It always makes more sense to find a starting point for comfort and relaxation while leading a healthy social life in a busy lifestyle. Fortunately, plants are naturally ready to help when it comes to comfort and ease. They have been friends that aid our health, recreation, and even the environment. One of the essential aspects that these particular plants give us is essential oil. Essential oils from ancient India and Egypt have proven their resistance for spiritual and medicinal purposes.

What is more, even modern scientists have succumbed to the formidable advantages of essential oils. However, you don’t have to go deep into the thick forests of Amazon to get them, as they are available in your backyard in Australia. Eucalyptus leads the packaging of these plants, followed by lavender, mint, and tea tree. These plants are always available, and we can reach them easily, with different species having the ability to perform various functions in different cultures.

It is typically impossible to list all the incredible benefits that make all the essential oil vital to us.  However, examples of this benefit range from preventing viral infections, reducing blood pressure, relaxing the body and mind, and creating a pleasant fragrance in the environment. Besides, they help improve concentration and even increase our internal organs’ function, to name a few. Many people wonder why the talk on essential oils is always every day.

Still, for those who have been privileged to try them, the complete aromatherapy recipe starts with crucial oils and ends with diffusers. As the name suggests, diffusers help diffuse essential oils by inhalation and extract 50% to 70% of the active molecules, which our bodies can huff easily. With so many diffusers’ options in the market out there, you may have trouble choosing the quality and quantity that best suits your needs.

Moreover, many people who buy doTerra essential oil diffusers solely relying on luck are like tossing a coin, and mostly they end up finding flaws and holes that are easily avoidable. We encourage you to read this article, which will give you the knowledge and all the information you need about doTERRA diffusers. It will help make the right choice, so you do not waste your precious time, and more importantly, you do not waste your hard-earned money.

doTERRA diffuser Review

doTerra essential oil
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If you want to smile as you move with elegant perfume and clean air, do not think more about the doTERRA diffusers as they will suit your needs. Putting into consideration its popularity and design, many Australian users have given the brand the green light to bring quality fragrances while remaining practical with pocket-friendly prices. If you know a lot about this kind of endorsement, it is not approval handed on a silver platter. In particular, the attractive character that sets it apart from the rest is its superior quality.

Unlike other devices on the Australian market, doTERRA diffusers make high-quality plastic and materials that provide an edge and a comfortable seat in a luxurious environment. Another exciting feature that puts it above its counterparts is the simplicity and efficiency of its use. DoTERRA essential oil diffusers have only two buttons.  You use one button to turn the lights on or off and the other button to turn on the mist. The latter has the option of adding 1, 2, or 4 hours.

Once you start it, doTERRA diffusers very fast infuse and quickly fill the rooms. The doTerra diffuser blends are different from the automatic switch, which switches the device off when the water is wholly consumed. Additionally, this ensures that the diffuser does not dry out while the pre-set timer is still on the clock and, by so doing, increases its life span making it durable. Regarding this, it becomes a superior and economical alternative to other markets.

It is also safe to say that these are the quietest diffusers surrounded by a large tank. The DoTERRA brand uses two technologies to apply oils doTerra. It also uses ultrasound, also known as ultrasonic diffusers, airspeed, and pressurization, also referred to as atomizer technologies. There are different doTERRA ultrasound models with an elegant and practical design. For instance, they include the Lotus diffuser, Aroma Lite diffuser, Petal diffuser, and the Lumo diffuser.


  • It has a diffuser set or cycle of 1 hour, 2 hours, and 4 hours
  • It has a soft LED light that you can easily switch on and off
  • Very quiet in use
  • The reservoir is of a considerable size
  • Automatically shuts down to avoid running dry
  • Creates a calming glow
  • Fine mist ranges from 31 to 100 square meters
  • Simple and convenient design
  • High spray power helps to humidify and purify the air
  • It has aromatic and therapeutic benefits.
  • It is stable and lightweight for your life.
  • It comes with a simple three-part diffuser which is convenient and easy to use.


If you are looking for a quiet doTerra diffuser blends, doTERRA’s is the brand you need. Being a powerful diffuser of essential oils, it does not prevent the mist from entering, making it a useful device to use around the clock. More so, the compact design makes it portable, and you can travel with it easily. Furthermore, you will like how the overall diffuser building is eloquent, making it take up very little space. It is possible to set the current timer to 3 hours, 1, 2, and 4 hour periods. The calming grow it produces excellent as well as the broad area of mist coverage it offers.

You will probably need to refill your tank once a day and still get six streams of fresh fragrances. The oils doTerra Petal Diffuser is affordable and, at the same time, never lacks quality. All DOTERRA petal diffuser products have the correct tank size, and at it any time, the tank will fill. They also turn off automatically when the water runs out, which increases the device’s life and prevents energy wastage, making them more energy-efficient than their counterparts.


Like any other product, no matter how much doTerra diffuser blends have to offer, they have their disadvantages that many buyers may not like. For example, unlike other diffusers of essential oils that use a small water jug ​​to fill the device, this is not the case with the oils doTerra, consequently reducing the convenience when filling water tanks. Besides, the DOTERRA Petal diffuser normally produces less steam compared to the Hibiscus diffuser.

If you look at this perspective, the Petal diffuser produces 37.5ml in every hour while a Hibiscus diffuser produces 50 to 58ml per hour, which shows us the average in terms of performance. Although a petal diffuser is affordable, its doTERRA counterparts are somehow expensive considering other essential oil diffusers’ prices. However, given the reliability they offer and their durability, this is not an obstacle.

Using the doTERRA Petal diffuser

Unlike the complexity of many essential oil diffusers out there in the Australian market, there is no rocket science for using the doTERRA petal diffuser. It is so easy to remove the cap, fill the tank with water to the red filling line, add drops of oils doTerra, close the lid, set the timer, and you are ready to go. However, just like any other device, the diffuser requires regular maintenance and cleaning.

Furthermore, you need to pay attention to automatic shutdown and avoid abusing this function. Even though this does happen and prevents the device from drying out, it can affect the diffuser. More importantly, ensure you follow the manufacturer’s operational and maintenance procedure to avoid injury or damaging the diffuser. In a nutshell, take good care of the diffuser, always keep it clean, maintain it, and still repair it when necessary, and eventually, it will extend its useful life.

Alternatives to DoTerra

If DoTerra does not cut the line for you we have added some alternatives for the brand. DoTerra is a great but if you are looking to go for something other than it then we have you covered. In this section we have alternative products for the doTerra essential oil for diffusers. If you are looking to spice up your home environment by something other than DoTerra diffuser blends then check this section out.

ASAKUKI Essential Oil set

oils doTerra,

Another well reputed brand across multiple E-markets. Asakuki not only manufactures oils for diffusers but diffsuers themselves. Therefore they are well versed on what and what not to include in their products.

These essential oils are made completely from plant extracts and are not produced synthetically. This is great news for those that prefer natural organic products. The essential oils come in a variety of different scents such as lemongrass, peppermint, lavender, Tea-Tree and many more. You can go with a different flvaour every day to mix things up.

All of the oils are water soluble which means you can easily add them to any diffuser or humdifer to instantly change the aroma around you. You can even use them to create scented candles and soaps at home.


oils doTerra,

This is well respected brand amongst users even though it is not that popular online. Currently it only has the vanilla fragrance in its inventory. However, you can be assured that the vanilla extract is 100% pure and natural. Therefore you will no be inhaling any harmful vapours into yourself.

The woody earthy vanilla induced aroma is great to create a serene atmoshphere in your home. We highly recommend you to try it with your oil diffuser or humdifer. Since this is a theruapteic grade oil, you can even use it for massages. It even works with air fresheners.

This all natural paraben free therapatic oil is now on discount at Amazon, so make sure to give it a visit if you feel like it tingles your senses.


oils doTerra,

Another really popular brand on the internet. This has been loved by over 8000 customers across multiple e-markets. It has built a solid reputation for its smooth premium grade products.

These oil are suited for aromatherapy and not for therapeutic purposes therefore you can add them into massages. But they go well with any oil diffuser or humidifier. There are over 10 different aromas for you to try out in the standard pack. These aromas range from standards such as peppermint, lavender to exotics such as clove, orange and germanium. If you like lush gardens and flowers this a wonderful choice to go with.

We highly recommend this to those that love meditation. The serene atmosphere that this creates boost mood and helps calm down even after the busiest and most tiring days.


In conclusion, doTerra essential oil diffusers have managed to achieve their goal of customer satisfaction with the support of people in Australia who have tested and tried it. If you want to benefit from the sweet aroma that results from them and the therapeutic benefits of essential oils, the doTerra diffuser blends are excellent. It is advisable to invest in this high-quality diffuser that may seem expensive, but no longer need to use more oils and need to be replaced continuously.

Assessing your options and budget will finally lead to an essential oil diffuser that will effectively permeate a mist that relieves stress in your meeting room and even in your living room.  Consequently, this health-rich and sweet-smelling mist help improve your lifestyle, one aspect at a time. In most cases, you will need an essential oil diffuser that shuts itself down automatically when there is no water in the reservoir. Equally important, remember to follow the manufacturer’s instructional manual on using the diffuser to avoid injury or damage to the diffuser. Even though the task of choosing the right diffuser to buy is not straightforward, we hope the guide above provides the necessary insight you need when purchasing one. Considering the best features one may want in a diffuser, we hope that the doTerra essential oil diffuser suits you. Be sure to give a read on our feature on the best oil diffusers in the market right now.