Hugo Sleep is changing the mattress shopping experience for Australians all over the country. Hugo Sleep believes that for too long, mattress companies have been, quite frankly, ripping consumers off with their hefty markup price tags, and unrealistic mattress trial – who can really get a feel for a mattress with spending two minutes on it, awake, in a showroom? 

Hugo Sleep has taken notes of what they don’t like about mattress stores and offers a selection of different size mattresses directly to the consumer, taking out the middle man and going straight from their warehouse to your front door. Goodbye, are the days where you have to go to mattress stores and lay on a bed that thousands of others have tried out previously. Now, with Hugo Sleep, you can look into getting a mattress to buy online with being a mattress vacuum seal bag conveniently straight to your house. 

How Good Are Box Mattresses Really? - Hugo Sleep Review

There are a lot of great aspects of Hugo Sleep that sets them apart from other mattress competitors on the market today. 

We’re going to dive in and not only determine if Hugo Sleep is worth the price, but also how it compares to another mattress in a box reviews on the market today and at the end of the day is it the right mattress in a box for you and your needs. 

Things You Should Know Before You Buy from Hugo Sleep

Free delivery

Hugo Sleeps offers free shipping Australia wide – no minimum spend. This allows you to avoid paying any hefty shipping costs that can be a pain point when it comes to looking at mattress to buy online and may commonly deter most online shoppers away. 

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3 Month Trial Period 

It’s nearly impossible to know if a mattress with work for you just from reading mattress in a box reviews online. Hugo Sleep knows this. This is exactly why they offer you a 3 month, 90 day trial period to ensure that your mattress is the right one for you. 

It should take about a month to completely adjust to your new mattress, after that you should be able to tell if it’s the right mattress for you. 

If you’re not happy with your mattress choice, you can get a full refund as long as it’s under the 3 month trial period. You also don’t have to stress about putting the mattress back in the box, Hugo Sleep will handle that part for you! 

Delivery Timeframe

Orders before 12 PM are dispatched the same day and if you’re located in Melbourne metro area, you’re in luck and get same-day delivery! East coast metro will receive their mattress vacuum seal bag and box in about 1-5 days and the rest of the country can receive their mattresses in about 10 days or less. 

Hugo Sleep is also incredibly accommodating and if you’re looking to find out an exact lead time, you can give them a call and they can provide you with more information. 

Setting Up

Since the Hugo Sleep is a mattress vacuum seal bag, it needs time to inflate. The mattress itself will expand about 90% of its size within a minute and the remaining 10% off the mattress in the vacuum seal bag takes another few hours or so to completely inflate. 

How It Works 

When it comes to mattress to buy online or mattress vacuum seal bag, a lot of people may be skeptical about how it actually works, but it all comes down to a science. Since Hugo is made from extremely high-quality foam, it can be compressed to fit inside the box and return to its original full shape when it’s released. 

How Good Are Box Mattresses Really? - Hugo Sleep Review

The Comfort Level 

Hugo Sleep has designed this box mattress to be ideal for pretty much everyone by designing a mattress that isn’t too hard and isn’t too soft. It provides the support you need during the night but cozy enough that you’ll never want to get out of bed Saturday morning.

Obviously, not one size fits all which is why they offer the trial period so you can test it out for yourself and ensure that you’ve found the mattress of your dreams. 

Size Options 

Like most mattress companies, Hugo has the standard sizes from a single to a mattress king size sale. The Single mattresses start at $695 and the mattress king size sale goes for about $1,095. 

That being said, they normally always have discounts like this one going on right now for $50 off! 

Recommended Bed Base

Regardless if you’re getting a mattress king size sale or a single mattress, Hugo thrives on a firm flat surface such as bed slats. It’s not a picky mattress, so you can pretty much set it on anything! 

Notable Factors 

Some notable factors about Hugo Sleep include: 

  • Australian Made 
  • 3 Month Trial 
  • Free Shipping 
  • Express Delivery 
  • 10-Year Warranty 
  • Easy Returns 

The Mattress Layers 

How Good Are Box Mattresses Really? - Hugo Sleep Review
When it comes to Hugo Sleep, with only having one mattress designed, you know that they’ve spent a lot of time and energy on mattress vacuum seal bag. 

Natural Latex 

The natural latex is the very top layer and is designed to be breathable for you to stay cool at night. It’s also made from a natural hypoallergic material that is also antimicrobial to reduce any bacteria as well. 

Memory Foam

Memory foam is the next layer from the top and matches your body’s natural contours. It’s exceptional for pressure relief and provides extra comfort.  

Transition Foam 

The third layer down is the transition foam which helps to transition between the top two layers and the bottom support layer. 

High-Density Foam 

The high-density foam base is designed to provide additional structure and foundation to the mattress. It’s extremely supportive and durable and spring-free. 

Mattress Features 

How Good Are Box Mattresses Really? - Hugo Sleep Review

Cool & Breathable 

Hugo Sleep has designed this mattress in a box reviews after careful consideration. With the mattress layers mentioned above, the Hugo Mattress is made to be breathable and promote airflow as well as disperses heat to help you stay cool while you’re sleeping. 

Bounce Approved

Motion is kept isolated which means that your partner won’t feel you tossing and turning during the night. The mattress is strong and stable without being restrictive. 

What Customers Have to Say 

Hugo Sleep mentions that 95% of their customers choose to keep their mattresses at the end of the three-month trial period – which in our opinion, is pretty great! 

Some notable customer reviews include: 

  • “Now sleeping better than ever” 
  • “Very very comfortable” 
  • “honestly the BEST mattress I’ve ever had”

Our Thoughts 

In terms of matters to buy online and another mattress in a box reviews, the Hugo Sleep mattress is a great option if you’re looking for your next mattress. Box mattresses and mattress vacuum seal bags are more popular today due to a variety of factors including convenience, features, and trial periods. 

Hugo Sleep trial period and ease of ordering is a great way to try out the mattress risk-free to see if it’s truly the right one for you. The only con that we can really think of when it comes to the Hugo Sleep mattress is the price tag. It’s about a mid-range price in terms of mattresses, but when it comes to mattresses in a box, it’s a little on the higher side. That being said, we find that with the high-quality materials, the three-month trial, and the additional benefits and features of the company and mattress, you are getting good value for your money. They also have discounts and sales happening all the time so if you’re looking to purchase a Hugo Mattress yourself, make sure you wait for a sale to happen. 

If you’re in the market for a new mattress, regardless if it’s a mattress king size sale or a single, Hugo Sleep mattress is definitely worth considering. 

Our Rating 

4.0 out of 5.0 stars  

To learn more information about Hugo Sleep, their features, company mission, visit their website linked down below.