Euromaid is part of the Glen Dimplex Group, which was established in 1973. It then started to enter the Australian market since 1995. It has a national After Sales Support Centre based in Melbourne.


Euromaid dishwasher was not on the list of best dishwasher brands by Canstar Blue 2019. They ranked Miele on top of the list. But Miele’s dishwasher starts from around $1,399.

Euromaid dishwasher might be the one for you if you are looking for a lower budget dishwasher that still does the job. You can buy a brand new Euromaid dishwasher for under $500.

Best value Euromaid Dishwasher:

Euromaid 60cm Freestanding Dishwasher EDW14W / EDW14S

This is the only under $500 Euromaid dishwasher at this time of writing. You can get a similar one in Stainless Steel for around $80 extra.

It has 14 place setting capacity, with 5 different wash programs: Eco 45C, Intensive 70C, Daily 65C, Quick 60, and Mini 35. This Mini one is if you only have a half load. It would save you water and electricity.

You do not need to worry for flooding as it has overflow sensor.

It is controlled by knob selector. Many people find it easier than buttons.

In terms of the water consumption, it uses around 15.3L / wash, makes it 3.5 star WELS Water Rating. It is rated 3 stars for the energy consumption.

It comes with 2 year manufacturer warranty.

Positive purchaser reviews:

  • Dishwasher working as it should be
  • Great price
  • Dishes are clean

Negative purchaser reviews: Not found yet at the time of writing this article. But looking at the water consumption, it is quite consuming compare to other dishwashers which normally only uses around 11.5-13 L / wash.


EDWB16G and EDWB16S are Euromaid dishwasher with bigger capacity: 16 place settings, although the width of the dishwasher is standard. Its dimension: 850mm high x 598mm width x 600mm depth.

EDWB16G is black coloured dishwasher, whereas EDWB16S is stainless steel one. Even though both have the same features, the black model (EDWB16G) is around $200 more expensive than the stainless steel one. I guess it is because a black dishwasher is rarely found.

When you are adjusting the setting, the top basket will create a room to load long stem glasses or for placing 31cm plates in the bottom basket that very easy to use. The dishwasher full load can be washed in just 30 minutes with super quick 8 wash programs that can you choose in eco, auto 40, mix wash 55, intensive, quick, glass care, mini (half load), and pre-wash programs.

The product is available in a 2-year warranty.

EDWB16G and EDWB16S has 4.5 WELS star rating, with 14.3L water capacity. Both product also has a 3.5-star energy rating.

At this time of writing, no customer review is found. With the price tag, people prefer other dishwashers, such as this dishwasher which is made in Germany.



FIDWB16 is Euromaid fully integrated dishwasher. In 60cm size, this series has a 818mm (adjustable to 918mm) x 600mm x 598mm dimension. This dishwasher is a kitchen cabinet maker to supply panel to suit kitchen cupboards that very luxury look like. In black color, this dishwasher has a modern design and the latest technology. You will not disappointed with this product cause their customer to give good reviews for this product.

With 16 place settings, this dishwasher includes 8 wash programs. They are Prewash, 30 min, Eco 45C, Quick 60C, Intensive 70C, Hygiene 70C, Mix wash 70C, and Auto 40-65C program that very easy to use. You will find auxiliary functions such as half load, extra drying, fast+ function until turbo wash with this machine. You just need 30 min for a fast wash option. There is slide out additional cutlery or utensil tray that makes your job faster.

This product has a 3-star energy rating and 5-star water rating.

It comes with 2-year manufacturer warranty.

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