When fostering honest brand loyalty, there is no home appliance manufacturer, which is like Dyson vacuum for sale. The British company may have taken a long time to get it right where progress is evident with the improved and new Dyson V8. At the moment, we are looking at how the Dyson V8 compares to its predecessor Dyson V6. Besides the dramatic doubling run-time, the V8 offers some incredible features, like noise reduction, greater bin capacity, and more. Let us put these Dyson vacuum sticks sale in one place and know their comparison in this article about cordless Dyson vacuum cleaner.

Example of a bestseller for Dyson V8

Dyson V8 Absolute Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson vacuum for sale
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This Dyson V8 model is unique for its fit V8 animal series and V8 absolute series. It looks similar to many Dyson products but only fits the listed models. The brushes always need to be checked and brushed because the pet hairs ever become intertwined around the brushes, which means the brushes do not turn or rotate.

Dyson V6 vs Dyson V8

Cleaning and maintenance

In terms of cleanliness, Dyson V8 is miles ahead of Dyson V6. The V8 model has the direct-drive cleaner head and the soft cleaner roller. A direct-drive cleaner helps dig deep into your carpet, while a soft cleaner direct dust and dirt on hard floors. The V6 has a soft cleaner roller and a direct drive, but they are much less efficient than the V8. The service sector is very different. While the V6 has a button to empty the bin, the V8 has the more hygienic dirt remover that makes emptying mess-free.

Vacuum mechanics

Apart from the colors, the two devices look almost the same to each other. The Dyson V8 has a bright red, yellow, and purple stick with a top-mounted motor. The motor serves as the nifty hanger for greater storage for both vacuum cleaners. The Dyson V8 weighs about 6 pounds with a 0.14 gallon of debris collection bin, while Dyson V6 weighs about 5 pounds with a 0.11 gallon of the debris collection bin. Both Dyson vacuum sticks sale can be turned into handheld vacuum cleaners in much more challenging to reach places.

Battery life

A lithium-ion battery powers the Dyson V6, and Dyson V8 has a nickel-cobalt-aluminum battery. This offers twice a run-time with a suction that does not fade when the battery is low. Regardless of the device used, freedom from a cord usually means ease of use and convenience. With frequent plugging when vacuuming, you can turn into significant pain. Thus, cordless Dyson vacuum cleaner decided to use the Cordless V8 with a battery that would last more than 40 minutes. Typically, this is surprisingly twice as long as the V6’s battery life. Like many people, when there is plenty of room for cleaning around the house, you will probably need more battery life. If the battery is dry, all cleaning operations must be stopped while the battery is expected to charge. With the V8, the waiting time is short, and when everything is charged, and it takes some time to be empty again.


When buying the vacuum cleaner, you need to suck hard. The cordless Dyson vacuum cleaners have a reputation for being a bit less powerful, but the Dyson V6 and Dyson V8 are beasts in pursuit. Both generate more than 100 air watts of suction power, enough to clean most types of spills and dust. However, Dyson V6 has only 100 AW, while the V8 outperforms it with an additional of fifteen, giving it a 115 AW of suction power. However, there is a minor trade-off if you need a more powerful motor to increase it. The Dyson V8 is significantly heavier, around 650 grams. Typically, this is ideal for strong people, but the main advantage is portability. If you don’t have a hard time with lugging additional weight, definitely go for the V8.

Trigger system

The typical complaint about the Dyson V6 is the trigger system, which may be frustrating. While this will undoubtedly prolong the run-time, it can be difficult for people with joint problems to refuse cleaning. Also, Dyson has not changed the V8’s trigger system. There is no continuous suction mode, which is a shame.


When doing for Dyson vacuum for sale, it’s probably important to consider how much it will cost. Nobody wants to spend on a product like a vacuum cleaner that will cost more. The good news for anyone is that the Dyson V6 and Dyson V8 are very affordable. While they are not a bargain bin, they don’t cost much like other products. Of these two, the V6 is cheaper. So if you want to keep track of the bank account, go for V6. You may lose the outstanding performance of the V8, but V6 is still the best product.


If you have a large family, you may be familiar with a lot of mess. This is why you require a large storage vacuum cleaner to catch dust and dirt. Even if you cannot get a large barrel vacuum, Dyson V6 and Dyson V8 can hold an incredible number of vacuum cleaners. The Dyson V6 can store more than 400ML of dirt, while the V8 can save more than half a liter. So, if you have a lot of dirt you need to clean, you may need V8.

Charge time

The main disadvantage of a Dyson vacuum for sale is charging time. This can be frustrating, especially if there has been a recent mess, which needs to be fixed immediately. What you are looking for needs to be the one that charges you the fastest. When you look for Dyson V6 vs Dyson V8, the quickest to charge is cheaper and slimmer, and Dyson V6 takes it. With the charge time of about three hours compared to five for the V8, then Dyson V6 becomes the fastest charging model. So, if you haven’t wasted a lot of time looking for the model with the right charge time, buy the Dyson V6.

Bin emptying system

The Dyson V6 has a hygienic bin, which allows you to empty dust and dirt without touching them. This is great, but the problem becomes, pressing a button doesn’t always remove everything from the bin. The main reason is that the dirt and dust tend to collect in clumps. The V8 is designed to find the solution to this problem. Rather than using a quick-release button and door, a new bin has a surface, which physically removes dust and dirt. Pulling the lever clears the dust from the container before opening the bottom of the door.

Weight and convenience

The best thing about the Dyson V6 is its convenience, mainly if you buy the model with a wide range of accessories and tools. The V8 is so good for it has the same handy docking station, a handheld mode, and several models with different tools. Also, the V8 has some redesigned features that make it easy to use. For instance, it has the top power button that is convenient to access. On top of that, the Dyson V8 weighs about 0.1 kg less than the Dyson V6. This is not a big difference, but it has a longer battery life with the new motor that does not add weight.


The Dyson V8 is built on the same two levels with radial cyclones as the V6. They spin the air in a circular motion, forcing the dust and dirt to separate before pumping the air back to the room. Also, the V8 has a post-motor filter. It is modified to filter particles up to 0.3 microns in diameter. The additional filter will be installed on all the V8 models, while it will only be available on the Dyson V6 model.

Floor heads and tools

Although the Dyson V6 comes with a powerful motor and a lightweight design, it shines due to innovative floor heads. This includes a direct-drive on the carpets and a soft roller on hard floors. The V8 has the same sets of cleaner heads, although the one included in every model may not be the same as the V6 version. All Dyson V8 models use an upgraded head instead of a motorized cleaner head. For example, the V8 includes the direct-drive cleaner heads and soft roller, which the V6 does not include. Also, the V8 has a powerful direct-drive head, with the V6 using the essential motorized head.

All Dyson V8 models have the mini-motorized tool, which is ideal for removing pet hair from stairs, sofas, and other furniture. However, fewer Dyson vacuum stick sale models are available for the V8. Some of the V8 models include Absolute, Animal, and Total Clean. Likewise, the models for the V6 include Standard, Total Clean, Animal, Animal Extra, Fluffy, and Absolute.


As always, we provide you with the best alternatives for whatever product that is being featured. If you read our review and felt that this was not for you then you can always go with the alternative products that we have mentioned. Take into account that the products being mentioned in this section might not be affiliated with the original product or its brand. Below is our choice for the alternative to the cordless Dyson vacuum cleaners mentioned above.

Shark Navigator Life-Away Professional NV356E

This is our first alternative choice when it comes to vacuum cleaners and we felt this is a worthy contender to the Dyson models. The Shark Navigator is a great all rounder for homes and offices alike. We picked this as the first choice when it comes to alternatives because of how great it is as a all-rounder. This model cover everyone and everything.

It is powerful. The vacuum can pick up even the most stubborn patches of dirt hidden between your floorboards. This is why think it is great for homes with pets as you can catch up all those pet shedding. Nothing will be left unturned when using this. The vacuum is lighter than most models and clocks in at only 13.7 pounds, which is amazing considering how powerful it is. This makes vacuuming those pesky stairs and overheads a breeze.

This particular model also comes with its own allergen filter. This ensures that all the air that enters the vacuum gets cleaned out before exiting the exhaust. A very useful feature for those with pollen allergies as it will remove any lying on the surface of the floor. Considering that this is a bagless vacuum cleaner its 2.5 liter capacity is very impressive. This makes it great for small offices and work environments as you won’t have to clean it out every 3 mins. The HEPA filter that is included in the vacuum will help you retain even the smallest of particles. This will result in a more thorough cleaning routine when compared to most other vacuum cleaners out there.


The Dyson V6 and Dyson V8 series are the best vacuum cleaners. They offer high suction power suitable for many cleaning jobs, not just for spot quick cleaning. When talking about performance of the cordless Dyson vacuum cleaner, the V8 is the superior vacuum. The improved bin design and the long battery life make it suitable for thorough cleaning. The suction power is slightly lower in the normal mode, while the motor is more powerful in the maximum mode. Also, the V8 models feature the best floor heads to clean carpets and hard floors more efficiently. It is about performance, but the V8 models are expensive, with the V6 being cheaper. For this reason, you can choose the Dyson V6 if you need the vacuum cleaner for daily cleaning and with a lower price and a longer service life. If you need to clean the whole house with a c vacuum cleaner, the V8 is the best option, which has a 40-minute operation. If you liked this article check out our article on the latest vacuum cleaners out there and the ever going debate about the best type of vacuum cleaner in the market.