ILVE has been established since 1952 in Italy. It was then introduced to Australian market in 1984. The ovens are hand made in Italy.

All ILVE appliances are made using 304 ‘surgical grade’ stainless steel, makes them rust proof and more hygienic. Some of the ovens are cataylic oven, where the oven uses special catalytic liners inside the oven cavity, which is terrific at absorbing grease. You just need to run the self-cleaning programme.

All of ILVE electric ovens also earn European Energy “A Class” ratings.

When you purchase an ILVE oven, you will get a complimentary 2 hour masterclass, where you will learn top tips for getting the most out of your ILVE oven, as well as how to prepare and cook delicious ILVE dishes.



ILVE Gas Oven

ILVE 60cm Gas Oven 600SVGI

Ilve Gas Oven 600SVGI is an Australian product from Italian experts that provides a one-year guarantee to satisfy customers. This oven is designed with elegant glass. The advanced technology used can be seen from the cooking mode printed on the control panel.

This oven has a capacity of up to 66 liters and 60cm size with 4 function modes, namely multifunctional experts, lower gas flame, grill, and fan grill. You don’t need to worry when using this oven because it is designed with a BIO-Safe triple-coated glass door. This design keeps you safe while cooking in various modes. Although when used to heat up to 250 degrees Celsius the door becomes warm, many customers still feel satisfied with this product due to the fact that this oven is able to save more than 60% energy.

For its use, the oven is written in instructions which are considered somewhat confusing because there is a possibility written in English that comes from an Italian translation. Even so, most customers find this oven very easy to use.

With an affordable price, Ilve still prioritizes the quality of this oven. Ilve factory prepares friendly customer service if there are problems when using the product. Overall, this oven is worth having to meet personal or extended family needs.

ILVE Electric Oven

ILVE electric ovens have a quick start or preheat mode which allows the oven to heat from 0 to 175 degree Celcius in just 6 to 8 minutes.

They normally offer 10 cooking functions: Pizza, Conventional, Lower Floor Heating, Upper Element, Conventional Grill with a Rotisserie mode option, Fan Grill, Fan Assist, Fan Forced, Quick Start / Pre-heat, and Defrost.

All ILVE ovens are also equipped with a cavity cooling fan, which will be on automatically when the oven cavity reaches a temperature of 60 degree Celcius. It will continue to run, even after the oven is switched off. It will be automatically off when the oven cavity has reached a suitable temperature.

ILVE Electric Oven 90cm 900SKMPI

ILVE oven 900SKMPI is a quality product that is loved by customers. The elegant design with full glass doors makes this product seem luxurious and classy. The quality presented by this product is the best even though it is offered at an affordable price. You will use the cooking mode printed on the control panel with interesting symbols.

102-liter oven capacity is quite large, equipped with a choice of 9 multifunctional expert modes such as light options, convection, fan assistance, bottom, half grill, grill, fan grill, forced fan to pizza. Customers need not worry about safety because the oven is equipped with a BIO-Safe triple-coated glass door that makes it safe to use. You will not overheat when opening the oven door after cooking.

With a one-year warranty, this oven is also quite energy-efficient. You will feel as other customers feel how nice it is to use this Italian-made oven. If a problem occurs, Ilve always provides friendly customer service.

ILVE Electric Oven 90cm 900STCPI

The 900STCPI Ilve oven is the latest series with research and development for up to two years. This oven comes with sophisticated modern technology. When it comes to design, this oven has a classy and luxurious appearance. Many customers say they like the oven just by looking at it as if they were in love at first sight.

With a one-year warranty, this oven features a color TFT touch screen with a smart control panel available in 11 different languages ​​with more than 35 prescription modes that can be set and up to 100 recipes that are equipped with the help call feature from CHEF-assist. This technology allows you to cook any dish perfectly in a more energy-efficient way.

There is also an S-MOVE soft-closing door that allows you to close the oven door with just a simple push, prevent the door from crashing and without using your hands.


ILVE Upright Cooker

ILVE cooktops are powered with gas. All of the gas burners are produced using solid brass. Brass is denser than aluminium, which is used in common cooktop. As it is denser, brass gives maintains stable high cooking temperatures and will not oxidise or pit. Hence ILVE burner holes will never clog with impurities. Its burner holes are also designed in such a way so that the base of saucepans are heated from the middle-out to deliver optimum cooking efficiency.

There are 8 styles of ILVE freestanding cookers: Grigio Lusso, HNF Series, Majestic, Nostalgie, NT Series, Pro-line, Quadra and V-Line.


ILVE Quadra Series: 90cm Dual Fuel Upright Cooker PW90FMP

Ilve Dual Fuel Upright Cooker PW90FMP is an upright cooker with 5 gas burners, electric oven and tepanyaki plate.



ILVE 90cm Dual Fuel Upright Cooker PW906MP/I

Ilve Dual Fuel Upright Cooker PW906MP consists of several series such as ILVE 90cm Dual Fuel Upright Cooker PW906MP/I, ILVE 90cm Dual Fuel Upright Cooker PW906MP/B and ILVE 90cm Dual Fuel Upright Cooker PW906MP/N. All three of these series have the best quality that carries the latest technology. You can choose which series is very suitable for your cooking needs.

ILVE 90cm Dual Fuel Upright Cooker PW906MP/I consists of 11 cooking functions that allow you to cook with a variety of choices. With a capacity of 110 liters, this product has a pre-heating function Turbowave Quickstart in 8 minutes which can make you save time in cooking. The design looks elegant with modern stainless steel construction complete with removable doors and glass inside. The three-layer glass door that is used makes you not feel hot when you open the door. One year warranty is presented to make customers satisfied with this product.

ILVE 90cm Dual Fuel Upright Cooker PW906MP/B has a capacity of 110 Liters with clean vitreous interior design, an easy black, smooth, non-coloring appearance that looks charming. The advanced technology that is presented can be seen from the control panel, three-door glass for cooler door temperatures to Catalytic’s own cleaning system.

This product uses Turbowave technology so that the quality of this product is always preferred by customers. Many customers choose this product because it offers a longer product warranty among other products that are up to two years.

ILVE 90cm Dual Fuel Upright Cooker PW906MP/N is included in Ilve’s popular Quadra series. 110L oven capacity with a choice of 11 multifunctional cooking modes is very helpful for you in cooking. Just like the other PW906MP series, this series has three glass-lined doors. The highest design and quality you will feel when cooking with this oven. Presented with a two-year warranty period, customers are very satisfied with this product.