We doubt there is a single household in Australia that does not have an iron. This common household appliance defines how smart you are for the day. It will wipe away any creases and folds on your clothes and if it’s a newer model it may even kill the germs in the process. But finding an iron that does a consistent job can be quite a challenge. The best clothes iron should be able to sparkle up your outfit every single day without fail. In this article we will be going through our list of the best iron australia. We will also discuss the factors that we took into account when picking these exact models.

How to pick the best clothes iron?

In this section you can find out what matters and what does not when picking your own iron. You can use this information to cross check with our choices. Which will ultimately allow you to make a better decision.


An iron is an appliance that is tested to its limits every single time it is switched on. The first recorded instance of failure could very well be the last time it is used. The best iron with steam is always backed up by a quality durable build that can stand the test of both time and stress.

Variable heat settings

Many consider this to be a luxury but we do not think so. Different fabrics react differently to heat. Certain fabrics can get damaged when put under the iron if the level of heat is not desirable.

Steam settings

The steam output of an iron should always be regulated according to the fabric that is being ironed. The proper level of steam will prevent a delicate fabric from getting damaged. It even allows users to handle tougher fabrics with ease.

Anti-mineral feature

If you live in an area with sources of hard water this feature is an absolute must. Water that is rich in minerals such as calcium will start to clog up the steam vents inside. Unless your iron allows you to remove these deposits it will render the appliance unusable.

Auto shut-off

This is quite a common feature amongst modern day irons but we still see many users having models without it. An active iron without a user just spells trouble everywhere. The results could be devastating from ruined clothes to accidental burns on your children. We will not include a model into our list of best iron australia if it does not have it.

Type of soleplate

The soleplate is the contact surface of the iron. It is what you press against the fabric. Different irons come with different types of soleplates. We recommend you to pick something with a non-stick soleplate for best results.

Ease of use

Everything from the ease of filling the water tank to the length of cord. It all matters when you use the appliance everyday. You can’t really call it the best clothes iron if it leaves patches of water on your clothes can you?


Our choices for the best iron australia


Philips PerfectCare Expert Plus Steam Generator Iron

the best clothes iron

As always we decided to put the best first. The Philips Perfectcare Expert Plus is the gold standard when it comes to irons. If you can digest its price tag then you should never deviate from this option. The Philips PerfectCare Expert Plus is an entry level luxury iron that comes packed with features to make your life easier.

This is hands down the best iron Australia. Visually, it looks like something out of an instagram feed. The Philips PerfectCare Expert Plus is not just visually pleasing but virtually effortless to use and manoeuvre around. This is the best iron with steam on our list and let us show you why.

It will never burn your clothes or fabrics. That is a bold statement. The word “never” emphasises that there is no possibility of  your fabric getting damaged due to heat. The device can even act as a steamer. Therefore all those garments that are hanging in your closet, you don’t even need to remove and put them on the ironing board.

The iron has a steamglide advanced soleplate. The design of the soleplate is good enough to prevent any form of sticking when in use. The iron just glides over your fabric removing any creases and folds, according to certain users it feels magical when compared to cheaper irons on the market.

It has an Auto shut-off feature that is very important in irons. Thanks to the auto shutoff you do not have to start panicking during or after an ironing session. Oh no, did I leave the iron on? Not to worry, the  Philips Perfectcare Expert Plus has got you covered.

Overall the iron is very easy to use, it is lighter than most other models in the market and glides without needing any extra effort. The iron automatically adjusts its heat to suit the fabric therefore you do not have to go through the trouble of adjusting it manually.

For our customary rating we give the  Philips Perfectcare Expert Plus a 5 out 5. If you can look past its higher price tag then this is the best iron with steam for the average user. If you want ease of use and reliability then look no further.

5.0 out of 5.0 stars


Philips Azur Elite Steam Iron

the best clothes iron

This is another iron that has the word “ Smart “ in it. The Philips Azur Elite Steam Iron uses optimalTEMP technology. This guarantees that there will be no burns on your clothes or fabrics. It functions with a single heat setting. That’s right no more silly knobs for you to fiddle around with when you are ironing.

If you are looking to purchase the best clothes iron in Australia without breaking your wallet, then here you go. This has some impressive smart features to boot.

Thanks to its one for all settings when it comes to both heat and steam, you do not have to constantly adjust the settings. The DynamiQ mode allows you to straighten out any creases on just about any fabric. You may face some difficulties when ironing really dense cotton fabrics; in that case, just switch the steam option to MAX.

The Philips Azur Elite steam Iron works well in areas with hard water thanks to its descaling feature. The Quick Calc release will definitely come in useful. The iron will also remind you to clean it out. Therefore all you busy minds can stop suddenly remembering and worrying about it in the middle of the night.

This best clothes iron is a bit heavy on the hands. So unlike the Philips Perfectcare Expert Plus, this is a bit more difficult to manoeuvre on the fabric being ironed. Of course it does not mean you need superhuman strength but it is definitely noticeable.

For our customary rating on the Philips Azur Elite Steam Iron we give it a 4 out 5. We took out a point for its weight and due to the fact that it burns through its water tank quite fast. If you can look past these two minor issues then this will be a great iron for home use. The budget friendly price tag is another plus.

4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Tefal TurboPro

the best clothes iron

We picked the Tefal TurboPro to appease our users that like to select the settings on the iron. Not everyone likes the machine doing everything as it might opt against their personal preferences and shortcuts. The Tefal TurboPro is a heavy duty iron that is great for all kinds of fabric.

If you want the best iron with steam that allows you to pick the settings, then this is a good choice for you to go with. Personally we felt that the steam propulsion power of this iron is very high. When we mean high we mean steam rushing out at 220g a minute. This is done through its proprietary TurboBoost technology. The average steam output is 50g/min.

The iron comes with 6 different settings, each for a different kind of fabric. Combine it with the Durilium AirGlide Soleplate and you have one smooth steam iron that never fails. It even has a safety shut-off feature to cut off the power when it is left face down. No more burnt clothes because you got a bit forgetful.

It heats up quickly. The average heat up time for the Tefal TurboPro is 30 seconds or less. That is impressive. Even though the iron is a bit heavy the well designed soleplate makes up for it.

We decided to give this best clothes iron a 5 out 5. The only issue we were able to discover was its weight. But as we said before the iron still glides effortlessly over fabrics thanks to the AirGlide soleplate.

5.0 out of 5.0 stars


Braun TexStyle 9

the best clothes iron

Another iron with its own proprietary soleplate technology. The Braun TexStyle 9 comes with the world’s first FreeGlide 360 soleplate. It allows you to run the iron over any fabric in any direction over any crease or wrinkle.

This iron has a huge water tank, when we mean huge we mean it. You can go to town on the steam function and you still won’t have to refill this bad boy every few mins. The anti-drip feature prevents any leakage of moisture onto your precious clothes.

The Braun TexStyle 9 allows its users to control the steam output. The high powered steam allows you to smoothen out even the most stubborn fabrics in your collection.

The icare mode in the Braun TexStyle 9 allows you to set a safe temperature. What that does is that whenever the iron is left unattended, it’ll cut down the temperature to this preset value. Therefore preventing damage to your clothing.

It is pretty easy to maintain the Braun TexStyle 9, the soleplate and anti scale filter are easy to clean out. Not to mention the iron is resistant to oxidation and scratches, which solves the issue of rust.

We give the Braun TexStyle 9 a solid 5 out 5. There has been nothing but praise for this best clothes iron amongst its owners.

4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Philips PowerLife Steam

best iron australia

An all time favourite amongst users and a best seller in the category of irons. The Philips PowerLife Steam iron has been a staple among households ever since it got released. It is not the most technologically advanced iron out there and it certainly does not look fancy. But this is a situation that proves that looks aren’t everything.

The iron has a strong overall performance with 45g of steam generated per minute. When needed users can use the boost feature that increases the steam output to 180g per minute. This is especially helpful when ironing tougher materials and stubborn creases/wrinkles.

It has a safety feature that cuts off the power to the iron when it is left idle. This will limit accidents and possible damage to your clothes when a session is paused midway. The cut-off timer is 30 seconds when the iron is left facedown.

It has an anti-calc slider to remove the calcium buildup in vents. Useful for users that live in hard water areas.

Overall, if you are someone that wants a regular iron to get the job done go with this. It even has an ergonomic design and a properly structured handle to reduce strain on your hands/wrists when in use. It definitely deserves a 5 out 5.

5.0 out of 5.0 stars


This wraps up our list of the bet clothes iron that meet the requirements to be the best iron Australia. We made this list using both our personal opinions on the models we have tested and also by referring to the thousands of buyers that left their feedback on a certain product.