You must be wondering what makes Philips all in one cooker tremendous and all it can do. Perhaps you imagine a fantastic transformation by Willy Wonka, but the truth is that this device is even more impressive. Typically, it does not vacuum the house or make coffee for you, but you can do almost anything you want. In the first place, the all-in-one cooker is the best when it comes to anything to do with cooking. If you like to cook slowly, you can be sure this device will not let you down, and in case you love pressure cooking, this product is for you.

 If you want to fry steamed food or vegetables, a full skillet can do the same. So, if you’re going to buy an all-in-one cooker and Philips appears among the list, you may not be sure if this product is right for you, and you may be wondering if you should buy it. We cannot decide whether to accept or not because we do not have the power to do so, but we can describe the fantastic features of the Philips multifunctional cooker to you. We can say that this is a multipurpose machine that can cook, stew, and boil under pressure in a small organized package.

Furthermore, it has some great features that you need to know, and if you like sweets, check out these dessert options. The all-in-one cooker is the solution to all your cooking problems. Due to its substantial 6-liter capacity, it can also accommodate the largest family. The Philips all-in-one cooker can be the solution to any kitchen problem you are experiencing. For instance, this thing can help you fry a cake and bake pulled pork on the same day if you like. Like many Australians, you have probably spent some time between work and children lately and sometimes pay a few minutes alone. Philips all in one cooker can be the solution when time is of the essence.

Philips All in One Cooker Review

Phillips All in One Cooker
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Philips all in one cooker price

Price mainly depends on the place you purchase the cooker, but typically a Philips multifunctional kitchen costs $ 150 to $ 300. We know that sounds a bit expensive, but think of any other equipment you may have at home. A slow cooker can cost $ 100; a deep fryer is more or less the same. Then there’s a pressure cooker or a vaporizer, and these things add up. If you want to make cooking a lot easier, take a look at this cooker.

Philips all-in-one cooker features

Main features

  • It has an efficient design for a pressure cooker, electric cooker, or several cooks at the press of a button
  • Features an accurate temperature control for better cooking results with dual sensors for precise temperature control
  • It comes with an automatic pressure release valve to enhance safety
  • It comes with a Philips all in one recipe book

Apart from considering the price, it is advisable and probably most essential to consider the features and different functions of this all in one cooker, so you know what you need. Fortunately, it is not just a great pot, but this appliance has some unique features. On the shortest side is that it has a great digital display. I do barbecue at home, and it can be a little confusing to time and know when the cooking process is complete. The good thing is, with the Philips all in one cooker, this is not a problem.

One thing to remember, the most important thing with any oven, and mostly a pressure cooker, is safety. You can leave this item for hours, and if you want to out and grab some milk, you don’t want to go back to a burning house. Therefore, this cooker features a pressure release valve and nine times the regular pan’s safety instructions. So if you leave food in a warm cooker setting, you can do it even if something goes wrong. Moreover, they make cleaning a lot easier, which is a tremendous burden for anyone who has ever made a stew.

Additionally, the manufacturer uses a non-stick alloy to make this fantastic cooker, and the inner lid is removable so that you can take it to the dishwasher. Remember that this all in one oven does everything, including pressure cooker, multi-pan, fry everything in one package. It is an excellent device for everyone who wants to cook by only pressing a button.

Philips multifunctional cooker accessories

First, if you’re investing in a multifunction cooker, there is a good chance you are not a culinary genius. The good thing is that the Philips all in one oven comes with a Philips all in one recipe book. This cookbook has more than fifty recipes, which means that, in theory, you can try a food you have never tried every week before. And these recipes come in two configurations for this product.

If you are looking for peace of mind when using this appliance, don’t worry. The Philips all-in-one cooker has a manufacturer’s warranty for two years. This warranty applies to defective parts and machines. It does not matter if you are in Australia or any other region of the world; you will have at least two years of carefree use.

Cooker Settings


First, you can cook over low heat. Typically, you put all the ingredients in a jar, set it, and forget it as they say. It is excellent when you are busy or have a big family. Slow cooking usually occurs between 75 and 90 degrees. You can then cook under pressure, which is an ideal way to cooking rice or soup. You can also use it as a vegetable steamer, which will usually take 15 to 20 minutes. Finally, you can choose to watch your food, which will happen at a much higher temperature and allows you to taste your food in just 2 minutes. Notably, this is great for something that is partly in the market as a slow cooker. Even more, you can follow the instructions that are in your Philips all in one recipe book when cooking.


Even though Philips all in one cooker is in the Australian market as a slow cooker, you should not feel limited. In the real sense, this appliance is capable of making your dessert and dinner. In case you want a cake, you can do it too by simply adjusting to 400 degrees, and you can enjoy the chocolate cake in just 45 minutes. If you care much about your health or at least want to look healthier, you can prepare yogurt with the Philips all-in-one pot.

Philips multifunction deluxe

When you look at Philips, there is another option: you can get bigger and better by choosing a luxurious version of this kitchen. It has the same huge volume of 6 liters. The biggest drawing card is the dual sensors’ functionality, which allows cooking up to six times faster than a standard multifunctional frying pan.

Besides, it features a new cooking function that helps you to thicken your favorite sauce. We have often noticed that stews can be pleasant sauces, so this is a must for food lovers. They also doubled the precautions for this beast, while the regular Philips offers nine times more safeguards while the luxury model provides 18. Moreover, they have added a touch screen control panel to the cooker, which can help control the slow cooking process.

Philips deluxe cooker price all in one main drawback

Here is the main drawback of the luxury model compared to the regular model: the price. A standard all-in-one cooker is not that cheap, and obviously, the oven’s luxury version is even more expensive. So, if you are concerned about expensive equipment, you should buy the standard one. The luxury model’s suggested retail price is almost double that of the standard model, making it inadequately accessible for many families. However, if money is not an issue for you and you are looking for the next level in multiple cooking technologies, the Philips deluxe all in one cooker is the way to go.

Why pick the Philips All in One over others?

The Philips All in One Cooker does not come cheap, which may make you wonder why you want to pick this over another mode. This is exactly what we will be addressing in this section.

It is a multifunctional cooker. This may seem obvious but there are a lot of hidden advantages that follow through thanks to it. First off it means that you will overall spend less money that you would when buying appliances separately. Imagine buying a slow cooker a pressure cooker and a rice cooker, all separately to do different tasks. But by going with the Philips All in One, you just have to make one. Collectively this will save you more money as this can make everything from steamed vegetables to yoghurt.

By going with the Philips All in One you will save a lot of space. Imagine having 3 separate cookers to do all these tasks. How much space will you save by going with the Philips All in One? This makes it a great choice for users that have limited space in their kitchen. Actually it is good for everyone since its removes the clustered atmosphere created by having too many appliances in a single room.

If you like switching between different dishes this is a perfect model for you. The amount of variety that you can add into your plate using the Philips All in One is massive. You can eat a different meal everyday for weeks without repeating the cycle. Everything from Dessets to entire whole meals can be done without the need for extra appliances. You can test the limits for this and you won’t be disappointed at all.

Why we don’t have competitive options?

Usually we add different options that go hand in hand with the original product. This is so that if our reader does not like the product they can go with a different one in the catergory that they feel is better. However, we did not add any for this particular topic. This is because the Philips All in One is the absolute best in the market. We higly recommend that you go with this and only this.


In conclusion, when buying the Philips All in One HD2237 / 72 series, there are a few things to consider. First, you need to consider the price, which can be expensive, especially if you want to do your best and purchase the luxury model. However, the benefits that come with the Philips all in one cooker are endless. For example, the slow cook function allows you to cook over high and low heat for up to 12 hours with increased safety features, including accident prevention systems for worry-free cooking.

It is mind-blowing to think about how much time this product can save for you. There will be no more problems with five different devices, each coming with its manual and difficulties. It is advisable to always follow the manufacturer’s operational manual during cooking, cleaning, and maintenance to prevent damage to the cooker. More importantly, remember to follow all the safety precautions during operation to avoid injury or accidents. Nevertheless, the Philips multifunctional kitchen offers a lot of safety, convenience, and versatility, and the luxury model looks too perfect for everything. The deluxe model is much safer, can do many things, and looks great.

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