Most people today own one, two, or even three different cars. Cars require different accessories, sometimes universal and often times more than others, they require specific accessories for that particular make and model of car. With how many different types of accessories there are for cars on the market today, it’s nice to be able to find your one stop shop when it comes to car accessories in Australia. Vehicle Accessories Global Superstore does just that with their complete superstore full of everything from roof racks to kayak carriers.

Vehicle Accessories Global Superstore is not only just a car accessory shop, but also a world of information when it comes to cars, accessories, vendors, installations, and more. We’re going to do a complete, comprehensive review not only on the products that Vehicle Accessories Global Superstore offers but the company as a whole. By looking in-depth at their resources, guides, and products offered, we can get a better understanding of the company as a whole and if it’s worth your time shopping there.

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About Vehicle Accessories Global Superstore

Vehicle Accessories is Australia’s leading discount car accessory shop with everything you need when it comes to vehicle accessories. From tow bars, 4WD equipment, caravan, RV, van accessories, roof racks, and much more, Vehicle Accessories has your back when it comes to accessories.

They not only have a great variety of equipment and accessories available on their online store front, but they also feature some of the worlds best brands and products available today. With their range of options to choose from you can find just what you’re looking for whether it’s for your family sedan, all wheel drive or 4WD vehicle.

Are you a tradie looking for some accessories for your work ute? Not a problem! Vehicle Accessories also has some of the most popular brands at the best prices on the market today. Giving you a world of options not only when it comes to work needs but lifestyle as well.

Things You Should Know Before Buying From Vehicle Accessories Global Superstore

Online Purchasing

Vehicle Accessories is known as being one of Australia’s go-to car vehicle accessory outlet. With the majority of their business being online, they’re able to offer a wide selection of different equipment and accessories for a variety of different car makes and models.

That being said, they also offer in-person pick up as well. They have a warehouse in Glendenning NSW and there, you are able to pickup pre-arranged by their Order Department.

To pick up things from their warehouse, you need a few things beforehand including a printed pick-up docket and a valid ID.

Shipping and Pick Ups

Vehicle Accessories ships not only Australia-wide but also internationally as well. For faster, more accurate time frames when it comes to shipping, they recommend that you contact them directly for accurate information. They make it pretty easy to contact them with live chat options and phone calls or email addresses you can call as well.

How to Find Products that Fit  

With every car being so different from one another, it’s important to find a car part that fits your make and model of your car. With how important that is, it can be stressful trying to make sure you have the right part. What Vehicle Accessories recommends is the steps below.

Visit their home page, select the part that you’re interested in, select the make, model, year, and body type of your current vehicle and then search.

Still worried about not getting the part that fits? Vehicle Accessories allows you to talk directly to their team via the live chat or email them to get one-on-one personal assistance through your shopping experience. We found this to be extremely helpful and the team was very responsive.

International Shipping

As mentioned previous, Vehicle Accessories does in fact ship internationally. However, it’s not the easiest process out there. To ship products internationally, you actually need to email them first and their Ordering Department will get that settled.

You need to email and have the subject line: International Order to start your international order process.

Free Delivery 

Vehicle Accessories does offer free delivery but only are specific items. You can see what items clearly have free delivery for your area on their checkout page for each individual item. Once again, if you have any questions, we can’t stress this enough, simply contact their customer service team by the live chat option on the right-hand corner of their website or call them on the phone.

Questions About The Car Racks

Vehicle Accessories has a full FAQs page that has tons of information about commonly asked questions, most of them that we covered above. One of their most common questions on their website has to do with their car racks, what’s included, how it works etc. We thought that to help you out with any questions you may have regarding car racks that it was best to include some of the questions in this section as well.

  • Does this rack include 1 or 2 bars?
  • Does this Roof Rack include the fitting kit?
  • Can I buy the legs separately? I already have the rack
  • I’m looking for a roof rack, what brand do you suggest?

There are tons of questions regarding the roof racks, especially when it comes to Rhino roof racks. When it comes to most of the answers, Vehicle Accessories simply suggests that you contact them via Live Chat or one of their other contact methods. This is how you can get the best, most accurate up-to-date information. Although it may not be the direct answer that a lot of people are hoping for, it does allow you to get the proper information for your situation which we do think is a good business model.

When it comes to operating the vehicle accessory pages and searching for specific information regarding the roof racks, once you put in your car information, the make, model, etc, you can click on the product and below the price see Number of Cross Bars included along with other important information regarding the roof rack.

Leader Accessories Roof Rack Cargo Basket with 150 LB Capacity Extension  64"x 39"x 6' Car Top Luggage Holder Carrier Basket Fit for SUV Truck Cars: Automotive

Products Offered 

Vehicle Accessories is known for its variety of car accessories, products, installations, and much more all over Australia and globally. They promise to have affordable prices and are constantly having sales and promotions on their website as well.

We will go through each of the categories that Vehicle Accessories sells below. 

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Roof Racks 

Vehicle Accessories most popular products includes their range of roof racks. They offer a lot of options when it comes to roof racks from different makes, models, styles, and for different options as well.

We found that their website is really user-friendly so simply clicking on the page “roof racks” you’re brought to a page that has clickable images for a variety of roof rack options.

Roof Rack Options

Vehicle Accessories has various categories so that you can truly find the roof rack that you need. Their website is pretty easy to navigate with various roof rack categories or you can just search through “All Roof Racks” as well. So whether you’re not particular about the type of rack you’re looking for or you’re searching for the newest Rhino roof rack on the market or roof rack for kayak, Vehicle Accessories is the place to go.

  • Bikes – easily store several bikes right on top of your car.
  • Kayaks – adventure awaits with being able to store your kayak right on top of your car with a roof rack for kayak specifically.
  • Snow Skis – store your skis without any issues after your trip up the mountain.
  • Snowboards – store 1 or several snowboards without much hassle.
  • Luggage – luggage bags designed to extend your vehicles carrying capacity for any situation or trip.
  • Carrier Boxes – similar to a luggage bag but with a hard shell, you can keep your items protected through your long drive ahead.
  • Trade – suitable for ladders and any tradie equipment.

When selecting various categories, you will be brought to a number of different pages and shown a selection of roof racks that match that category like roof rack for kayak. You can also browse the type of roof rack based on the brand like Rhino roof rack if you have a particular brand that you’re searching for.

Overall, it’s pretty easy to navigate and find exactly what you’re searching for.

General Accessories  

There are a ton of different accessories on the market today for different vehicles. Vehicle Accessories Global Superstore has a section called “General Accessories” which features a wide range of different miscellaneous products.

General Accessories Options

As mentioned, Vehicle Accessories Global Superstore has a section called “General Accessories” which features a wide range of different miscellaneous products to find just what you’re looking for for your vehicle.

  • Load Securing
  • Camping Gear
  • Canopy
  • Roof Trays
  • Shade
  • Work Solutions

Unlike the roof rack webpage, the General Accessories page doesn’t allow you to search all general accessories. This means you have to click through each individual page mentioned above to search what you’re looking for or narrow down your search of what you’re looking for and choose the appropriate section.

Bull Bars  

Vehicle Accessories offers a selection of Bull Bar options with different brands so you can find the perfect option for you and your needs.

Bull Bar Options

Similar to the General Accessories page, the Bull Bar page doesn’t allow you to search all Bull Bars. This means that you have to look through the options of Bull Bars available based on the individual types pages listed below. This is great if you know exactly what type you’re after, but if you’re not fussed on a particular brand or type, this can be a hassle.

  • Big Tube Bar
  • Type 8 Bar
  • 76mm Nudge Bar
  • Series 2 Nudge bar
  • 76mm Ultra Nudge Bar
  • Big Tube Winch Bar

Other Products  

With being a Global Superstore, you can image that Vehicle Accessories has a lot of products available on their storefront. We won’t spend all day listing them, but will give you a breakdown of other options you can find on their website and see if they possibly have what you’re searching for.

Other Product Options

  • Tow Bars
  • Mountain Top
  • Anarchy Offroad
  • Titan Trays By Rola

Under each section, there are a lot of little sub-sections as well. We defintiely recommend spending some time exploring their website or simply use their search button to find exactly what you’re looking for.

As they mentioned in the FAQs page as well, if you have any questions at all, simply contacting them by the live chat option, emailing, or calling is the best bet to getting the most accurate, up-to-date information possible.

Rhino Roof Racks | ARB 4x4 Accessories

What Customers Have to Say

Some notable customer reviews include:

  • “10-star service”
  • “Best in the business”
  • “Great Service”
  • “Impressive Customer Service”
  • “Excellent Customer Service, very professional, and competitive prices!”

When searching reviews, we did see a couple negative reviews on Vehicle Accessories Global Superstore. We not only read the reviews and didn’t find them really reliable, but also saw that a customer service representative responded to the reviews trying to make the situation better.

Our Thoughts

With how many different car shops there are both online and in person, it’s hard to differentiate yourself from other companies on the market today. Overall, from what we’ve gone over with the FAQs section, the products offered, the reviews and the overall image of the company as a whole, we are pretty impressed with Vehicle Accessories Global Superstore and definitely recommend it!

We think that they not only offer a huge selection of car parts but their website is pretty easy to navigate. We would like it if they listed a bit more information on their FAQs page instead of just simply say “contact us” but we think that it’s a smart way to operate the business and make sure the customer is not only getting the correct information but a more personal experience as well.

With how many products they offer, they did a fairly good job organising everything on their website, and lastly, when it comes to pricing, they are definitely competitive with their options available. Overall, this gives us a solid 4.0 out of 5 stars and we’re pretty impressed with the company as a whole and as a car accessory shop.

Our Rating

4.0 out of 5.0 stars