A stand mixer is probably one of the most practical things to have in your kitchen. However, with so many devices on the market, it can be challenging to know the best, but with the knowledge of the features you need, choosing should be easy. You can also trust the opinions of other users on the subject, as they will let you know whether this product is reliable or not. We have put together some reviews and a shopping guide for you to buy the best mixer. For one thing, the best mixer should be robust, durable, and produce a suitable bowl, no matter what you want to cook. If you are not sure which mixer suits you, here are some of the best in the market and you cannot be wrong buying any of them.

Key features to consider before purchasing a stand mixer

Planetary activity

It is irritating with some of the best racks when the rotating head is not covering enough area. So it may be necessary to throw a cookie on the side of the dough bowl. Therefore, a mixer with the best planetary function will have a mixer head in one direction while the supports go in the other order. The best mixers in Australia generally have this feature, making them a great choice if you are also looking for a scraper.


On average, it should hold up to 4 gallons in a bowl, but you can find a stand mixer with smaller or larger bowls. Ensure that the load capacity of the device is what you want. For example, while a mid-range Kitchen stand mixer can handle up to 6 gallons, brands like Hamilton Beach have a limit to 5 gallons or less.

Energy Ratings

If you plan to use it often enough, make sure it is more energy-efficient. You do not want to increase your energy bills by purchasing a device with a high energy rating. Not all products are on the list, but sometimes just reading a few comments about them is enough. In this way, you will learn what the average energy efficiency they offer.

Speed ​​options

Different brands have different speed settings. For instance, if the average Hamilton Beach comes with around six configurations, the Kitchen stand mixer can have up to ten formats. In general, the more options you have on your stand mixer, the better it should be.

The quality of construction

Even the best mixer suffers slight vibrations, bumps, and maybe even a little drag when mixing thicker dough. Therefore, you need to make sure you have a stable build quality. Titanium and stainless steel are mainly the most suitable options, as they are resistant to rust and challenging to break. Even if you are looking for the best inexpensive mixer, you need to check the building’s quality and make sure it is robust.


Australia’s best mixer must have a generous guarantee. These devices have an average warranty of 5 years, but there are not as comprehensive devices. Of course, in this case, more excellent coverage is much better. A more extended warranty is not only protected if your device fails; it also means higher quality.

4. Chef Kenwood


  • Volume: 6.7 l
  • Speed: variable + pulse
  • Planetarium: yes

The Kenwood Chef Food Processor is a modern, minimalist model with an excellent price-performance ratio. Made of durable materials is a perfect choice if you don’t want an easily degradable mixer. It is the best choice with a motor of 1000W, even if you wish for denser mixtures like dough.

It also has a reasonable speed control that allows you to choose from a wide variety of mixing speeds with a pulse option. It gives the bowl full control over the dough. The mixing bowl also has a capacity of 6.7 liters so that you can make dough. It also comes with some useful accessories, such as a K-level mixer, dough hook, and whisk. Then you can mix all types of dough.

Controls are straightforward to useMay vibrate slightly during mixing
Wide range of accessories to better adapt to any mass 
The design of a high-performance mixer is built to last 
Large bowl 
The lighting function offers better visibility 
The powerful motor is also suitable for thicker masses 

3. KitchenAid K5


  • Volume: 4.7 l
  • Number of mixing speeds: 10
  • Planetarium: yes

KitchenAid K5 is a more convenient option that is worth trying. This Kitchen aid stand mixer has a very quiet mixing function, making it ideal for preparing pancakes without waking up the whole house. Besides, it doesn’t move or vibrate much, as long as you put it in the right place. The Kitchen aid stand mixer has a solid construction, which means it must last a long time.

The bowl is also generous so that you can mix the dough or pasta in larger portions. You can use any speed you need to finish the dough or cream in record time. The Kitchen aid stand mixer also comes with several accessories that you can use, including essential items like the blender head, whisk, bowl, dough hook, and more. There is also a very detailed manual on the DVD that guides you on using the mixer.

Very useful for making soft dough for cookies, egg whites, and icingCleaning and maintenance can be complicated and time-consuming
Excellent stability thanks to supportingIt is difficult to remove dirt from the side of the container
Aesthetic design and excellent finish for a modern look 
Large mixing bowl 
Contains all necessary attachments 
Speed ​​settings provide full control over how the mass is mixed 

2. Breville Bakery Boss


  • Has a glass bowl
  • Has an LCD stopwatch
  • Adjustable mixing speeds

If you are looking for a robust and high-quality blender, you cannot go beyond the primary model of Breville Bakery. Unlike other mixers with a stainless steel bowl, this one has a glass. Therefore, it is the perfect option when you want a better view of the container’s interior. The mixer uses a mixture of planets to ensure complete coverage of the bowl. Therefore, it will reduce the chance of formulating the cream or dough from the bowl’s sides.

Furthermore, it has an LCD stopwatch that tells you exactly how long the dough has been kneading. The device also has a potent motor with which you can adjust the mixing speed. In this way, you can make the dough without damaging it. Besides, the device is effortless to store and offers space to hide the cable.

Potent motor that can process even thicker pulpYou need to be careful not to break the glass bowl
Durable design and accessories made from non-degradable materials 
It is exquisite and sophisticated 
Quiet compared to other mixers 
It is very portable. 
Do not leave pasta or noodles on the sides of the bowl 

1. Breville the Scraper Bench Mixer


  • Capacity: 4.5 l
  • Number of mixing speeds: 9

If you are looking for a stand mixer, consider buying a Breville Scraper mixer. The price is affordable compared to other mixers. The device is also reliable and can mix the ingredients of the cream or dough well. It is a great cake mixer if you want to cook something with egg white or soft dough. The table design is stable and does not allow the mixer to move while mixing the dough.

The 4.5-liter bowl is plentiful, so you can mix ingredients that can feed cakes for the whole family. It can also function as a pasta machine. You can choose from nine different speeds, depending on the mass you are making. Additionally, the mixer is very quiet at lower rates.

Interesting priceYou are having difficulty mixing the ingredients at the bottom of the container
Mixing bowl is quite generous 
Attractive design 
Does not vibrate and is very stable 


In conclusion, there are several factors to consider when choosing the best mixer. In addition to checking the device’s life, you should also check the accessories. You need to put everything into consideration carefully. What is more important is to buy a kitchen stand mixer that you need, not just buying it because it looks good. That way, you get value for money and know that the product is doing as it should.