Giselle bedding has been on the market for over 20 years.

Giselle mattress is a great choice for those looking for a value for money mattress. With under $500 you can get a mattress with similar features to other more expensive mattresses.

For example, you can get this 36cm thick queen size mattress on Amazon for under $450. It is a medium-firm mattress, with three layers of high-density foam and 7-zoned support pocket spring system. Other brand mattresses with similar features priced around $5000. Although it might be too soft for some people.

Best of all, Giselle mattress comes with 15 years manufacturer warranty. Other mattresses with similar price only have 1 year to 10 years warranty.

No wonder they sell over 50,000 of mattresses annually.

Best seller Giselle Mattress on Amazon: Queen Size 34cm Pocket Spring Mattress with Euro Top


  • Great value for money
  • 5 zones support – different level support for your head, shoulder, lumbar & hip, knee and lower leg
  • Low partner disturbance. So you will not get disturbed if your partner changing sleep position.
  • Hypoallergenic and breathable surface material


  • Too soft for some people

Giselle Mattress Toppers Review

Giselle Mattress Toppers are a simple and effective way to make your new mattress more comfortable. The presence of this product seems to be a complement to the mattress that you use. The Giselle company understands the needs of its customers for better rest quality. So the tone can use the mattress toppers of this product for the perfection of your rest.

This Mattress Toppers product has high quality with attractive gel and foam material. these high-quality ingredients make the product more durable so that it lasts for long-term use. The material chosen by Giselle can help increase airflow and eliminate unneeded heat. This form provides clear firmness and full support in important sleep positions.

For its design, Giselle presents a luxurious design. The cloth cover used looks very elegant and feels very soft. Each knitting detail gives the impression of classy and of course very smooth so comfortable to wear. The material used feels cooler which makes it very suitable for use in hot weather. This product can be used as a substitute for the foam mattress cover that you have.

In terms of customer satisfaction, this product has a high level of satisfaction. Many customers are satisfied with this product because of the comfort provided by Giselle Mattress Toppers. Customers feel the price offered is very following the quality provided. Even some customers feel the price is too cheap for the premium quality provided by Giselle.

If a problem occurs after making a purchase, Giselle offers a product guarantee of up to one year. Although it may not sound like a long time, it is enough for customers because the product rarely experiences problems and can still be used well for a long time. Because the product is durable, then you can save even more to buy mattress toppers. You don’t need to go often to buy mattress toppers because this product from Giselle is very durable.

For the first time use, maybe you will smell the foam that is quite pungent. But over time this smell will fade and not become a serious problem. The foam used feels very soft and quite thick. If you like thin foam, then this product is not right for you. This product is suitable for those of you who like mattress toppers with a fairly thick size. That’s why many customers consider this product high enough to be used.

In addition to the pungent odor at the beginning of use, customers also complained that the top or surface is so slippery when first used. But gradually it will go away along with the more frequent use of the product. This slippery product is caused by its soft surface.

You can still get extraordinary comfort with Giselle mattress toppers because this product is presented with fine ingredients and quality. You will feel your sleep more comfortable so that your rest is arguably more quality than before. A quality sleep process can improve the quality of your life for the better so that your life expectancy also increases. Indirectly, this also affects your health.

You can try the mattress and mattress toppers from Giselle to feel the comfort of extraordinary sleep. With the best quality and affordable prices, you will get more than expected.