Looking for The Good Guys review? Here I summarise everything that you need to know before buying at The Good Guys Australia.


Questions you might have about The Good Guys

Is it better to buy The Good Guys online or in store?

Both of them have the same price. But sometimes there are special promotions at your local store that the others might not offer. Also sometimes there is an online promotion that is not offered at the local store.

Regarding the stock availability, your local store might not have the item you find on their website. But some products can only be bought in the store.


Even though you purchase online, it seems that your local store will be the one who is handling the order.

I would recommend checking on The Good Guys website first before coming to the store. You can see whether your local store has the stock.

You can also buy the product you want online, and pick up from the store if that’s your preference. It would be much quicker and more convenient than going to the store directly. Many of the customers complain at The Good Guys were because the staff at the Good Guys store they visited was too busy and not assisting them.

Either buying online or in-store, you can choose to have the goods delivered to your place.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Sale | The Good Guys

The Good Guys store that is fulfilling your online order will contact you to confirm whether your ordered items are in stock and ready for delivery. Selected stores can deliver orders the next day and on Saturdays – check if your area is eligible for this service. For all other stores please allow 2-5 business days for delivery to metro areas, and 2-7 business days for delivery to some regional areas from the date your order is confirmed.

Delivery to parts of Northern Territory, Western Australia, Tasmania and remote/isolated areas may take a significant amount of time and are subject to local transport schedules.

Is the price at The Good Guys the lowest on the market?

I would recommend you do your own research on the product you want to buy. Don’t forget to compare apple to apple. Even the name and the brand is the same, the serial number might be different. But sometimes the serial number is different just because the color is different, or because the store selling it is different.

But when The Good Guys is having the promotion, I believe the offer is a real deal.

For example, at this point of time, I am writing this post, Bosch Stainless Steel Freestanding Dishwasher is on special at The Good Guys. The price is now $895. I cannot find anywhere offering the same item cheaper than this price. The others are selling for $999.

For your peace of mind, The Good Guys is offering 30 days price guarantee. Interestingly it also applies when you buy something from The Good Guys now with a normal price, but then later you find that they have a promo on the same product, with more than $5 difference, you can get 120% of the difference as a store credit. Read here for details.


Things You Need To Know Before Buying at The Good Guys


In addition to the manufacturer warranty, The Good Guys is offering ‘Concierge Service’ where you can have no limits on claims, at an additional cost. Check here for details on the concierge service and here for details on their Refund & Warranty policies.


You can choose to have a contactless delivery. You can even choose to have a premium delivery, where the person will unbox the item, connect it to the existing power point, and take away the unwanted packaging and old item if you wish.

Find the details here.


You also can have home service from The Good Guys, where they send licensed and insured tradies to install your order, so you can be covered from start to finish. Here is the details