If you are looking for an Australian made oven, InAlto oven might be the one for you. InAlto ovens are designed with the guidance of a leading European design house and famous Melbourne-based Chef Andreas Papadakis (worked as a Senior Chef at Vue de Monde, then opened his own award-winning Italian restaurant Tipo Oo and Osteria Ilaria).


The name is not as popular as its multinational competitor brands. Not many people bought the oven because of the ‘unknown’.

Inalto ovens are affordable Australian made ovens with great functionality and European design. On average, InAlto ovens are slightly deeper than other ovens. Hence they have a bigger oven capacity. These ovens quickly heat up.

InAlto Upright Cooker

InAlto 90cm Dual Fuel Upright Cooker RU9EGB

This is an electric powered oven with 112 liters capacity and a gas-powered cooktop. There are 5 burners and 9 oven functions: Conventional, Fan-forced, Fan Assist, Lower Element, Grill, Full Grill, Full Grill with Fan, Defrost and Light. Twin fans, which enable you to pre-heat quickly.

When you purchase this freestanding oven, you will get enamelled baking tray, safety shelves, rotisserie, LPG conversion kit and LPG Test Point.

Unlike some other freestanding ovens that use knob for timer, this one uses LED programmable timer.

With the triple glazed door, you do not need to worry about touching the oven door.

It comes with 2 years manufacturer’s warranty. According to the review found, the purchaser was happy with the after-purchase support from the manufacturer.

In terms of the price, this dual fuel cooker is a bit more expensive than this Westinghouse’s 90 cm dual fuel cooker which uses a knob for the timer, but cheaper than Westinghouse’s 90 cm dual fuel cooker with LED timer.

InAlto 90cm Induction Upright Cooker RU9EIB

This seems to be the cheapest brand new induction upright cooker. Other induction freestanding cooker such as Fisher & Paykel is almost double the price.

Purchasers were happy with this great value induction cooker. It is still working well even after 2 years. It heats quickly.

You will find nine functions in this oven: Conventional, Forced Fans, Fan Helps, Bottom Element, Grills, Full Grills, A grill complete with a fan, melting ice to light.

InAlto Wall Oven

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  60cm Electric Oven IO60XL5M 60cm Electric Oven IO60XL5T 60cm Double Oven IDO68S Inbuilt Microwave Oven MC25BF
Price Check Here Check Here Check Here Check Here
Cooking Functions Fan-forced, Grill, Grill with Fan, Defrost, Light Fan-Forced, Grill, Fan & Grill, Defrost, Light Light, Defros, Bake, Fan, Half Grill, Grill, Grill Fan, Bottom Element Fan Microwave, Grill, Combi, Convection, and Defrost
Timer 120 minute timer controlled with Knobs LED Timer LED Timer LED Timer
Capacity 85L 85L 60L main oven, 42L smaller oven 25L
Child Safety Lock No No Yes Yes
Cool Touch Yes Yes Yes No

InAlto 60cm Electric Oven IO60XL5M

InAlto 60cm Electric Oven  IO60XL5M
InAlto 60cm Electric Oven

This modern and classy oven design with black glass and stainless steel finish, is perfect for any kitchen. It has 5 cooking functions: Fan-forced, Grill, Grill with Fan, Defrost and Light with 85L gross capacity and 5 shelf positions.

You don’t need to worry touching the door when it is cooking, as this is triple-glazed and designed to stay cool.

It is controlled by push pull knobs, and has up to 120 minute minder timer.

It comes with 2 year manufacturer warranty.

Unfortunately there is no purchaser review found for this model.

In terms of the price, this oven is cheaper than most other electricity ovens such as Technika, Westinghouse, Bosch, etc.

Although it has the same price as this Chef electric oven, InAlto IO60XL5M offers more cooking functions. That Chef electric oven does not have Grill with Fan, and Light function.

I can say that this oven is a good value for money oven. It is a pity that this brand is not marketed well enough. Or maybe the colour of all-black makes this oven not so popular.

InAlto 60cm Electric Oven IO60XL5T

This oven has a similar feature as the one mentioned above (IO60XL5M). The only difference is this comes with a programmable timer (LED) instead of a knob.

InAlto 60cm Double Oven IDO68S

This electric-powered wall oven will suit anyone who loves to bake or grill. It has a capacity of 102L (60 litre + 42 litre). You can choose any of the 4 functions of upper oven: Top + Bottom element (bake), Bottom Element (Pastry), Top Element and Grill. For the lower oven, you can choose any of the 8 functions: Light, Defrost, Bake, Fan, Half Grill, Grill, Grill and Fan, Bottom Element + Fan.

The temperature is set by push-pull knobs, but for the timer, it uses programmable LED.

Like other InAlto ovens, it has triple-glazed removable door, which makes it cool so you do not get feel the heat when you touch the door.

If you are looking for a double oven with many functions, this oven might suit you. But if you prefer something cheaper from a more well-known brand, I would choose this double oven.

InAlto Inbuilt Microwave Oven MC25BF

Unfortunately no purchaser review is found for this inbuilt microwave oven.