Alder New York Black Obsidian Gua Sha Tool – Bed Threads


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Product Description

Do you gua sha? That’s the Ancient Chinese wellness practice of facial massage, using a sleekly curved stone tool, drawn gently across your face, to stimulate muscles and promote lymphatic drainage. Alder’s sleek gua sha tool is fashioned from black obsidian, the gorgeous crystal that forms when lava cools down and solidifies. Molded into the distinct curves of the gua sha tool, this will be an elevated addition to your skincare routine. Take a deep breath, slowly massage your face with your gua sha tool, and watch the tension fall away. Alder New York is an independent skincare brand devoted to inclusivity, simplicity and ritual. No matter your age, skin type, gender or ethnicity, Alder’s products are designed for you. Founded in 2016 in Brooklyn by Nina Zilka and David J Krause, Alder’s ethos is clear: make the business of beauty unfussy, unpretentious and uncomplicated. The curated range of products and tools are formulated with sustainability and ethical considerations in mind. At Bed Threads, that’s exactly what we like to hear. Sold individually. Gua Sha tool is made from black obsidian. Clean with damp cloth. Each tool is unique and may differ slightly from picture.