, and kids home decor options. Their prices are pretty good and overall they have something for everyone. There are a lot of pros when it comes to the online shopping experience. However, there are some cons when it comes to the reviews and the service of Curtain Wonderland.

There are clearly mixed reviews when it comes to Curtain Wonderland. Some people have a fantastic experience while a lot of people have seemed to experience some frustration when it comes to shipping time and customer service. Customer service is a huge aspect of a business, especially when it comes to an online business so a lack of communication can definitely be upsetting. We also aren’t thrilled with the return policy and some of the other policies of the company and although the company says that they’re passionate about making their customers have the best experience possible, some of their policies don’t necessarily reflect that.

That being said, if you’re in the market for custom blinds and curtains, with their free quote and measure service, it’s a great way to get custom options for just a fraction of the price as other providers.

Our Rating

3.0 out of 5.0 stars