Finding a good garment steamer is necessary if you hate ironing. If you’re like me, the best memorable moments I have had is with the iron burn. For me, a solution was to switch to a product, which could work for me. Typically, to save all these traumatic events, the garment steamers are the way to go about.

They are also known as the clothes steamers, which are useful devices. You can use them as an alternative to the ironing boards and irons, which is faster when removing clothing creases. They are easy to install and to use since there is no ironing board needed. Also, these garment steamers are lightweight, which makes them easy to maneuver, and can iron the clothes directly on the hanger. These steamers are not only used to eliminate odors, remove unwanted wrinkles from clothing, but refresh curtains that are difficult to clean and clean other fabrics. Continue to read this garment steamer hand held article to know which product you can buy.

Factors to consider when buying the garment steamer


If safety is the crucial factor for you, buy a product with the automatic shutdown feature. When the garment steamer is left on, it can be dangerous.

Variable steam and steam time

If you have a high steam output, it is better to team your clothes. Also, consider the steam time for larger projects. If you want to clean many fabrics, such as polyester, curtains, or upholstery, consider the higher output. If you have a thinner material, you cannot need a high output.

Water tank capacity

Note that a 70 ml water tank usually cleans almost three shirts. If the tank capacity has a limitation and you want to wash about ten shirts, you should buy the product that can meet your needs. Typically, the size of a water tank can also affect the portability of a product.

Telescopic pole and maneuverability

The telescopic pole is crucial to people with limited storage space. Although they are limited to the steamer, which is not considered portable, they will help you maneuver. The small products are usually better when it is your priority. For instance, if you want to store your clothes in the closet, use a garment steamer, which is smaller.

Ease of use

When you want to go on an extended business trip, you will need a portable garment steamer hand held. If you are planning to steam many things at home, focus on the tank’s capacity and how long you can use it. You can also consider the size of a head that can make it challenging to handle according to your expectations.


The accessories that you want will depend on the clothing. If you have more clothes with collars and front pockets, consider the clip accessories. Else, the standard accessory is a cloth brush. Some even have a small device that looks like the ironing board, so you may focus on removing wrinkles. When you need to invest in the handheld garment steamer, you need to consider the quality and style of the garment. This can affect the accessories you want.


The high price doesn’t always mean a high-quality product. Consider your needs first before you shop. Once you have the complete list, you will find the products that can meet most of your needs. You also need to decide which options you want to give up.

The Best Garment Steamer Australia 2020

7. Philips Smartflow Garment Steamer

garment steamer hand held
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  • Vertical and horizontal steaming
  • SmartFlow heated plate
  • Automatic continuous steam

The Philips Smartflow garment steamer emphasizes portability. If you are always traveling on business trips, this is the perfect model. Its tank can hold three shirts before the steam is out of steam. Therefore, not fit for large families who steam in large quantities.

The model is compact enough to be taken with you when you are going out of your house. If you are a fashionista then this will be a perfect addition to your collection. Also great for users that engage in frequent business trips. You’d want to look sharp everyday but steaming your clothes can be difficult when you are away from home, making this the perfect investment for you.

This garment steamer hand held model has a removable tank, which is portable, allowing a vertical steam cleaning. Also, it has an automatic shutdown feature for added security. Besides, the cable length is 2.5 meters. Given this brand, its price is in the middle with a high range.

High standards of brand and qualityComes with a small water tank
The portable design is perfect for travelNot fit for large projects
It is portable 
Automatic shutdown feature 

6. PurSteam Garment Elite Steamer

garment steamer hand held
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  • The capacity of 61 ounce
  • Steam up to 248 ° F
  • 100% money return guarantee

This handheld garment steamer model from PurSteam has raised the bar to be the best in the garment steamer. With a 61-ounce water tank, it will produce steam for longer than many of them. It looks sturdy compared to the travel steamer. However, for a handheld model it is quite difficult to move about, not impossible but the heavy tank brings some difficulty onto the table. Since most models on the market only have enough steam capacity for a few shirts, this is a great option for those who are looking for larger models; especially for users that have a lot of members in their household.

It comes with a 5-year warranty that makes it convenient if any defect happens. Besides, it has an adjustable steam board, which ranges between 15 and 19 inches. The steam board comes with an accessory that allows proper adjustment of the collars and pockets. Also, it is affordable considering everything you receive.

Has a large capacity tankChallenging to move when using it
Has a 5-year warranty 
Collars and pockets 

5. Philips Handheld Portable Garment Steamer

garment steamer hand held
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  • Safe on every ironable fabric
  • Has brush accessory
  • 2 m long cable

This hand held clothes steamer is another consideration for the best Philips model in the 2020s. It comes with many features, which are the same as other products. The capacity of the tank is limited to handle up to three garments. Its design may be used when steaming fabrics, such as upholstery, hence making it versatile. The model is not intended for heavy projects.

The power cord is about two meters with the capacity for vertical steaming. Also, it’s the only Philips product with the fabric brush attachment. Its power output is even greater. Choosing the best steamer in Australia is now a simple decision.

Compact and ergonomic designNot suitable for large projects
Generates the right amount of steam considering its sizeComes with a small water tank  
It is a recognized brand with a solid history of customer service 

4. Kambrook Swiftsteam Garment KSS120GRN Steamer

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  • Garment care
  • Made in China
  • Hourglass shape

Kambrook product is on the list of the best handheld garment steamer because you don’t have to refuel it after two shirts. Among other products, it is excellent because it can work with many buttons down the shirts. The detachable tank and its unique design make it less portable when compared to others. Typically, this is not for someone looking for a portable and small garment steamer.

For those looking to sacrifice portability for the tank capacity, Kambrook becomes the serious competitor to Australia’s best portable garment steamer.

It is cheapThe warranty is less than one year
It is lightweightIt is too heavy
The tank acts as a base that you can place safely 

3. Beautiplove Portable Travel Clothes Steamer

best Garment Steamer
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  • Super strong steam
  • Unique PTC technology
  • Worldwide voltage regulation

Beautiplove is unique because it is lightweight to carry to any place. It is on the list since it has a fantastic battery life with the travel pouch. Also, it can emit steam in about 8-10 minutes, which is the decent standard. It ranks well as an exceptional travel steamer that Australia needs to consider.

It turns off automatically at any sign when it overheats the tank between Swiftsteam and Philips portables. Also, it produces 700 watts of power, which is much less than the others. Like the best hand held clothes steamer candidates, it has no adjustable head for large projects.

Has a travel pouchHas only one year warranty
Automatic shutdown feature 
It is unique and simplified 

2. Sunbeam Power Steamer

best Garment Steamer
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  • Rapid heating within 45 seconds
  • Refreshes and sanitize all types of fabrics
  • Heated wide-heated press bar

With this hand held clothes steamer from Sunbeam, it is considered a portable garment steamer. Although it weighs 1.8kg, adding water to a 300ml tank makes it heavier. Also, it has the highest steam production and power consumption. This review of garment steamer in Australia is what is included as the right product.

It generates enough steam to handle large projects. At an affordable price, this garment steamer becomes the best consideration. Due to the high output, you need to be careful. The automatic shutdown feature is mentioned in other products is not available in this device.

This device also has a pretty hefty weight to it. You do not need muscle to move it around, but the constant use can easily strain your hands and back. So always maintain proper posture.

It is affordableIt weighs more
Has the highest power outputNo automatic shut-off feature
Its steam flow is very high, 23 g / min 

1. Sunbeam SG3000 Butler 2000W Garment Steamer

best Garment Steamer
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  • 3-in-1 integrated hanger
  • Dedicated synthetics and silk
  • Five steam settings
  • Power capacity of 2000 watts

Sunbeam has come up with this hand held clothes steamer, which is easy to use and durable. It comes with true synthetics and silk with a 40-gram in every minute setting for linen. There is a 3-in-1 integrated hanger that rotates for quicker steaming, where it uses the twin poles for more comfortable use and better garment support.

If the water dries out, the model will automatically switch to standby mode and stop heating for energy savings. It comes with five steam settings, a power capacity of 2000 watts, and 40 seconds quick start. There is the added extras for safety, ease, and speed.

It is quite bulky, so it is not that great for mobile use. We recommend this for average households that want a easy option when it comes to steaming clothes. Not to mention its wider variety of supported garments make its a better contender for households.

Easy to useBig and chunky
It is durable 
Offer better garment support 


After a thorough review of the best garment steamers in Australia, Sunbeam is the best model. The power steam is designed for tasks, which require portability in the job that need heavy-duty models. You can also prefer Kambrook or Philips due to their portability, but Sunbeam strikes a healthy balance with all factors in mind. It is a product that you can use at home, but light enough to be stored comfortably without much effort. To cover-up, the above products are paramount, which can help you remove wrinkles in the clothes.