Having a large house has become quite difficult to realize lately, given the price of residential land is increasingly high until difficult to reach. No wonder if this is a challenge for those who live in urban areas.

The narrower residential land in big cities, the house is identical to the small size and very mediocre. Even so, you can still arrange a small house with certain tricks, to make it look wider.

Arranging the house to make it look wider becomes a common thing to do, so that the impression of narrow and small can be removed from your home. Not only cost-effective, this step will also make the house look more comfortable and pleasant to live in.

In addition to choosing and placing the right furniture, doing certain tricks to give a broad impression on the house is another thing that you should try.

Choose a Bright Color for the Wall area

Paint has always been one of the effective ways to overcome the various deficiencies in the house, including a narrow house. The choice of the right paint color will indeed give its own impression, it can even be very different from usual.

To make the house look wider, you can choose one of the bright colors for the wall area of ​​your home. Choose and adjust the color of this paint with the design and furniture of the house, so that overall your home will look beautiful and comfortable

Place the Mirror at Multiple Points

Oakley Round Wall Mirror
Mirror at Zanui

Mirror becomes one of the magic objects that can give a broad impression on the room, especially for small and narrow sized rooms. You can choose several medium-sized mirrors and have a unique frame to beautify your home.

Place this mirror side by side, so you can get a broad and artistic impression at once. The use of mirrors like this you can apply in several rooms, especially in the main room which is often the focus of the house.

Use the rug with the right pattern

Lagom Rug
Rug from Zanui

The use of rug in the floor area can also be an option, especially for those of you who like to use this object at home. Do not just choose a pattern, because the wrong pattern can make the house seems full and cramped.

As much as possible choose a rug with small and repetitive patterns because it can make the room feel more spacious and relieved. This rug you can use in some areas of the house or even under the furniture that you display.

Choose Furniture that Can Be Multifunctional

Gaiana 3 Seater Single Sofa Daybed w/ Trundle - Light Grey
Sofa Bed Trundle from Luxo Living

In order to give a broad impression, avoiding a lot of furniture is certainly a mandatory thing to do. You have to make the house relieved and not filled with a variety of items, especially large ones.

Select and use furniture that has many functions at once (multifunctional) that can be used for several needs at once, for example beds that have storage space underneath, tables that can be folded and become chairs when not in use, and others.

Take advantage of the Wall Area and Create a Large Window

Having a variety of furniture will be a challenge in a smaller house. Because you need to arrange everything well. For this one matter, there is no harm in utilizing the area of ​​the walls of your home.

You can hang a television and also a variety of other supporting electronic furniture on the wall alone, rather than you have to use a narrow area of ​​your home by placing it on a special table.

Light that enters the house can also give a broad impression on the area inside the house, and this you can get if you have a large window. Make a window with a large size, so more sunlight comes in.

In addition, also complete this window with curtains the right size and length, so that a broad impression can indeed be obtained with the maximum.

Avoid furniture that sticks to the wall

If for some furniture you need to stick it on the wall, this does not apply to some other furniture. You need to avoid furniture that sticks directly (tightly) to the wall because this can give the impression of full and narrow.

This applies to several types of furniture that are commonly used, such as sofas, tables, and others. We recommend using a variety of furniture with a minimalist model.

Use Bulkhead and Avoid Door Use

Houses with rooms that are limited by the door will feel more narrow, especially if the rooms in the house are not large. Avoid this by means of using screens between rooms and avoid using doors.

In addition to giving a broader impression, the use of insulation like this will also make you more free to organize the house. You can use insulation from furniture that has other functions.