Unlike pots and pans, which make rice moist or uneven, electric rice cookers cook perfectly and obtain a smooth and homogeneous result. The best rice cooker means that you will always have delicious, exciting, and cheerful rice dishes on your table or even good food that doesn’t have to be rice. However, with many of the best brands and models of rice cookers on the Australian market, it can be challenging to find the right one. Depending on your tastes, budget, needs, and preferences, you can use the following information to help you make an informed decision on the best rice cooker Australia to buy.

Factors to consider when buying the best rice cooker au


There are several ways to separate rice cookers, but most importantly is the use of a lid. Rice cookers with an unsealed cover have the advantage of being relatively cheaper than those with a closed lid. They are also easy to use, but the downside is that they contaminate the plate and cause water splashes. Secure covers eliminate noise and water accidents associated with unsealed lids. It is also possible for people to evaluate cookers based on their cooking parameters.


When looking for the best rice cooker Australia, the timing was a great resource that needs consideration. It is paramount to buy a rice cooker with a digital timer, especially those with a delay timer. With the digital timer, you can set the cooking time of the rice. If you want the rice to cook for some time, set the timer, put the rice in the pan, and go on with other activities.


Over the years, the rice cooking industry has adapted significantly to market needs. Now you can get rice cookers with a capacity of 3 to 14 cups. It is advisable to buy a plate by monitoring the average number of people serving it. In particular, the size of the container must be taken into account when purchasing. You can find a small rice cooker that takes space and, in the second spectrum, a high capacity cooker compact enough to fit in thin countertops.


Depending on your culinary needs, you can find a cooker that suits your needs. If you are minimalist and need a crockpot with the basics to make white rice, the market has it for you. Purchase the best rice cooker au that offers a variety of settings, such as brown rice and steam cooking. The configuration depends on what you need. However, be aware that some appliances may have many switches that are not as efficient as you think.

Extra functions

Other rice cooker features include heating, pre-installed cooking, a digital timer, and cooking with several grains so that you can make delicious brown, white, and jasmine rice. Some have accessories such as a steam basket, steam outlet, rice bowl, measuring cup, inner lid, and cookbook.

The Best Rice Cooker in Australia

  • Breville rice box BRC460
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  • Digital timer
  • Non-stick aluminum frying pan
  • It is versatile

Everything in the Breville BRC460 rice box is a reflection of customer satisfaction. The most striking feature of the best rice cooker is its versatility. The lid also has a heating element that makes the rice comfortable and chewy. This is not something you would see in any conventional rice cooker.

Besides, this rice box has a digital timer and a non-stick aluminum frying pan for easy cleaning. The digital timer makes this product great, as you can set the last cooking time 15 hours in advance. We felt that this was a welcome addition when comparing it to models of the earlier generation that had very little when it came to ease of use.

The larger capacity of this cooker makes it better suited for households with a lot of members. When cooking a large amount of rice in a cooker, the mass away from the heating element tends to be undercooked. But you can comfortably cook large portions of rice at once because of the heating element present in the lid.

It comes with a large capacityRice can stick to the bottom of the pan
The anti-condensation element facilitates the cooking of tender riceSome control buttons are incomprehensible  
You can use it to cook rice and steam other foods 
The digital pan timer allows you to set the time you want to stop cooking 
The non-stick aluminum tray is easy to clean 
Breville comes with a one year guarantee 

  • Philips Grain Master
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  • Six different stages
  • Five-layer black glass pan
  • Controllable volume of 4 liters

Philips Grain Master is among the best rice cooker Australia. It offers eight alternative cooking methods (such as regular, instant, and multi-grain cooking) that you can use to prepare a wide variety of dishes, from cereals to lentils and porridge. The different varieties of cooking methods allow you to get the best results when preparing a certain dish. Dishes with a lot of grains can now be successfully cooked with its ” Multi-grain ” feature, which presents any lumping and uncooked grains.

Moreover, it cooks rice evenly using fuzzy logic. In other words, rice is cooked in six different stages to ensure that the resulting rice is well-made and soft. Philips Grain Master comes with a recipe booklet and a controllable volume of 4 liters. Also, cleaning the frying pan is very easy. It is a five-layer black glass pan, which effectively keeps rice hot for up to 12 hours.

Allows you to prepare different foodsUnreliable power plug
Contains several cooking functions that use fuzzy logicThe standard setting uses more time to cook than the instant cooking function
It is an ideal cooker for an average family of about three to four peopleIt isn’t easy to clean  
Offers a variety of menus for you to create your meal 
The temperature is precisely regulated 
The oven is easy to clean 

  • Breville Smart Rice Box
The best rice cooker
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  • Has several functions
  • A 5-layer pan
  • LED panel

The device itself is a vaporizer and a cooker, which means that you can cook rice with it and cook sushi rice, glutinous rice, porridges, and cakes, just like cooking under pressure. The digital rice cooker has several functions, such as fast cooking, heating, and automatic heating. The 5-layer pan without PFOA and PTFE offers an excellent conductive surface for better cooking.

Similarly, this best rice cooker au comes with removable parts that make it easy to clean. The rice cooker has an LED panel with easy to use controls. On this screen, you can define the end time of the dish. The LED panel allows much easier control over you rice cooker. Unlike most other rice cookers that have knobs, the LED panel gives you complete control.

It is easy to useCalibrations to display the water level is not understandable
Cooks rice evenlyThe non-stick coat peels off
Comes with a large capacity 
It is highly versatile 
Has an LED control display 

  • Kambrook Rice Master
The best rice cooker
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  • Single-touch operation mode
  • Stainless steel material

It gives the consumer two alternatives; one offers 5 cups and the other 10 cups. These fluctuations in capacity make it easier to choose this brand depending on the average number of people in your home. The pan has a single-touch operation mode that simplifies the cooking process.

Furthermore, the rice is always hot thanks to the “keep warm” function provided with the pan. This way, rice does not burn with direct heat. Also, the stainless steel rice cooker has a serving spoon.

The pitcher is small and compactYou can burn yourself with steam if you are not careful
Ideal for small counters.Starch water accumulates on the deck
Cook soft rice. 
Cook rice quickly 
The larger model cooks around 10 cups of rice 

  • Tefal Multi cook & Grain RK900
The best rice cooker
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  • Quick immersion
  • 3D reheating
  • Recipe feature

This is the best rice cooker brand emphasizes health with a technology that supports the nutritious and healthy cooking of various rice types. The feature of quick immersion and 3D reheating are also some of the things that make this pot stand out.

It also has a recipes feature that allows you to save 5 of your favorite recipes to use. Besides cooking rice, you can also cook other grains such as lentils, beans, and chickpeas in the skillet. Most rice cookers can cook different grain types but with a varying degree of success. This cooker allows you to prepare any grain you want to perfection; no more rock hard uncooked beans/grains hiding in your bowl to break your teeth.

Can make other grains and vegetablesSome of its functions and switches are questionable
It is versatile 
With non-stick coating, it facilitates hand washing 
Offer smooth cooking 

  • Tefal Rice Cooker and Multicooker RK812
The best rice cooker
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  • Numerous programs
  • Dishwasher-proof materials
  • Has a cookbook

The Tefal RK812 rice cooker is multiple cookers, which means you can make rice, pasta, pudding, soup, cheese, and yogurt. It has numerous programs for those who want to try the cuisine. It also comes with a cookbook. The best aspect of this rice cooker is that you can cook much more than just rice, everything starch related can be cooked up to a delicious dish in this amazing rice cooker.

Additionally, it has a cooking function that allows you to set the temperature, the cooking time, and personalize the recipes. You do not have to spend ages when it comes to cleaning the Tefal Rk812 rice cooker as most of its useable parts are dishwasher friendly. Accessory elements include a steam bag, spoon, measuring cup, and a recipe book.

It is versatile and allows you to prepare almost all of your favorite foodsThe cookbook does not show much  
Allows temperature control and other cooking functions 

  1. Breville BRC550SIL Multi-grain rice cooker
The best rice cooker
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  • It is versatile
  • Hold 10 cups
  • Automatic reheating

You can make mixed risottos, steam, and lentils in the same bowl due to its versatility with this cooker. More so, the pan offers roasting and browning, as well as healthy and creative cooking methods. The good thing about browning and frying is that you can caramelize and brown the food.

In terms of capacity, the cup contains 10 cups. Automatic reheating ensures that rice and other foods are always hot. You can prepare different dishes in the steam basket. Also, it has a glass lid that allows you to control the cooking process.

It is affordable compared to other options on the marketIt may not be as easy to use as previous models  
It is sufficient for a large family of up to 10 people 
With the steam function and the steam tank, you can cook fish, seafood, and poultry in their natural juice 


In conclusion, the cookers above are fantastic in their way, and we are sure there is one that suits you. They include almost all features that need to critical when purchasing. Furthermore, they have closed lids and a sizeable efficient capacity. More so, the extra part functions, making them more attractive and fantastic to use. Hopefully, the above guide provides you with the best rice cookers that suit you in the Australian market.