Mica Lighting is an Australian lighting company that is known for providing high-quality lamps, fans, lights, and accessories to Australians all over the country. They have a fantastic selection of lighting whether you’re into glitz and glam style or something more modern and sophisticated, they have a huge selection, that if you’re in the market for some new lighting, chances are you’ll find just what you’re looking for at Mica Lighting. So If you’re searching for a lighting store near me, Mica Lighting is a popular option due to being an online lighting store.

Mica Lighting states that they’re “Always switched on” when it comes to new styles, customer service, and promotions, and LED lighting Australia. This article, we’re going to reviewing Mica Lighting in a complete, comprehensive way. You may find reviews commonly done on individual products from a particular brand or company, but in this post we’re going to a do a full review on Mica Lighting as a whole.

This means that we will not only be looking at the products Mica Lighting offers but also their customer service, how their business operates as a whole, and what you can expect when purchasing from Mica Lighting.

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Things You Should Know Before Buying From Mica Lighting

Online Purchasing

One of the most popular searches when it comes to finding lighting is, locating “lighting stores near me.” Although Mica Lighting is mostly an online business, that can deter a lot of people from purchasing from them and they know this. When it comes to decorating your space and especially when it comes to lighting, in particular, you probably want to see the lights in person before making the commitment. Although Mica Lighting makes it easier to shop for lighting online with their SecurePay team, ensuring that your credit card details are kept safe and secure and also not stored on their server, but also with their policies.

For people that would like to see the Mica Lighting before making the purchase, they do offer showrooms that are open to the public.

Showroom Location: Factory 8, 4 Metrolink Circuit West, Cambelfield, VIC

Showroom hours: Tuesday – Saturday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Shipping and Pick Ups

Mica Lighting offers flexibility in a variety of different services including pickups and shipping. Shipping depends on solely where you live and the size of your order. The shipping cost is automatically calculated for you in your shopping cart as soon as you enter your postcode information. This is a simple way for you to judge if you would like to have your items shipped to you or if you would rather pick them up.

If your order is large and you don’t want to pay for a hefty shipping pill, you can head to their showroom location we mentioned above and collect your items between 9:00 am – 5:00 PM during their open days. The process is super simple as you pre-pay for your items beforehand, and then you receive an email or phone call when your order is ready to be picked up at the showroom.

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Shipping Insurance  

Especially when it comes to breakable items, you may want to have your items protected incase they break during postage. Unfortunately, this is something that you will have to pay extra for as it’s not included in your order.

That being said, if shipping insurance is something that you would like, you can select “Shipping Insurance” at checkout. This is an additional charge and if your item is taken, missing or damaged while during shipping, you are covered.

That being said, if shipping insurance is something that you would like, you can select “Shipping Insurance” at checkout. This is an additional charge and if your item is taken, missing or damaged while during shipping, you are covered.

Australian Standards

If you’re worried about the quality of Mica Lighting or if their products are up to standards, you can rest assured that all Mica Lighting product they sell is compliant with Australian Standards.

Customer Service  

As we mentioned earlier, Mica Lighting is stated as always being switched on and that is true when it comes to customer service. Or at least they try for it to be. If you have any questions or issues with your order you can contact the Mica Lighting team by calling them at 1300 GO MICA or visiting their contact us page on their website 24/7.

About Mica Lighting

Especially when it comes to ordering products online, a lot of people like to learn a little bit more about the company that they’re going to shop for. The company’s values, mission statement and their terms and conditions, are all important things to consider when shopping.

Mica Lighting is a family operated company that is located in VIC, Australia. Their mission is to provide quality lighting at wholesale prices, directly available to the public. They specialise in many avenues including domestic, commercial, and retail avenues, led lighting Australia, and they stock the latest designs from international influence, replica lighting, traditional, general, and much much more. In fact, they state that they have access to over 10,000 lines and it’s constantly growing every day.

The online website is where Mica Lighting traditionally operates and runs the business. Since the company offers its services not only service the entire country but also parts of the world as well. That being said, they know how important it is for some people to visit and see the lighting in person before making the commitment, this is why they offer visits to their Showroom location in Melbourne, Victoria. So if you live in the Melbourne area, you can definitely go and check out that lamp or downlight in person before making the commitment.

Products Offered 

Mica Lighting is known for its variety of lights, fans, and lighting accessories, and led lighting Australia. They promise to have affordable prices and are constnantly having sales and promotions on their website as well.

We will go through each of the categories that Mica Lighting sells below.  

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As you would expect, with a name like Mica Lighting, lighting is definitely a major focus for the company, as it is THE focus for the company. With being a lighting company, Mica Lighting wants to be your go-to lighting resource by offering a selection of high-quality lights at affordable, wholesale prices.

With being Australia’s go-to lighting company, you need to have a diverse selection of lights that anyone and everyone is able to find something for them and Mica Lighting has definitely accomplished that.

Lighting Options

Mica Lighting has various categories so that you can truly find the lighting that you need. Their website is pretty easy to navigate with various lighting categories or you can just search through “All Lighting” as well.

  • All Lighting
  • Designer & Replica Lighting: Add high-quality design and style for a fraction of the price.
  • Traditional Period Lighting: Brings out the charm in your home at wholesale prices.
    Ceiling Lights:
    Fill your home with ample lighting with LED options available.
  • Indoor Wall Lights: Suited from modern to traditional, there’s a series of wall lights available including picture lights, wall lights, vanity lights, and more.
  • Outdoor Lights: Make your outdoor area as comfortable as possible with a collection of mood lighting and security lighting.
  • Ceiling Lighting – Timber, Wooden & Bamboo
  • Floor & Table Lighting – Timber, Wooden & Bamboo
  • Wall Lighting – Timber, Wooden & Bamboo

When selecting various categories, you will be brought to a number of different pages and shown a selection of lights that match that category. For ‘Designer & Replica Lighting’ you are brought to a page when you can scroll through a list of particular designers that you may be interested in so that you can truly narrow down your selection when it comes to finding that replica piece. We found this very helpful when using their website.


Another area that Mica Lighting offers is lamps with a selection of various different styles, shapes, and colours and for different areas of the home. Whether you’re searching for the perfect lamps for bedside table or for your office desk, Mica Lighting has it all.

Lamp Options

Mica Lighting has various categories so that you can truly find the lighting that you need. Need lamps for bedside table? Not a problem! Their website is pretty easy to navigate with various lamp categories or you can just search through “All Lamps” as well.

  • All Lamps
  • Table & Desk Lamps: the perfect accessory for any table, acting like a centrepiece but also providing beautiful illumination to the entire room.
  • Floor Lamps: floor lamps are simple, yet extravagant and no matter what style you’re looking for, Mica can help!
  • Touch Lamps: Gone are the days trying to find the switch to operate the light, simply tap and the light turns on or off.
  • Clamp Lamps: Perfect for readers or people that work at a home office, clamp lamps stay in place and offer direct lighting where you need it most.

When selecting various categories, you will be brought to a number of different pages and shown a selection of lamps under that category such as lamps for bedside table. Another way to shop if you’re not sure of the different styles and what they are is to search the ‘All Lamps” option. This link will bring you to a page that shows example photos of each style lamp listed above with a short description of each.


Fans are not only a way to make the home a lot more comfortable with air circulation and cooling down the home on a hot day, especially in Australia, having fans throughout the home are now almost a necessity. Regardless of what room of the house you’re looking for a fan, Mica Lighting can help.

Fan Options

Mica Lighting has various categories so that you can truly find the fans that you need. Their website is pretty easy to navigate with various fan categories or you can just search through “All Fans” as well.

  • All Fans
  • Bathroom Fans & Heaters: Whether it’s an inbuilt exhaust fan or an all-inclusive Andromeda and Supernova heater, you can find just what you need.
  • Ceiling Fans: Find the perfect ceiling fan for your particular style – Mica Lighting swears they have just the one for you!
  • Ceiling Fan Accessories: There are some tools and accessories needed to ensure that your fan is properly installed and working as needed.

When selecting various categories, you will be brought to a number of different pages and shown a selection of fans that match that category and a short description that matches it. Click on the category that interests you and you’ll be brought to a sales page with a variety of different options under that category of fans.


Lighting can require a lot of different settings and features. The accessory selection at Mica Lighting is the largest selection of items they offer suitable for a wide range of different lighting products.

Accessory Options

The Accessories page is extremely large, but thanks to the drop down menu you can truly find just what you’re looking for and fairly fast.

  • All Accessories
  • Adaptors & Conversion Plates
  • Cables for Lighting
  • Canopies & Ceiling Pans
  • Chandelier Hoist/ Winch
  • Cord Grips & Accessories
  • Dimmer Switches
  • Downlights- Frame Only
  • Downlight Covers
  • Globes & Bulbs
  • Hooks for Lighting
  • Lamp Holders & Accessories
  • Sensors
  • Shades – Fabric, Glass, Metal Options
  • Solid Brass Componentary
  • Starters
  • Suspension Lighting Kits
  • Terminal & Junction Boxes
  • Threaded Rods & Accessories
  • Transformers

Regardless of your lighting needs, you can not only find the perfect lighting options for you but everything you need when it comes to hanging it and making it perfect for your home. The accessories page is truly what helps differentiate Mica Lighting from other lighting companies out there and truly establishing themselves as the ‘lighting experts.’

Temple & Webster LED Vintage Style Outdoor Festoon Lights

What Customers Have to Say

Some notable customer reviews include:

  • “Wonderful Experience”
  • “Exceptional Service”
  • “Great Service”
  • “Outstanding Customer Service”
  • “What I have been looking for a long time”

Our Thoughts

With ‘lighting stores near me’ being one of the most popular searches when it comes to searching for lighting companies on the internet, we love that Mica Lighting is fulfilling Australian’s needs with an online storefront that is available not only throughout Australia but globally as well.

When it comes to decorating your home and especially when it comes to lighting, a lot of people may be hesitant about ordering products online. On the flip side, a lot more people are shopping online than ever before. Regardless. of people’s personal preference with the showroom and the online interface, Mica Lighting has been able. to appeal to both types of people by offering a selection of high-quality lighting, lamps, fans, and accessories to Australian’s for wholesale pricing.

When it comes to selection, Mica Lighting definitely has one of the largest lighting selections in Australia and definitely does in terms of lighting accessories. They market themselves as Australian’s Go-to Lighting Company and we can definitely see how they can deserve that title. If you’re looking for new lighting, Mica Lighting is definitely worth checking out for yourself.

Our Rating

4.0 out of 5.0 stars