Congratulation on your new house! Moving into a new house is usually exciting when it comes to the adventure, but it then comes with headaches. There are a lot of things that you would want to keep track of them when you are moving into a new house. It is always the case that you cannot be able to remember each and every one of your items. That is why it is so important to come up with a new house checklist which helps you in keeping track of every important step along the way. The list will entail all the necessary tasks that you need to complete for you to move. It might be so long but you need to relax and take it to step by step, soon you will be comfortably relaxing in your new house. Below are the factors to put in place:

Figure out what items to sell or give out

Immediately you are sure of moving, take your time to walk around your current house so as to come up with a list of all your items that you are planning to sell or donate. After this, you need to look at those pieces that you can live without until when moving into your new home and decide on whether you will sell them or offer them as donations.

Pare down and purge

You need to start packing the items that you feel are easier for you. While going through your stuff you should try as much as possible not to overthink them. If you have something that you love and regularly use then you should keep it, but if this is not the case you can let it go. And put into consideration that those items that you eliminate before moving are one less thing you need to bring with you.

Do research on the moving companies

After looking at the online reviews and the testimonies, you are left with an option of narrowing the companies moving list to fewer amounts. Then contact the companies to get direct quotes. You should not put the cost as your sole factor in decisions. Though do research on the insurance policies of the company and the liability practices.

Stock up on moving supplies

When you finally begin to pack, you need not to stop your progress by going to the store to seek for more boxes. Save your time and choose everything a head of time. You should be able to collect different sizes of boxes, tapes for packing and all the necessary tools.

You should take your house photos before packing

Walkthrough your house and snap each room’s photos from different angles. With this in position, when you are in your new home and fail to remember where you how you used to arrange your house, you will, therefore, have a referring resource.

Transfer utilities

You should be able to transfer your utilities by looking for various utility companies contacts, after finding them, take a seat and make a call. You are supposed to schedule the shut-off day for the day that you will be moving, and then pay any pending fees. In the case of using the same providers, you need to update your mailing address and come up with an activation schedule.

Cancel or forward you subscriptions

Moving to a new home Is an intelligent excuse for whether you will still want to receive magazines and newspapers to your new home address. If you need them no more, then go ahead and cancel this will make you save the extra cash but if you need them make the customer care to know by calling to inform them on your new mailing address.

Double check your new homes dimensions

Just before you begin ordering the furniture for the new home, you have to be sure that you have the right measurements. You should keep a note of the square meters, the height of the ceiling, and the length of the windows in each of the rooms. Then consider purchasing space-saving sofas that will definitely fit your house.

Coming up with copies of important documents
Dedicate your time to sort out the important files and make their copies. Another way is to scan the important documents in your computer so as to be a backup just in case you misplace the hard copies during the move. If it worries you to save your important documents on the computer then you can go ahead and save them in a password encrypted folder.

Pack the fragile and delicate items first

Before you are out of energy and your motivation diminishes, you should put more focus on efficiently packing the fragile stuff such as the dishes.
Inform the financial institutions that you are moving to.

If you are moving into a place that is far away, make sure that your bank or credit cards company are aware of you traveling this is because other companies may tend to suspend your card if they learn that you spend a lot of time away from your home town, but if they are alerted before the time they have no problem.

Change the lock

This might be essential in cases where you are not the first person to reside in the new home. Therefore, changing locks makes you be on a safer side.
There you have it! your checklist before moving to a new house. Try them out and you will be all set to move into your new house.